How to get through a household move at Christmas

How to get through a household move at Christmas

Organizing a household move at Christmas doesn't have to be stressful if you plan it carefully
Although spring has always been the most popular time to relocate, organizing a household move at Christmas doesn’t have to be a disaster

As we all know, Christmas is all about joy, love and excitement. But, how does a household move at Christmas fit in this picture?

You’ve probably had a lot of exciting plans for Christmas holidays, but moving house was certainly not one of them. While everyone’s looking forward to spending a joyful time with friends and family, sometimes things don’t turn out the way we planned.

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas just around the corner we are all anticipating the sound of Christmas carols, holiday decorations, the sweetest smell of the most cheerful time of the year, gingerbread cookies and many other traditions and rituals. You can probably picture yourself running around shopping malls looking for the gifts for your friends and family. After a tiresome but satisfactory shopping, there isn’t anything better than having a marathon of your favorite Christmas movies.

But, how to reconcile your household moving duties with lovely Christmas traditions and activities?

You must be wondering whether you will be able to enjoy the holiday spirit while organizing your household move at Christmas. At this point, postponing the move until after the New Year may seem overly tempting. But, you should be aware that in that period chances are that you may have a hard time selling your property. In addition to that, you might be facing additional solicitor fees or paying higher VAT.

Here at Dumbo moving and storage we have compiled comprehensive tips and guidelines on how to survive a household move at Christmas. So, we would like to share our experience and thoughts on this delicate matter.

Tips for organizing a household move at Christmas

Box up both your presents and your household items for your Christmas move
Aside from preparing presents for your loved ones, you will have to pack your household items properly in order to move as smoothly as possible

It’s no secret that everyone would prefer to spend Christmas holidays with their loved ones rather than planning a household move. There are times when we cannot affect the outcome of some life-changing events. In some cases the decision to move house comes as a result of some unexpected circumstances and turn of events. Whatever the case, a household move at Christmas is probably the last thing you want to plan during this festive season. Aside from wrapping gifts for your loved ones, you will have to pack so many other moving boxes.

While it might appear as an inconvenience at first, there are ways to make a smooth transition to your new home without giving up completely on your festive activities. Moving house over Christmas is not the scenario you’ve hoped for, but do not despair! The good news is that with the right assistance it can be a breeze. Just stay with us and read on in order to find out how to ease the transition to your new home.

Ultimate tricks for the upcoming Christmas move

Book a moving company well in advance if possible. Once the moving day is set, get in touch with several moving companies and request moving quotes. Chances are that some of them may have a reduced staff over the holiday season. A wintertime is also known as a slow season in the moving industry, therefore you are likely to get more convenient rates and hire affordable yet high-quality movers.

– Keep an eye on the weather forecast. While a snowy Christmas is so picturesque, moving house in inclement weather is something people usually try to avoid. But, the truth is that moving during the winter has its benefits, so make sure to take advantage of them. Make safety your top priority during your Christmas household move – keep both you and your belongings safe and secure all along. Whether you are moving long-distance or within the same city, you may want to winterize your car and make sure it’s ready for the upcoming endeavor.

– Keep your winter equipment (salt, sand, shovels) handy all the time. Get both of your homes ready for the winter move. All the paths, sidewalks, driveways should be free of snow and ice. Also, line the hardwood floors with cardboard or plastic sheets in order to provide maximum protection against dirt and scratches.

– Always have food and hot drinks on hand. Also, make sure to wear an appropriate clothing. Warm, but comfortable garments will allow maximum flexibility on moving day.

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Have a plan B in place when performing a household move at Christmas
Hit the road with an efficient backup plan in place

– Have a backup plan in case you need to reschedule the move. Although we always hope for the best, chances are that a winter snow may threaten your relocation. Talk to your movers about possible options and negotiate with your landlord in case you need a couple of extra days until the storm passes. In addition to that, should anything go wrong, always have an emergency contact list with you.

– Have the utilities cancelled at your current home and set up at the new one. You will want all utilities fully functioning the moment you step into your new home. Also, make sure to pay your bills before leaving and inform all interested parties that you are moving. That being said, you will need to notify them about the change of address. Also, let your friends and family know your new address, so that you can get postcards and gifts on time.

– Pack a Christmas box with the decorations, stockings, holiday movies and other special supplies for a perfect day with your loved ones, even if you are on the road to your new home. Clearly label that box, so that you can spot it and unpack it right after you move into your new home and put up your Christmas decorations.

– Keep a festive spirit alive in spite of all moving stress. While organizing a household move at Christmas is not an ideal option, you can still maintain a positive attitude and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Also, you are all anticipating what the holiday season will look like at your new home, so try to make the most of your Christmas move.

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