Moving house in bad weather

Moving house in bad weather

Nice weather on your moving day is a great advantage, as we all prefer to arrive at our new address on a bright, sunny day. But you shouldn’t despair if you have to move on a rainy day either. Moving during the offseason is usually more affordable, but it’s best to be prepared for some bad weather conditions if you decide to move during that ”tricky” period.

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Make safety your top priority under such circumstances. Protecting your family, helpers, and belongings should be your primary concern should it rain on your moving day. No matter how disastrous it may seem, moving in the rain is more manageable if you are better prepared. Take all precautionary measures to stay uninjured and transport your belongings in one piece. Moving house in bad weather can go smoothly with a little help from this guide.

Tips for moving house in bad weather

Check the forecast

Follow the weather reports during the week before the moving day so that you can decide how to act in bad weather situations. Although this is the first thing to do, keep in mind that the weather forecast may be wrong, so stay prepared for any outcome.

Wear appropriate clothes

Prepare waterproof clothing. Although the weather is often unpredictable, you should expect inclement weather if you are moving during the offseason. Also, by wearing appropriate clothing like a rain jacket and boots you will avoid some major accidents and possible injuries. The last thing you want on your moving day is to lift boxes while you are soaking wet.

Pink rain boots and an umbrella for when you move house on a rainy or snowy day.
Forced to move house on a rainy or snowy day? Make sure everyone is protected.

Protect items against rain

Use a lot of padding material and plastic wrap to cover your belongings and keep them safe and undamaged. Purchasing protective material is not expensive, so make sure to stock up on heavy-duty plastic, masking tape, and shrink wrap.

Load the truck strategically

Learn how to keep your belongings dry. Park the moving truck close to the home entrance so that your moving boxes NYC won’t be exposed to moisture for a long time. The closer you park, the easier and faster it will be to load your household belongings.

Secure the moving truck

Inspect the moving truck before loading your belongings and prevent water from leaking through. Even if it seems alright, lay a ground cover just in case.

Dumbo Moving Truck

Pay attention to sensitive items

If not protected properly with moving blankets and plastic wrap, furniture can get soaked and moldy. Pay special attention to the items that absorb water easily like mattresses and sofas. Other items like electronics can also get damaged easily if exposed to rain, so take some extra precautions when packing them.

Use waterproof containers

Moving on a rainy day requires a particular strategy. Instead of regular, cardboard moving boxes, you should make use of plastic moving containers that are waterproof. These containers are also eco-friendly because you can rent them and avoid having waste after your move is done. In case you don’t have that option, use plastic wrap or any sort of covering to protect the items inside the boxes.

Plastic bin

Cover slippery surfaces

Watch your step while carrying the items. Cover slippery surfaces with lots of cardboard or any other material to reduce the possibility of falling and injuring yourself. Lay down an old rug, towels, or blankets at the entryway to your home. Protect your floors so that your NYC movers and helpers won’t track in water and dirt. Besides leaving the house clean, covering floors will also help you avoid injuries, as you don’t want anyone to slip and fall.

Make a chain

Arrange your helpers so that some of them are staying inside the house and handing boxes to those who are outside. Making a chain will help the loading go faster and easier and it will also avoid bringing mud and dirt into the house by going back and forth.

Communicate with the moving company

Stay in touch with your movers to find out whether there will be some delays in their schedule. Your movers might even cancel the move in case of heavy rain and storm. If it happens, don’t panic, because it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and experienced movers will make the best decision depending on the weather.

Drive cautiously

If you are moving house by yourself without movers’ assistance, drive slowly and carefully to your new destination. Arriving a bit later than planned is much better than risking an accident.

a car on the road

Remain calm

Moving house in bad weather conditions requires a lot of patience and cautiousness, since it may take longer than expected. Keep your composure and focus on the end result, which is your beautiful new home. Being a bit off the schedule can sometimes happen, and it’s nothing to worry about.

Label moving boxes

Label your boxes properly so that your movers will know how to handle and where to put each of them. This step is always helpful, even during the nice weather, but especially when you are slowed down by weather conditions.

best packing tips begin with labeling

Take pictures after loading

Take photos of the moving boxes as soon as your movers load them to prove that everything is loaded in perfect condition. You can use those photos in case your items get damaged while in transit.

Don’t forget about breaks

Take short breaks to dry off, eat, or drink something. Have healthy snacks and drinks on hand for those who are helping with the move. Everyone will appreciate a warm cup of tea or a hot chocolate on a cold day, and it will not take too much time to enjoy it.

Don’t delay unpacking

Unpack wet boxes as soon as you reach your new residence. Handle sofas, mattresses, and valuables carefully. If you don’t unpack them immediately, your precious items may get moldy.

If you prefer to enjoy a snowy day and let professionals handle your relocation, go ahead and contact Dumbo Moving and Storage. We have the experience, skills, and equipment necessary to take care of your move in bad weather.

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