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How to transfer utilities when moving

When moving from one apartment to another, transferring utilities will be an important task on your moving checklist. But, if you are anything like most movers, you’ll just keep postponing it. Hopefully, our guidelines will help you transfer utilities when moving and thus avoid unnecessary utility costs.

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Plan out when you will contact your providers to transfer utilities when moving

Staying organized when moving is a key factor, but in most cases it easier said than done. While trustworthy residential movers NYC can be of great assistance, some aspects of the move require your attention. A seamless move is composed of multiple tiny tasks and activities that many people fail to remember. Needless to say, it’s more than just boxing up your items and transporting them to a new place.

There are a lot of different factors that go into a successful household move. Whether you transfer utilities when moving on time or not could affect the overall experience. A bit of advance planning in place could set you up for a trouble-free relocation process. Along with your personal items, you will need the most important services up and running as soon as you reach your new home. Forgetting to cancel or transfer utility services may generate unnecessary stress. Also, expensive overdue bills can be easily avoided with some timely planning in place. Believe it or not, it only takes several phone calls to transfer utilities when moving.

Moving utility services to a new home

Leaving the utility transfer until the last minute could be risky. Should any unexpected circumstances take place, you could spend the first couple of days in your new home without some basic utility services.

Where to start?

Provided that you’ve started your moving preparations several weeks in advance, you’ll have enough time to familiarize yourself with all moving challenges ahead of you. Although the utility transfer process could be arranged via phone, make sure to plan for some personal appointments if necessary. When it comes to moving, we all know that the period between May and September is the busiest one. What’s known to be a peak season in the moving industry also happens to be a very hectic period for utility companies. So, in order to avoid major delays, it’s always advisable to start ahead.

Tips on how to transfer utilities when moving

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Arrange for the utility transfer weeks in advance

The process of switching your utility services is not a difficult task, but it can become rather tedious if you miss out on some important steps. Here are some of the suggestions on how to transfer utilities when moving to a new place.

  • Write down all utility services you use at the moment as well as those that will be needed at your new home. Make a clear list of all service providers you should contact to make or confirm arrangements with. Some of the most common services you will have to transfer are electricity, internet, water, cable, waste removal, gas.
  • Check with your new landlord if some services are included in your monthly rent. Also, once you learn which companies will be servicing your neighborhood, you’ll have a clear idea about which service providers to contact.
  • If you are just updating your address within the same area, the good news is that it could be done by submitting an online request or via phone.
  • Since it may take a couple of days to schedule your shut-off and set-up dates, it’s highly recommendable to allow yourself up to four weeks to arrange everything.
  • Have your services disconnected immediately after you move out so that you can use them while preparing for a big day. But, be sure you are not paying for the services that you didn’t use.
  • Make sure you are not transferring your remaining bills with you. Pay them on time so as to start off on the right foot with your utility companies after you move into a new place.
  • Although you are canceling the service, provide your new address for any final statements and notices.

Other important moving tasks that require your attention

Aside from having all the important services up and running at your new home immediately after you move in, there will be other important tasks you will need to tackle personally. In order to help you move with minimum hiccups down the road, here’s who you need to inform when relocating.

Notify all relevant third parties about your new address:

  • Post office
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Insurance company
  • Social security company
  • Mobile carrier
  • Medical institutions
  • Newspapers and magazine subscriptions

Inform your employer about the upcoming move

Unless you are performing a corporate move with your colleagues, you may want to inform your employer about your decision to move and quit your job as early as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute to tell your employer and colleagues that you are leaving.

Also, arrange for several days off with your employer so that you can tackle all your duties and responsibilities as moving day draws nearer. Also, references and recommendations from your current employer could be helpful while looking for a new job.

Break the news to your friends and family

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Be gentle when breaking the news about relocation

Announce your move as soon as your decision becomes imminent. No matter how beneficial the move is going to be for you, leaving your loved ones is always heart-breaking. Hopefully, you will have enough time to say goodbye to your friends and organize a farewell party. Reassure them that you will stay in touch in spite of the distance.

Involve professional movers

It’s no secret that moving is an expensive endeavor. As an NYC resident, you probably know that the costs of moving services may vary depending on the borough or neighborhood you are moving to. The good news is that many Brooklynites recommend several Flatbush moving companies that stand out in terms of quality and affordability. Make sure to research them all, get moving estimates, check their online presence and moving reviews so as to be able to decide which company is a good fit.