How to Choose the Right Moving Truck?

How to Choose the Right Moving Truck?

Moving can often present quite a hassle since it involves a lot of planning, time, and money. No wonder many of us hire professionals in order to avoid sufficient stress. The organization is the key, so the critical part of the process is using proper methods. Luckily, several aspects make the whole thing easier- one of the crucial elements presents choosing the right moving truck. If you plan on moving soon and need help selecting the right moving truck, read the following text.

Consider your budget when choosing the right moving truck

As you know, money is essential in the moving process, meaning you should consider your budget carefully and try not to overlook any detail. The first step is to put all of the money intended for moving on paper. This way, you will know right away how much money you can spend on the moving truck. If there isn’t enough money for the desired moving truck, consider cutting other expenses. Keep in mind; many rental services offer various discounts as long as you choose the right company.

Calculate Your Budget Before You Choose a Moving Truck

Gather your belongings

Put all of the stuff you plan on moving in the same room before hiring movers to avoid overloading. If you are unsure whether or not they’ll fit, someone from the hired service will be happy to help if you contact them in due course. Mistakes sometimes happen; hence there is a chance some of your belongings can get damaged during transport. However, getting an insurance policy in agreement with the moving company will certainly help in boosting security. Also, pack all of the stuff correctly and pay attention that you avoid overloading boxes. There are a bunch of tips on proper packing online.

The right size

There are a couple of helpful tips that will help you choose the right size of the moving truck.

  • How much stuff are you moving? Is there furniture?
  • The number of moving boxes
  • Prioritize fragile items and furniture
  • Pick a truck that has at least 10 percent more cubic space than you actually need.

Keep in mind various factors influence choosing the right size of the truck so make sure you do not overlook anything that might make the whole thing harder.

Types of truck

We must state there are many options to consider regarding different types of moving trucks, including cargo trucks, trailers, box trucks, and pick-up trucks. However, we highly recommend using box trucks and pick-up trucks. Users state that their preferred option is a standard truck, aka box trucks.

Common moving trucks

Box trucks

The most common are box trucks. You have probably seen them hundreds of times as most people pick precisely box trucks for moving. Box trucks are moderately expensive and mostly used for moving two-bedroom apartments meaning they are too big and unnecessary for smaller loads. Most rental companies grant three sizes of box trucks.

Small-sized box trucks are used for moving one-bedroom apartments, while medium-sized box trucks are suitable for longer trips. Larger-sized box trucks can handle a lot of stuff, meaning you can fit even five-bedroom houses and apartments.

Pick up trucks

Pick-up trucks are the cheapest version and used for a minimal amount of belongings that fit in a single room. Singles and students report that pick-up trucks are the best alternative to hiring full-service rentals. Some may still be unsure while choosing the right type of moving truck. In this case, rent the smallest truck and attach a trailer.

Standard moving truck sizes

  • 10-foot trucks – studio and one-bedroom apartments
  • 15-foot trucks – condo and two-bedroom apartments
  • 17-foot trucks – two-bedroom houses and apartments
  • 20-foot trucks – three-bedroom apartments
  • 26-foot trucks – four-bedroom apartments and more

Keep in mind some services have additional truck sizes that are not listed above. Check on what is price by truck based.

Price by Truck Dumbo Moving

Best way to choose a moving truck

Determining the cubic feet of space required for holding your belongings is the best way to choose the right moving truck. Calculating this number will show the needed capacity, which will help you avoid renting an undersized or oversized truck. There is a bunch of calculators online that will determine the figure mentioned above. Another way to estimate the needed cubic feet of space is based on the number of rooms, not bedrooms.

Weight limit restrictions and in between truck sizes

Although you might not have a larger amount of stuff for the move, some might be heavy presenting a certain issue.
Another issue revolves around in-between truck sizes where your load is too big for a smaller truck and too little for big sized one. The best option would be choosing the lower version while adding a trailer.

Choosing the right rental service

Choosing the right rental service might not be as easy as it seems since many uncertified companies might not meet your needs. Make sure you inform yourself and explore the market. Pick out the company that puts the client’s needs first and with a reliable customer support service. Some firms even offer discounts if you book on time.


As mentioned before, moving is undoubtedly a stressful process. Besides the mere time and money, the proper organization is the crucial part of the whole process. Choosing the right moving truck might seem easy, but a couple of factors might help you make a fitting choice. Also, there are a couple of trucks for the move, including cargo trucks, trailers, box trucks, and pick-up trucks. Users state that they prefer using box trucks since they are the most common type. There a couple of standard truck sizes, including 10-foot trucks, 15-foot trucks, 17-foot trucks, 20-foot trucks, and 26-foot trucks.

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Keep in mind some services offer additional truck sizes not listed above. The best way to choose a moving truck is to determine the cubic feet of space required for all of your stuff. There is a bunch of calculators online that will help and calculate the figure mentioned above. Pay attention to weight limit restrictions.

Planning a move?

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