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What to do if movers are late

It’s no secret that moving house is a notorious process no one is looking forward to. However, if you have hired professional NYC movers to tackle laborious relocation tasks, you can consider yourself lucky.

Moving is arguably one of the most stressful life events and it’s always a good idea to have professionals around to give you a hand.
While we all hope for the best and expect that everything goes according to plan, there’s a number of things that can go wrong on moving day.

There are certain situations on moving day your movers don't have control over

No matter how trustworthy your movers are, certain situations are beyond their control

The long-awaited moving day has finally arrived and while standing among packed moving boxes you suddenly realize that something is missing – your movers! No matter how hard you try to stay on track when it comes to moving-related activities, the truth is you have no control over certain events.
While reading online moving testimonials, you have probably noticed a lot of unpleasant moving experiences. As it turns out, many of those unfortunate stories start with the movers who didn’t show up on the scheduled day of the move. Aside from falling victim to fraudulent moving companies, there are other possible reasons why your movers can be late for pick-up and delivery.

Movers are late – what could’ve possibly happened?

Having determined that your big household relocation should be entrusted to a professional and trustworthy NYC moving company, you can rest assured that there must be a good reason why they are late on the day of the move.
Refrain from panicking, since there must be a logical explanation for the delay. Take a deep breath, try to stay calm and to get in touch with your movers.

Here are some of the possible scenarios that could have prevented them from arriving right on time:

  • technical issues with the moving truck
  • traffic jam
  • misunderstanding related to the contact details and schedule
  • movers’ family emergency or health issues
Avoid panicking if your movers are late

Instead of hitting the panic button try to stay calm when you realize that your movers are late

Get in touch with your movers in order to find out what happened exactly. Second-guessing is not a good ally in this case, so call them to find out whether and when they will show up. In case you cannot reach them directly, contact their head office to request more information.

What to do while waiting for your movers?

If you are going to wait for another couple of hours, try to make the most of that period.

Whether you are expecting your movers to pick up or deliver your belongings, there are a lot of tasks to tackle while waiting.
– Clean your house. Both properties could use a nice cleaning, so get your cleaning supplies and clean your home thoroughly now that the place is empty.
– Check if everything’s properly packed and labeled. Remember, each box should contain some basic information about the content, destination and possible handling instructions. Proper labeling system may save you a lot of time while unloading moving boxes at your new residence.
– Create a detailed floor plan so as to make sure that your boxes end up where they belong.
– Check if your essential box contains everything that you may be needing during the first couple of days after the move.
– Pack and protect your valuables properly, since you are the only one responsible for them, not your movers.

How to find reputable movers

Finding reputable movers takes time and effort

Investing time and effort in finding an appropriate moving company pays off eventually

If you’ve done your research right and determined that your moving company is one of the best, you can expect that they will do their job right. But if you happen to fall victim to dishonest movers, they may keep your goods hostage until you pay a ransom for their release. Dealing with the wrong moving company may turn the whole experience into a nightmare.
Here we would like to highlight some guidelines and tips on how to protect yourself against moving fraud.
Failing to perform a detailed research before you settle for a specific moving company can cost you a lot in the long run.

While researching moving companies you will get a clear idea of how to spot fraudulent moving companies. Even if you don’t have any recommendation from friends or relatives regarding a reputable moving company, you can at least find a lot of information online about moving scams. There are a lot of horror stories about moving scams online that may help you identify fraudulent moving companies.

How to sport fraudulent movers

These are some of the most common signs of fraudulent movers:

  • extremely low moving estimates
  • payment method: cash
  • lack of licensing details
  • negative reviews
  • unmarked truck
  • no references from previous customers
  • no registration information
  • nonexistent offices

Taking unnecessary risks is not advisable when moving house. Therefore, going for ”too good to be true” moving estimates will probably lead you to serious problems and further inconveniences. But what you should look for instead are reasonably priced quality moving services provided by the companies with the best reputation.
Hopefully, you will consult online resources, customer testimonials, reviews and ratings before settling for a particular moving company.

Also, you can contact Better Business Bureau to find out whether moving companies you are interested in have any reports and how they handle possible customers’ complaints. Furthermore, by visiting FMCSA website you will be able to check if your potential movers have USDOT number and if they are registered with the Department of Transportation. If you are looking for an interstate moving company bear in mind that they should comply with federal regulations.

Tip your movers for a quality service

Reward your movers for their hard work and dedication

In addition to that, licensing and moving insurance details as well as information about additional services should be stated on the company’s website. Lack of those elements should be considered as a red flag and a clear indicator that something’s not quite right. Stay away from the movers who look suspicious, since there are plenty of those who can accommodate your needs and requirements and help you have a stress-free moving experience.
If your overall impression is positive and you have received a quality service, do not hesitate to tip the moving crew and reward them for their hard work and efforts they have invested in the relocation process.