6 Tips for Moving With Your Own Car

6 Tips for Moving With Your Own Car

Moving since it’s quite a complicated process can be done in various ways. Some include hiring professional help, especially when relocating kitchenware, plants, or pricey items. But, when it comes to moving fewer items, it’s possible to save up money when moving with your own car. You can save up by not paying for insurance, transport, or movers. Maybe these are the costs you can avoid.

So if you are planning DIY moving, read the following tips to ease the whole process.

A Sketch Of A Fully-loaded Car During A Move
Whether you should relocate by your own car depends on your needs

1.  Necessary Items

Although the first tip might seem like a trivial issue, it’s essential to obtain specific items that will help you later, including rope or straps (used for tieing up and securing items you will be moving), packing boxes, duck tape( also used for securing and sealing boxes), paper or plastic bags, plastic bins, the proper kind of vehicle, etc.

Don’t forget to ask your family and friends for help since it’s much easier to pack and move with a pair of extra hands. You can make them happy and willing to help by throwing a party before you move.

2. Proper Packing

Depending on what type of items you plan on moving, the packing method you choose will be essential. Luckily, many packing guides are online suited for different kinds of objects, including packing fragile items, such as glassware, antiques, kitchenware, and furniture. It’s essential to explore all of the available options and principles, especially when it comes to breakable objects.

However, there are some universal tips you can follow, including:

  • Heavy objects should always be placed on the bottom, while lighter objects can be placed on the top.
  • Heavy objects refer to furniture, large books, rugs, etc.
  • There are exceptions like TVs, PCs, and similar items that should be placed in original packaging and handled with extra care meaning you shouldn’t place them on the bottom to avoid breakage and damage.
  • Lighter objects include towels, clothing, notebooks, beddings, sheets, etc. Since their size and weight are remotely small, consider putting lighter things on the top or even on the sides and in all open spaces of the trunk.
A Family Loading A Car For Moving
Make sure you follow our tips on how to pack items in a car

Besides avoiding the risk of damage or breakage, following this packing principle when packing and moving heavy items (putting heavy objects on the bottom and lighter on the top) will also make the whole loading and unloading process way more straightforward and save up a lot of time.

3. Choose the Right Vehicle

Choosing the right kind of vehicle for your move is an integral part of the process, and it solely depends on the amount and type of items you’ll be moving.

To maximize the space inside the car, we recommend following the next steps:

  • First and foremost, lay down the seats of the car while flatting the interior.
  • The most popular user reviews recommend avoiding packing items in boxes, especially cardboard ones since they are very bulky and take up excessive space, which can be used to pack other belongings.
  • Instead of using cardboard boxes, try replacing them with plastic bags or vacuum (storage) bags. If the inside of the car is clean, you don’t even need to pack the items in anything at all.
  • Also, furniture is a specific category. When it comes to chairs, desks, beds, etc., it would be best for the move to disassemble them and lay them flat in the car while saving up a lot of space.
A Girl Is Packing Clothes In A Vacuum Bag
A vacuum bag comes in handy when you need to save space

4. Gas

Don’t forget to fill up your car with gas and find the right gas station before the whole moving process starts. We recommend filling up your car with gas the night before the planned move. You don’t want to search for a gas station low on gas and with a car full of your belongings.

Also, explore all nearby gas stations and choose the cheapest to save up money. If the move is a long-distance one, plan out the road you’ll be taking and additional gas stations to fill up fuel on time. Planning the moving route and where you’ll be filling up gas in advance will serve your budget and save up both time and money. Additionally, you’ll know how long the move will last, making it way easier for you to plan unloading and unpacking.

Google Map Of Some Gas Stations In NYC
The easiest way to keep track of the gas station locations is by using Google Maps

5. Keep Your Field of Vision Open

We understand it’s very tempting to fill up your car with belongings until you reach maximum capacity. However, this practice can be very dangerous if you can’t change lanes properly and see what’s going on the road, leading to various risks, including car accidents and injury. It’s better to make a couple of back and forth trips if your car doesn’t have enough capacity to fit all of your belongings than risk getting involved in a car accident because you can’t see clearly.

A Driver Is Adjusting A Rear-view Mirror
Make sure you have your field of vision clear

6. Additional Tips

Make sure to estimate how much stuff you are planning to move to decide whether you’ll be needing a moving truck. Long-distance moves are very complicated if you need to make a couple of back and forth trips, especially if you plan on moving with your vehicle. So, you should know how to choose the right moving truck, and of course how to drive a rented moving truck?

If you decide on hiring movers, explore all of the available options and choose a certified professional moving company.

  • If you opt for transport by yourself, find the cheapest gas stations to save up money and time.
  • Get your car checked before you start the trip just to make sure everything is in order before you hit the road.
  • As for the loading and unloading, it may present a difficulty if you’re dealing with a lot of items. Ask family and friends for help, as a bit of support can go a long way.
  • If you can’t find anyone to help, consider hiring professional movers. Booking on time will grant you a cheaper option.

In general, moving is a timely and complicated process, especially when you’re moving with your own car.

Read the text mentioned above for tips about moving with your own car.

Also, please share your experiences in the comment section and state your opinion on the subject

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