4 Smart Ways To Pack For A Move

4 Smart Ways To Pack For A Move

Packing is an essential part of the whole moving process. However, moving usually consists of several tasks, including packing, loading, transport, unloading, and unpacking. Even though some of these tasks are more than complicated, packing is the most important one. So, it’s important to pack in smart ways, as packing will predetermine the whole course of the move. If you haven`t packed in a timely manner, you`ll have to deal with breakages and damage to your belongings and your property. And who needs that in the middle of the move?

But, there is no need to worry. Packing can be very simple with the help of a couple of smart tips. Yes, you heard that right. There are certain hacks that will help you make the whole thing a lot easier than it usually is. Also, inexperienced folks, and first-time movers, might go thru a lot of frustration along the way. This can easily be avoided so if you want to learn about the 4 smart ways to pack for a move.

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1. Declutter

First thing first, you need to make a moving inventory. It will help you decide what items are worth moving and what should be placed in the trash. Even though most of us hold sentimental value to certain objects, which is completely okay, you might want to think about decluttering and getting rid of anything that serves no purpose. To put it simply, the fewer items you own, the lower the moving fee. And that’s even if you decide to go DIY and move by yourself. So, how can you declutter?

There are a couple of ways how to declutter before the move. They include throwing away anything you don`t need. You can also sell your items on online platforms, which is an excellent source of profit. Throwing a garage or a yard sale, and making a few bucks along the way, is another great option. Also, you can donate your items to a charity or an unprofitable organization. In any case, you`ll have fewer items to pack. It means less stress when you see that you have to pack an unreasonable amount of belongings. So, let`s start with decluttering as a perfect way to clear your head and your mind of any possible worries related to the issue.

2. Moving Supplies

Of course, when you have a clear picture of what items need to be packed, it`s time to obtain moving and packing supplies. Although moving supplies don`t include the same equipment and materials, it would be best for you to buy them all at once as it`s the perfect way to save up time you`ll be putting to good use. So, after decluttering, the next thing you need to think about is obtaining moving and packing supplies. The main thing you should think about when it comes to moving and packing supplies are moving boxes. We highly recommend you invest money in high-quality moving boxes.

Even though it is reasonable to use old moving boxes, chances are they can be damaged, resulting in breakage to some of your favorite items. You don`t have to go for cardboard even though they`re the cheapest. Instead, opt for plastic moving boxes NYC. Even though they`re more expensive, this expense will pay off in the long run. However, if you`re a first-time mover, you can always go for classic cardboard boxes. Just make sure you get quality ones.

There are a couple of ways how to obtain moving and packing supplies, including borrowing from friends and family members, purchasing moving boxes NYC, or even renting, which is perfect for people moving once every five years. In any case, besides the moving boxes, make sure to get a lot of bubble wrap, packing tape, labels, markers, etc.

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3. An Hour a Day

Even though most people leave all the packing for one or two days, which can lead to a lot, and we truly mean a lot of stress, we recommend taking an hour to pack a day. The best way to complete a long and extensive task is by breaking it down into smaller tasks. This way, the packing experience won`t be so dreadful, and you`ll have plenty of time for other tasks related to the moving process. Also, avoid last-minute packing, as it can lead to a lot of distress, especially if you haven`t bought enough packing material.

Next, try not to overpack. It is important for you to evaluate the boxes in a way that ensures the maximum safety of your belongings.

Make sure to label all the moving boxes. It will save you a lot of distress and hassle related to having to unpack all at once just to find a couple of items you deem necessary.

4. Moving Tips

Now, we`ll proceed with the most important moving tips that can save you a lot of time and energy.

  • Try to save space while packing, which mostly refers to clothes as it can take up a bunch of space. The best way to do so is by packing clothes on hangers in plastic bags.
  • Instead of folding, we advise rolling your clothes. It is proven that it will grant you at least 20 percent more space.
  • If you are having trouble opening boxes, we recommend using a wool string to open them easier, which is useful when you don`t have scissors nearby.
  • Plastic wrap is considered the best way to avoid leaks meaning that if you have something that is prone to leakage, all you need to do is wrap it up in plastic wrap.

Final Words

Although we have presented 4 smart ways to pack for a move, you should know that you have more options. One of the best is hiring professional NYC movers to do the job for you. Professional local movers NYC will complete the packing shortly and make sure all your belongings are well protected. You can also take a step further and buy moving insurance. This way, you’ll have peace of mind in case of damage.
Also, if you’re moving long-distance, hiring long-distance movers NYC that offer packing and unpacking services is a great way to relocate stress-free.

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