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8 Best Storage Packing Tips

Are you moving to a different location, or do you want to downsize and get rid of a portion of your belongings? Storing items is a step in the right direction, as you won`t have to give up your belongings. Rather they will be safe in a guarded facility, and the moment you need them again, you will be able to use them. However, this is only possible if you packed your items in the right way. This is why we have created this useful guide on best storage packing tips.

An Entrance To A Self-storage Facility Showing Boxes On A Hand Trolley

Create an inventory list

Packing your items for storage becomes immensely easier when you know exactly what you will pack. Whether you are downsizing, moving away, or storing seasonal items, it is best to put everything on paper. Go through your belongings, and if possible, declutter. It’s a great way to save space when packing for a move or storing items in a self-storage unit.

Usually, we think that we need to store more items than we need to. Figure out what to do with things you don’t need anymore and decide where to donate clothes before you move. Throw away, donate, or sell items you won`t be using in near future. You can also make use of the charities that offer free donation pick upWhat is left should be stored in the storage facility. Copy the inventory list that you made and place one copy into the storage unit itself, so that you can refer to it frequently.

Choose the right storage unit

Now that you know what exactly you need to pack, it is time to choose the storage unit that fits your needs. You may think that choosing a too small or too big storage unit is not that important, but it is. When the storage unit is too small, there is a greater risk of damage to your items. Boxes may break, especially if there are too many boxes on top of each other.

On the other hand, if your storage unit is larger than it has to be, you are wasting money every month. If you are not certain which storage unit size, should you choose, ask for advice from the storage Brooklyn company. They will be happy to help you.

Get the right packing supplies

Packing for storage and packing for relocation are similar, but you need to pay special attention to storage packing. The most important thing when packing is that your items arrive at the destination in the same condition they were in before the relocation. However, if you plan to store your items for months or even years to come, you should choose more high-quality packing material.

Moving boxes NYC – If possible, choose the same size moving boxes for storing your items. Medium and small-sized moving boxes are better for storing heavier items such as books. Large moving boxes are for storing lighter items such as towels, clothes, and sheets. It is better to use new, sturdy moving boxes, but if this is not possible, inspect your used moving boxes for any signs of damage.

Bubble wrap – Wrap bubble wrap around delicate items such as electronics, mirrors, fine china, etc. This will protect them from damage while they are in transit. At the same time, bubble wrap is useful for protecting your items in storage, as dirt, water, or insects will not be able to get inside.

Packing tape – Secure your items by double taping all ends of the moving box.

Permanent marker – Labeling boxes when storing items in a storage unit is necessary. Get a high-quality permanent marker as it will make finding what you need a lot easier.

Boxes On A Hand Trolley In A Storage Facility

Clean the items before you pack them for storage

You want your items to remain intact in the storage unit. Before packing them, clean them thoroughly with a cleaning supply that you normally use. Musical instruments, electronic devices, clothes, books, gardening tools, or any other item you want to pack should be cleaned first. If you pack dusty items, you may have issues cleaning that after a few years of storing the items.

Take photos of the items

Before packing your items, make sure to take photos of them so that you know in which condition you have stored them. It is one of the storage packing tips that will help you keep track of your items’ condition. It is easy to forget specific dents, and scratches or malfunctions, but having everything photographed will help you notice any difference.

Don`t store prohibited items

While you can store plenty of different items in the storage unit, there are some prohibited items you should not keep in your storage. Plants and pets are not allowed in the storage unit for obvious reasons. Furthermore, flammable items, food, and important documents should not be inside the boxes of the storage unit.

Storing personal items such as important documents, diplomas, passports, visas, medical documents, or any other document you may need in the future should not be stored. In case of an accident, or theft, both of which you cannot predict, you would lose them and no reimbursement could make it up to you.

Label the moving boxes

Labeling boxes for storage should be more detailed. If you need to know how to pack quickly and efficiently when moving, it is enough to write Kitchen on the moving box, and it will make unpacking easier. But when storing items, you should know exactly what is inside each box, so that you can take what you need easily. So, this is one of the most crucial storage packing tips. Write the contents on each moving box. Make sure you can read what it says, and that you store moving boxes so that you can see the labels.

A Woman Is Labeling A Moving Box Using A Permanent Marker

Hire professionals to help you

Packing and storing items requires precision, high-quality materials, and skills. If you don`t have enough time on your hands to pack and store your items right, feel free to call moving and storage company professionals to assist you. In this way, you will reduce the risk of damage to your items, and also the risk of injuries. Lifting heavy moving boxes can cause back pain, and you need to know the right lifting techniques.

Storage units NYC are a perfect solution when you need to store items for a certain period. Frequently revise your items and if you realize that you no longer need some of them, you can donate or sell them. Once you need the items again, they will be in perfect condition due to the right storage packing tips and tricks. Good luck!