Charities That Offer Free Donation Pick Up

Charities That Offer Free Donation Pick Up

Which organization will come by your home and collect your donation? Whether you’re donating furniture, appliances, clothes, building materials, or vehicles, there is a charity to pick it up! Read on to find charities that offer free donation pick up.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the oldest and most popular charities in the world. Even people who are not so thrifty know about Salvation Army. Present in more than 130 countries, this organization is one of the most recognizable charities that offer free pick up. If you wonder where to donate clothes before you move, the Salvation Army is ideal. And not just for clothes. You can donate other things. Each year, they help more than 25 million people and their origins trace back to 1865. You could arrange for your donation to be picked up from your home for free. Also, you could visit one of their donation centers if a home visit is not convenient for you.

If you’re not aware of the Salvation Army in your area, one of your friends is likely to know where you can find it. Also, you can do a Google search for Salvation Army near me and for sure there will be at least one of their stores nearby. You can either call and arrange for a pick-up or use their online tool and schedule directly on the website. Some Zip Codes are available for online service but not all of them. However, you can always find a local member and figure out the best way to get your donation collected.


Another globally recognized charity organization with a long history is Goodwill. Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, Goodwill’s initial purpose was to find household items from wealthy areas and train less privileged people to repair them. Goodwill has come a long way since its beginnings in 1902. Considering how many locations they cover, you should have no trouble finding one in your area. The Goodwill sells donations to collect money that’s used to support employment opportunities for those in need. In case you’re donating large items such as pieces of furniture, the organization will pick them up. If you’re looking to donate clothing, appliances, and other household items, search for a drop-off location in your area.

Visit the Goodwill website to find out about free pick-up options. They accept practically any donation – dishes, clothing, accessories, electronics, household goods, furniture. They even accept cars, campers, trucks, RVs, boats, etc. This non-profit organization is one of the most recognizable non-profit organizations in North America and one of the best places to ask for a free donation pick up.

Habitat For Humanity

If you wonder how to pack quickly for moving, decluttering with the help of charities is a way to go. So, our next suggestion for your charitable contribution is Habitat For Humanity. They make free donation pick-ups usually once a week. The best way to confirm is to visit their website or do a Google search for Habitat for Humanity donation pick up. The main focus of this charity is to provide affordable housing across North America to those in need. They will sell contributions and build or repair homes for less fortunate families. The Habitat for Humanity accepts all sorts of items. They will accept your furniture and appliances but also vehicles, building materials, construction equipment, farm equipment, etc.

Furniture Bank

The next place to check out when you’re looking for a free donation pick-up is Furniture Bank. They’re operating in around 34 states and they have 400 nonprofit partners. As the name suggests, this organization provides furniture to those in need. Those less fortunate families get a chance to use preloved pieces of furniture and turn their houses into homes. In case you have a Furniture Bank in your area, free pick up should be more than easy to arrange. While the main focus is on providing furniture to those in need, this nonprofit organization will also accept cars and recreational vehicles in any condition. They will pick up and tow your vehicle if needed.

Pickup Please

This is one of the most convenient pick-up options. Here’s why – you don’t have to be at home for your pick-up. You can just pack items in boxes and label them for the organization. They will then pick those boxes up and leave a receipt for you. Once you schedule, items are usually collected within the next 24 hours. Pickup Please accept all sorts of items. They’ll accept clothing, electronics, books, toys, small furniture, and numerous household items. The only thing to keep in mind is that Pickup Please accepts donations that can be lifted and carried by one person. The Vietnam Veterans of America organization is responsible for this charity which is another plus. If you make a donation, you’ll help provide benefits to all U.S. veterans.


Another organization that supports local veterans is Amvets. When you donate, this organization will gift goods to veterans in need. They provide support to all U.S. veterans, including Reserve and Guard. Amvets constantly needs new items such as clothing, books, beddings, small appliances, electronic devices, and other goods. Their pick-up system lets you leave your donation in front of your doors. So, no need for you to stay home and wait for someone to show up and collect your items. You can schedule a free donation pick up and leave goods in front of your doors by 7:30 am on your scheduled date. Alternatively, you can drop off your donation at their specific locations across the country.

This is not an exhaustive list but should help you find a charity organization in your area with ease. In case you’d like more options, a popular Google search “free donation pick up near me” should do the trick. Of course, visiting one of the drop-off locations is another option. Keep in mind that you’ll make someone’s day when you donate. And once you’ve made your donations and you’re ready to move house, it’s time to find trusted movers NYC, moving boxes, and other moving equipment for a safe and smooth move. Contact Dumbo Moving and Storage and find all of it in one place. Our moving quotes are complimentary so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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