How to make moving announcements

How to make moving announcements

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Pick the right moment to announce your big moving decision

Breaking the news about the upcoming moving project is never easy. Whether you are planning a residential or an office move, take the time to let your closest friends, relatives and coworkers know that you’re moving.

It comes as no surprise that leaving behind your loved ones is one of the toughest aspects of a household move. So, at least, you may want to keep them up-to-date when it comes to your moving plans and arrangements. Many of them would probably like to help you out with the move, so try to figure out when is the right time to reveal your intentions.

However, before breaking the news, be 100% sure that you are moving to a new home. Only when the idea of relocation becomes imminent, make sure to share it with your loved ones. Since your close friends deserve to hear the news from you, make sure to gather them all or at least schedule a conference call if they are far away. Let them know that they are important to you and you’ll be missing them. Also, take the time to make plans for visits and reassure them that you’ll give your best to stay in touch after the move. As long as you have access to your smart phone, tablet or computer you can maintain a day-to-day communication with your loved ones who happen to be far away.

Chances are your friends will be willing to offer a helping hand with some back-breaking moving tasks, so make sure to let them know ahead of time. A couple of strong volunteers can make all the difference when hauling heavy and cumbersome objects up and down stairs.

Saying goodbye to your friends made easy

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Let professional movers handle all time-consuming tasks for you

In order to ensure enough time to meet with your friends and properly say goodbye it’s always advisable to seek professional movers’ help. They will be able to save you the additional stress of organizing logistics of the move. That way you can buy some time to handle your personal matters and emotionally prepare for the big transition. You will free up some time for tackling other important moving issues.

There are numerous tasks that require your immediate attention, so why wouldn’t you leave the organization of the move to those who have much more experience in the field? Reputable movers’ time-efficient approach and strategies will guide you through the daunting moving process successfully. And like with any other decision, this one also has its pros and cons.

People who prefer having a full control of the process usually are not comfortable involving other people, even if they are professionals with excellent  ratings and reviews. No one said that hiring a perfect moving company was a straight-forward task. It takes a lot of advance research to figure out which relocation company may be a good fit. Factors like affordability and reliability may slightly complicate your quest, since finding affordable, but quality movers is not easy. But the best thing about hiring professionals is that you can trust them with the safety of your belongings. As they provide an adequate relocation insurance, you can rest assured that your earthly possessions will be safe all along.

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Organize a casual get-together to celebrate your new beginning

Household moving celebration: throwing a housewarming party at your new place

As soon as you inform your closest friends, you can make a big announcement via social media to reach out to those you cannot see in person prior to moving day.

If you are relocating locally chances are all your friends will be able to come to your housewarming party. While goodbye parties may become rather sad, consider throwing a housewarming party after you settle into a new place. It’s a huge opportunity to make your first social gathering at your new place and celebrate a new beginning.

Invite your friends over as soon as you unpack everything and arrange your new home to your taste. Send out invitations to your guests a week before the party depending on the type of the gathering you want to host. A casual get-together is always a way to go, but there are people who seem to prefer formal gatherings instead. Either way, one things is for sure – you will have an amazing time with your friends and relatives. Also, it’s not bad idea to break the ice and invite your new neighbors and coworkers to the housewarming party.

When it comes to the party organization, try to keep party decorations simple so that your guests can get a sense of how you’ve arranged the interior of your home. What you may want to pay more attention to is the catering. Depending on whether you are having a sit-down or an open house party you should arrange the food.

Typically, since your visitors will be walking and exploring your new home, finger food could be the best option. Since your new home will be the main attraction, make sure it’s completely ready for showing off. It goes without saying that your new place should be sparkling clean before your guests arrive.

How to start over after moving

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Reward yourself for the successfully completed job

Once the housewarming party is over, you will need to resume your life and create your new routine. As a newbie, you are about to experience a long adjustment process with its ups and downs. One day you will be eager to get yourself out there, the other day you may feel homesick and nostalgic about your old life. Whenever you feel that way, try to get in touch with your old friends but also keep reminding yourself that a household move makes perfect sense for your future plans. Moving house means moving forward with your life so be happy to embrace a new chapter of your life that’s about to come. Make the most out of the new opportunity you’ve been given and explore your options.

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