Cheap Cross Country Move With These Tips

Cheap Cross Country Move With These Tips

Moving cross country and making a new beginning is such an exciting experience. But it requires some planning and organizing, especially if you want to stay on a budget. It is better to spend money on discovering your new surrounding then spending on moving expenses.

Tips for cheap cross country move

Keep reading to accomplish a cheap cross country move with these tips.

Book in advance

Book Cross Country Movers in Advance
Remember to book a reliable mover in advance

Imagine the price of an airplane ticket two days before flying. That is exactly what you want to avoid so make all the reservations and bookings for your travel way ahead of time. The sooner you buy the cheaper an airplane ticket or other type of transportation will be. Don’t forget as well to make a reservation in case you have to stay a day or two before moving into a new home. The most important thing is to contact a moving company as soon as you get a general idea about your moving date. Movers often offer massive discounts for customers that schedule moving several months in advance. Besides, they can get quite busy, so you want to make sure you choose between several options available.

Choose consolidated move

Moving companies offer different types of long-distance moves and it is up to you what suits your needs more. While having the vehicle or yourself is more convenient, if you want to stay on a budget then a consolidated move is the right choice. It means sharing space in a moving truck with other people who are moving. The downside is that your belongings might arrive later than you expect because a moving truck has to make several stops and offloads until it reaches your house. But the bright side is that moving services get much cheaper because you are sharing expenses with other people, and you still get professionals to safely deliver your things.

Reduce load

When looking for moving tips, sooner or later a tip to declutter your home will appear. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, you want to take to your new home only those things that you truly use. For sure some items are no longer appealing to you and you keep them at the bottom of the forgotten drawer. So get rid of those items by selling them or donating to the charity. It always feels good to do a purge. Most importantly, decluttering will reduce the number of items that you are packing. Why is this important?

Because moving companies charge by a total load, so the fewer items you have the less money you will spend. The ultimate goal is to relocate efficiently and to save money.

Pack smarter

Pack Smart for Your Cheap Cross Country Move
When it comes to moving cross country, it is always important to pack smart

Once you have decluttered your home and only have items that are being used, it is time to pack. Before you begin, ask your moving company how they determine the cost. Some movers base their cost depending on the total weight of the load, while others base it on a space (square meters) that your household items take in a moving truck. If it depends on space, go ahead and find some tips on how to pack like a pro. You want to use everything as a container and take less space, meaning spend less money on moving services. Use bigger objects as a container for smaller ones, and use all of your bags for packing including suitcases and duffle bags.

Move off-peak

The price of moving services varies depending on the time of your move. If you plan to move at the peak of the season, chances are it will not be cheap. However, you can save money simply by changing the date for a couple of weeks. Typically prices are lower in the middle of the week and the middle of the month. The best thing to do is to contact the moving company and ask them when the best dates to move cross country on a budget are.

Get several moving quotes

Choosing the Right Moving Company for Your Cheap Cross Country Move
Compare several moving quotes before making the final call

When you want to find the cheapest option is comes naturally to obtain quotes from several different movers. But don’t be quick to settle on the cheapest moving company. Beware of the fraudulent movers that will easily be recognized if their moving price quote is extremely low compared to all the others you contact. Most likely there are hidden expenses that will add up to the overall higher price.


DIY Moving
If you’re planning a DIY move, be prepared to lift many moving boxes

DIY move is not the most convenient option because you will have to do the packing and carrying yourself and spend a lot of time driving. However, it is cheaper and will save you a lot of money. If you are comfortable with driving long hours, go ahead and rent a moving truck. A popular alternative nowadays is renting a portable storage container. If you decide to rent one of those, the good news is that you will have your things with you as opposed to waiting for arrival with a consolidated move. Another thing to consider is a move-in date and does it align with the date of your items arriving. In case your belongings arrive before a new address is available, you will need to rent storage space. This can also add up so renting a portable container will save the trouble of finding the right storage and its cost. Check out the top 5 moving containers for 2020.

Free packing materials

Even though purchasing moving boxes is not a big deal, when you are on a budget every little thing counts. One of the things to make the move more affordable is to find free packing materials and free moving boxes. Ask your friends or neighbors that recently relocated if they have some of the supplies left. Another great place to get cardboard boxes is your local grocery or liquor store. After they get their supplies, they can give you boxes that are in good shape. You can also search for free boxes online, as some websites are designed for people who want to give away rather than waste good supplies.

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