How to pack quickly

How to pack quickly

Moving out is never easy, and that’s something everybody knows even if they’ve never had to move in their life. It’s usually chaotic and very stressful, as well as time-consuming. Usually, preparations last for weeks, but sometimes unexpected circumstances may occur for which you’ll need to know how to pack quickly. However, rushing can lead to making mistakes and doing the job clumsy. But, with a little bit of help from the side, you’ll be able to finish packing like a pro. All you have to do is follow some simple steps, and you’ll handle it without any complications.

Tips on how to pack quickly

Relocation is one of the most demanding jobs which puts a lot of pressure on every person who participates in the process. It gets even more difficult if you lack experience, and when you cannot dedicate enough time to every part of the relocation, especially if you’re moving to another state or at least a city. Because of this, you might start panicking. And this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You can apply this rule to just about any other situation in your life. No matter how things currently look, don’t panic. Keep your cool, and try to outsmart the odds. So, take a look at what experienced packers can tell advise you:

  • Don’t lose time
  • Create a plan
  • Decide carefully but quickly what to pack
  • Obtain packing materials
  • Ask for help if you need it

Use every minute you have

A yellow alarm clock to remind you not having time to lose when you need to pack quickly
Do yourself a favor and stop postponing your obligations.

In times like this, one of the most important things is to stop being a procrastinator. It’s not the best time for being lazy…because you don’t have time for anything else but for packing efficiently. Following this, we strongly suggest you start packing now! If you don’t do this, then you’ll need “How to pack quicker than quickly” guidelines. But, there’s no need for that. All you have to do is remind yourself that as soon as you start filling the suitcases and boxes, the sooner you’ll finish with it. We guarantee you that packing the entire household is not possible within a couple of days, and you truly need to use every minute to pack quickly.

Tip: Things you don’t use that much, pack first.

Now, we don’t know exactly what other obligations you have besides to pack quickly and to move, but we can assume that, if you own a place, then you’ll need to sell your home fast after moving out. Making it look representable will surely raise the odds of selling it at a good price. Make sure to clean it after you’ve transferred the last box. It will leave a good first impression.

Having a plan is a must

Remember when we said to not panic? Well, making a precise plan will enable you to stay calm on a moving day. If you’re moving with children then you’ll need to find a way to make this whole thing easier for them. As for making a plan, you can divide the load of work according to how many days you have until the moving day. It will put less pressure on you, and you will be able to track your progress. So, write down a weekly packing schedule and act accordingly to pack quickly. Trust us, it’s going to be so much easier for you. If you’re moving with a family, then assign each member with his own set of obligations. If your children are old enough to help, you can inspire them to help you by promising them a reward afterward.

Choose what to pack

an open wardrobe full of clothes
To save yourself some time, don’t empty the wardrobes completely. Instead, wrap it properly to secure it more.

If your household is large, maybe you won’t have enough time to pack every single thing. This, however, will be known after making that comprehensive plan on how to pack quickly. If it turns out that you won’t make packing everything in time, then you’ll need to make decisions. We suggest you pack essential things, newer pieces of furniture, and appliances that work properly. As for clothes, it’s time to get rid of everything you haven’t worn for ages. Maybe it is difficult to say goodbye to your favorite college pants or blouse, but you’ve gotta do what you gotta do.

Sell or donate

Don’t be too sorry for the things you’re leaving behind when packing quickly. They’ve served their purpose. Besides, if you donate or sell it cheaply, you’ll make someone else happy. And, isn’t that the best feeling? Now go ahead, and pass it on.

Tip: When you doubt whether to leave it or give it away, it means you won’t be wearing it.

Have enough packing materials

Moving supplies is something you simply cannot go without even you need to pack quickly. Therefore, make sure to gather everything you need from packing boxes in different sizes, wrapping bubbles for those fragile items, plastic wraps, etc. When packing stuff that can break easily, pay extra attention. If they break, it will make a lot of mess which will slow down your packing, and you’ll lose something you like or need. So, besides having the supplies you need, put a little bit more effort to wrap the items properly and put them in packages.

Pack your essential box first

You need to pack quickly, and you also need to pack smart. When you start packing pay the most attention to your essentials box. This box should contain the things you will use in the first 24 hours of your relocation. Phone chargers, passport, medical documents, your toiletry, clean clothes, a toothpaste should all be in here. Once you pack this essential box your mind will be much calmer. You will know that all the important items are in one place so you don`t have to rummage through the boxes to find them. After this first relocation box, all of the others will be easier and demand less time to pack.

Don`t forget to label the boxes

When you need to pack quickly, this does not imply that you should skip labeling moving boxes. It is even more important to label the boxes correctly if you are relocating in a hurry. Boxes containing fragile items should be labeled on at least three sides. In this case, you won`t lose time trying to figure out whether the box contains fragile items or not. Also, if you write the content of the box on it you will save time when you arrive at your new home. Prevent any possible damage to your items by labeling the boxes as soon as you pack them.

Supplies for labeling moving boxes
Don’t forget to label your moving boxes

Don`t strive for perfection

While skipping labeling and carefully packing your moving boxes is something you should not do, striving for perfection is also not good. This is because you will get under unnecessary stress if you expect everything to be packed perfectly. You will be able to iron your clothes when you are in your new apartment and arrange your glasses and dishes as they should be. But inside the moving box, it is only important that the items don`t damage. Remember that the final goal is to pack everything quickly, so don`t lose too much time thinking about what to pack in a single box.

Organize a packing party

Moving in a hurry means that you need to get creative when packing your household items. Throwing a farewell party is an essential part of relocation but there is not always time for that. Since you have a lot of things to pack and a few friends and family members to say goodbye to, you should combine these two and get the best results. Order pizza, serve cold beverages, play some music and prepare games if you like. Invite your closest friends over and assign a task to each of your friends. Packing books, dishes, clothes, toys, etc. becomes quick and easy when you have a person in charge of packing each of these categories. A packing party is a fine way to save both money and time when you need to pack quickly for your relocation.

Hire professionals to speed the things up

A professional man in a blue shirt and a gray hat who knelt and can help you pack quickly
Hiring professional to assist you is a great way to finish things in time.

After you’ve made the plan for moving out and you’ve realized that you simply won’t make it in time, there’s another option. Hiring NYC moving company can be just the thing as a last resort. A pair or two of experienced movers’ hands can make a significant difference when you need to pack quickly. Just follow their guidance, or better yet, leave everything to them. They’ll work systematically and efficiently. Also, they’ll save you a lot of time, and energy. Finally, professionals will offer you an insurance plan so your items will be protected by this as well. In case of damage or loss, the moving company will compensate you according to the insurance plan that you chose.

As you can see, even if you don’t have that much time before relocation day, you can still manage to pack quickly without leaving out everything you need.

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