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Top moving destinations for New Yorkers

Although it’s easy to fall in love with the charming vibe of NYC, many people decide at some point to move away pursuing different lifestyle opportunities. As hearth-breaking as leaving the City can be, many people seem to become rather tired of its high cost of living and chaotic atmosphere. When pursuing a more laid-back or affordable family environment, here are some of the most common moving destinations for New Yorkers to consider.

Manhattan street with skyscrapers

There are several moving destinations for New Yorkers that may offer a different perspective

New York City residents are pretty much accustomed to switching homes. Whether moving to another state or within their own borough, they have embraced a nomadic lifestyle from the moment they set their foot there. Although the city that never sleeps is famous for being the mecca for young professionals and ambitious singles, there could be a number of obstacles for those who want to start a family. Considering sky-rocketing real estate costs, lack of space, overcrowded noisy streets, and potential safety issues, no wonder so many people decide to raise their children elsewhere.

In spite of multiple conveniences and the city’s unique energy, people seem to opt for different surroundings once their priorities have changed. Be it a comparable metropolis or a peaceful suburban area, many people find those options more appealing when establishing family routines.

If you are planning to leave the Big Apple for whatever reason, planning ahead will clear your path to a smooth and trouble-free experience. Needless to say, even if you are moving to Dumbo NYC or any other close neighborhood, a good strategy in place would be necessary. Let alone large scale moves to some distant areas that require 100% commitment and time and cost-efficiency.

What are departing New Yorkers looking for?

Miami beach - one of the top moving destinations for New Yorkers

Weather is an important factor when moving after retirement

In spite of the wide array of possibilities NYC has to offer, many people decide to give up the concrete jungle living and settle for a different environment. The vast majority of New York dwellers reach a point where they need to migrate from the fast-paced environment looking for better opportunities and general living conditions.

  • More predictable weather

When pursuing more favorable weather conditions, many people, especially senior citizens decide to leave NYC for a more stable and predictable climate. As it turns out, warm climates seem to appeal to active adults and retirees fond of all-year-round outdoor activities. They are willing to trade snowstorms and summertime humidity for a moderate and enjoyable climate.

  • Family-friendly environment

Young professionals and millennials take pride in calling NYC home. With the wide range of job and entertainment opportunities available, they seem to forget about the downsides. However, NYC residents who are planning a family are usually on the lookout for more affordable and safe living. As it turns out, there are more family-friendly cities out there where you can lead a peaceful family life.

  • More spacious homes

Facing space shortage in NYC is a common phenomenon. When moving to NYC on a tight budget, you should surely plan for living in a tiny place barely large enough to accommodate one person. Sharing it with a roommate could be a budget-friendly solution until you figure out a better one. At some point, many people seem to outgrow micro-apartments and decide to enjoy the commodities of a larger place in a city where they can actually afford it.

So, ideal moving destinations for New Yorkers are areas with affordable housing options in the middle of a mild climate.

Long-distance moving destinations for New Yorkers

hollywood sign in L.A.

Would you leave NYC for the second-largest city in population?

Those who are not moving to the adjacent borough, usually opt for a complete change of scenery based on school ratings, overall safety, landscape, cost of living, job market and availability of international movers NYC.

Here are some of the favorite places and most popular moving destinations for New Yorkers. Although NYC has their heart, sometimes they may realize that there might be better options out there.

Los Angeles, California

People who are in for an interstate moving experience often decide to uproot their lives in Los Angeles. As it turns out, L.A. ranks among the most popular destinations for New Yorkers who are pursuing a differently paced lifestyle. Aside from learning about your prospective home, hiring qualified interstate movers NYC would be the main prerequisite for a smooth transition.

Although there are more housing options than in New York, real estate prices in L.A. are as high as those in the Big Apple. Also, when setting up your moving budget, make sure to factor in the costs of a car, since you are going to rely on one your own vehicle to get around the city. And in spite of high gasoline prices, people seem to enjoy calling this sunny city home.

Miami and Orlando, Florida

Moving to the Sunshine State has become a real trend over the years. If you are choosing Florida as your new home, you can surely count on the beach to be everywhere around you. Aside from its blooming economy and warm climate, there’s one bonus reason why relocating there makes perfect sense – lack of income taxes.

Also, unlike in NYC, you will need a car to get around most of the places in Florida. Truth be told, public transportation options may vary depending on the area. So, if you move to Miami where people prefer biking and walking, you can even stay in shape and get around the city easily.

Last but not least, purchasing a home in NYC is out of reach for so many people. That is not the case with the housing market in Florida. With the average costs slightly higher than the national average, Florida seems to appeal to future homeowners.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle skyline

Moving to Seattle from NYC can be quite a leap

As a city with strong economic growth and well-established job market, it surely attracts people pursuing their career dreams. While there are comparable trends in the real estate market, the cost of living is significantly lower in Seattle.

When it comes to weather conditions, there is less rainfall than in NYC. That is why it’s among top moving destinations for New Yorkers. People fond of outdoor activities can resume their biking habits, especially since public transport can fail them oftentimes.