Different Types Of Bubble Wrap And How To Use Them When Moving

Different Types Of Bubble Wrap And How To Use Them When Moving

As you probably know, moving is a complicated process and includes several tasks. Those tasks include packing, loading, transporting, and unloading. Although most people think that transport is the hardest task, the packing will require most of your time, as there are too many things to think about. Besides packing your clothes (which is honestly the easiest task), you`ll also have to obtain moving and packing supplies and learn how to use them. One of the most common materials that can help you pack in the most efficient matter is bubble wrap. However, there are different types of bubble wrap, and you need to learn how to use them. This is where we come in. So, if you want to learn about different types of bubble wrap and how to use them when moving, check out the following text below.

Cutting The Bubble Wrap Roll

Bubble Wrap

Did you ever have doubts between packing paper and bubble wrap and wondered which one is better? Either of the two materials has its benefits. We will now take a closer look at bubble wrap and its features.

Bubble wrap is a very widespread material that can make a big difference in the moving process. It will provide maximum protection when packing fragile items. However, there are several types. Did you know that there are more than seven types of bubble wrap out there? We`ll cover the best types and how to use them when packing and moving heavy items in the following text.

Now, what is bubble wrap used for?

It`s mostly used to protect very fragile and breakable items, especially if they hold high value. This includes sentimental value as well. So, when it comes to items that can be broken easily, bubble wrap is a must. Now, we`ll proceed with explaining all the differences in bubble wrap when it comes to types, sizes, colors, etc.

The Size

As you probably know, bubble wrap comes in various sizes. Even though you might think that the size difference in bubble wrap doesn`t influence packing, in reality, this is not the case.

Large bubbles

Large bubbles that come in plastic film can provide excellent padding, which is essential against shocks, vibrations, and any kind of impact. These happen very often during a house move, meaning that large bubble wrap is a great choice. However, we don`t recommend using bubble wrap when it comes to smaller fragile items. When we say fragile items, we`re referring to china plates or glasses.

Large Bubble Wrap

Small bubbles

There is a type of bubble wrap with smaller bubbles that are, of course, air-filled. These provide less protection when it comes to big shocks and impacts.

The Types Of Bubble Wrap

Now, when we know the difference between small bubbles and large bubbles, it`s time to talk about types. Let`s start with the basic type, or as people like to call it, general-purpose bubble wrap. This bubble wrap is also referred to as multipurpose. It`s the most common bubble wrap out there. It is an excellent and the most economical solution for protecting easily breakable and fragile items. Multipurpose bubble wrap is manufactured using high-quality plastic, meaning that it is very durable and strong. It comes in different grades, including the heavy-duty grade and the regular grade. The heavy-duty grade is a thicker type, while the regular grade consists of one layer. Also, remember that bubble wrap, if it`s high-quality, can be used multiple times.

Kraft paper bubble wrap

Now, let`s proceed with Kraft paper bubble wrap, which is usually used to protect wooden objects. This bubble wrap can come in handy with very pricey furniture pieces. One of the most important benefits of Kraft paper bubble wrap is that it allows the furniture to breathe through it. The paper side is pretty gentle, meaning that your furniture won`t get damaged in transport. Furthermore, it can protect wooden floors if you plan on selling your old home or simply want to prevent scratches.

Foam bubble wrap

Foam bubble wrap is for those that value extra protection. When foam bubble wrap is compared to multipurpose one, the difference is protection is huge. So, what is foam bubble wrap used for? For instance, you can use it to protect valuable collectibles.

Foam Protection Bubble Wrap

Antistatic bubble wrap

As the name says, antistatic bubble wrap is used for protecting electronic devices, especially if they`re delicate.

It is known that electronics when in constant friction, can create static which can have a negative impact on your electronic devices.

Eco-friendly bubble wrap

Eco-friendly bubble wrap is our last pick. Even though it`s last, it`s equally important as it`s made out of recyclable materials. It offers mid-range protection and is used for protecting just about anything. Keep in mind that all of these types, when made out of high-quality materials, are very durable. What does this mean? You can use them multiple times.


Now, besides bubble wrap, you`ll need a bunch of packing materials, like moving boxes, which can add up to be a high expense. Think about borrowing these materials from your friends, family members, or colleagues. You can even rent the moving boxes Brooklyn, or if you prefer, plastic moving containers. However, we recommend actually purchasing bubble wrap, as it can be used almost endlessly.

Hire Professionals

If you don`t have time to deal with all the tasks related to moving, we recommend hiring professional Brooklyn movers. Keep in mind that there are numerous shady companies out there, so make sure to explore all available options. You can ask family, friends, and colleagues for recommendations, but remember to perform a background check on a moving company. Make sure to get a couple of moving quotes, and if possible, ask for the estimates in writing. In any case, thanks for staying with us. Make sure to check our blog cause we`ll cover more interesting subjects in the future. Best of luck with your move.

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