Everything You Need To Know About Moving A Piano In NYC

Everything You Need To Know About Moving A Piano In NYC

Attempting to move a piano in NYC on your own without being properly informed about the strategy and precautions you need to take is a challenging undertaking. Unlike packing and moving heavy household items, piano moving takes more than plain physical strength. Its parts are very susceptible to damage, so make sure to protect both your piano and the people helping you with the move.


Make safety your top priority

  • Dress accordingly – don`t wear uncomfortable shoes or clothes when moving a piano in NYC.
  • Eat properly – have at least eight hours of sleep, and stay hydrated. While this may seem logical, plenty of people forget to eat, drink water, and don`t sleep well, which just leads to potential mistakes and stressful situations.
  • Inspect the surroundings. Are you going to move the piano up and down stairs or across a flat floor?
  • Check whether the piano will fit through each doorway. Know the exact dimensions and weight of the piano.
  • Remove all the obstacles on the path that you will go through when transporting the piano. Imagine if you were transporting the piano right now. Watch your steps and check whether there are any obstacles on the way. Remove all the moving boxes, toys, and plants, and even remove the doors if necessary. A clear path is what you need to make the transportation without any damage.
  • Furthermore, arrange for someone to take care of your children and pets. Moving heavy items such as a piano is best done without any possible distractions. And having children and pets is dangerous when moving a piano. They will be better off in a park with someone they know and love.

Gather helpers and volunteers

Getting moving day helpers is vital. The weight of the piano, the distance of the move, and the type of the surroundings will determine how many people you will need to assist you, in case you decide to perform the DIY move. Effective teamwork and cooperation will help you maintain the balance of the piano throughout the process. However, consider what can possibly go wrong if you decide to go through the relocation process without professional assistance.

If you do decide to go for professional assistance, choose New York City movers that have a lot of relevant experience in the field and those who are registered with the Department of Transportation in your city. Do your research on the NYC piano moving companies and choose the best piano movers for your needs.

The chosen NYC moving and storage company should be able to offer moving insurance. Also, check if your already existing insurance provides sufficient coverage.

Run a thorough background check on your prospective movers and try to get to know better people you are entrusting your treasured goods.

Helping Hands

Ask for recommendations

The best way to find a reliable moving company to transport your piano is by recommendations. Has anyone of your friends and relatives recently moved their piano? If not, ask your potential movers for a reference from at least three different people who moved their piano on a similar route as you are planning.


After doing a moving estimate, your movers will know exactly how many people it will take to get the job done and which equipment is required. The safest way to move the piano is by engaging moving pads, ramps, slings, and special techniques and skills only the professional movers have.

If you have trouble finding a reputable NYC moving company that specializes in moving pianos, pay a visit to the nearest piano store, since they might be able to provide you with some names.

Ask your movers how long have they been in business. Always hire movers that have been in business for at least five years. If you think that they are not up to the task by the way they are handling the organization of your piano relocation, feel free to find other movers who have plenty of experience.

NYC Piano Movers

How to move a piano safely

  • Get moving equipment for a safe and smooth move – heavy-duty moving straps, moving blankets, furniture dollies, wrapping material, and moving tape,…
  • Remove all items that are on the way to your movers.
  • Put a moving dolly near the opposite end of the piano and the moving blanket under one side of the piano.
  • Arrange your helpers so that some of them are able to lift the piano and the other slide the moving dolly under it. Secure the piano on the dolly and make sure it is stable.
  • Each side of the piano should be supported by at least one person in order to keep the piano balanced.
  • Keeping the piano in the upright position is highly recommended, otherwise, the inner mechanics and structure may get damaged.
  • Wear proper clothes and shoes. Your safety should be your top priority. Also, mind lifting techniques – lifting with your back, instead of with your legs can cause serious injuries and health issues.
  • The piano should be one of the first items to load into the moving truck. So place it at the back of the moving truck.

Last but not least

Plan in advance where the piano will be placed in your new house. It is important to know the measures of the doors, staircases, and of the wall where the piano will be positioned. This type of organization will make relocating a piano much less stressful.

At some point, you’ll need to turn the piano over. But it’s a good idea to wait until you settle the piano into its new environment. Pianos are extremely heavy. So moving them even within the same room is a difficult undertaking, not to mention moving to another room or up and down stairs. Also, every time you move the piano, it should be tuned afterward.

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