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Tips for thorough household spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a task no man or woman is thrilled about, but it is necessary for keeping your household well-maintained and organized. Although going about this traditional routine makes your home feel and look fresher, no one’s really looking forward to it. A sparkling clean home usually comes as a result of a through household spring cleaning. However popular the practice of spring cleaning, you don’t have to wait for a specific season to freshen up your home by giving it a proper deep cleaning.

cleaning a countertop

Household spring cleaning may boost your health condition as well as your mood

Without a doubt, moving is a perfect occasion for it. Move-in and move-out cleaning should be an important task on every moving checklist. While it’s perfectly understandable that you have bigger issues to tackle and you don’t have the time to clean everything properly, the good news is that you can get professional cleaning services to have every nook and cranny of your homes spick and span.

Keeping up with your weekly cleaning tasks can go a long way towards maintaining a neat home. However, it’s a good idea to give your home a top-to-bottom buffing at least once a year and scrub those not so easily reachable and most often overlooked spaces. Interestingly enough, some people find this activity highly cathartic as it provides a sense of personal satisfaction and relief.

Whenever you feel the urge to spruce up your living space, be sure to take the following tips into consideration. As it turns out, there’s no better time to tackle all your home’s trouble spots and make your place look beautiful again.

Why is household spring cleaning good for your well-being?

a woman washing windows

Prepare for a lot of stretching when washing high windows

A traditional spring cleaning spree can be both annoying and relieving. While it’s rather exhausting, many people seem to enjoy the positive and fresh energy that comes out of it. It all started as a way to clean away the results of everyday wear and tear once the winter is over.

Whether you love it or absolutely dread it, there’s no denying that it’s a good exercise both for your body and your mind.

  • Enjoying its stress-relieving aspect.

Whether you are doing it after a long day at the office or you’ve got the whole weekend, you should know there will be a lot of hard work. While many people associate cleaning with drudgery, surprisingly enough, there are those who actually enjoy every aspect of it. For some of them, household spring cleaning is a major stress reliever. Since clutter is likely to be linked with negative emotions, cleaning it away may eliminate this unsettling feeling.

  • Cleaning means exercising.

Turn your spring cleaning spree into a workout. Without a doubt, there will be plenty of physically demanding chores that will help you tone your muscles and burn off some calories. Heavy-duty window cleaning, vacuuming, top-to-bottom bathroom scrubbing, and full-scale dusting are just some of the most demanding tasks that will entail a lot of stretching, squatting and will engage all sorts of muscles.

  • Spring cleaning boosts your health.

A thorough and consistent cleaning may not only bring about a sense of satisfaction, but also some significant health benefits. Since dust and pet dander may trigger allergies and even asthma, consider a household spring cleaning as powerful prevention. While sprucing up your home, you may want to think of some ways of spring cleaning your day to day habits.

How to make spring cleaning fun for the whole family?

a child mopping floors

Involve your kids in household spring cleaning

First and foremost, do not ignore the fact that your home needs a deep cleaning once in a while. Avoid procrastinating by all means. Pick the day when you will start your big mission without postponing it for even a day. Make sure other family members are also available and willing to help.

Your family might not be thrilled about all that heavy lifting, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming and who would blame them. However, with the right mindset, it can easily become a mini party for all family members. Needless to say, the time required to get everything done will be significantly reduced and you will be able to sit back and relax in your sparkling home sooner than expected.

Have your kids do some age-appropriate cleaning tasks as well. For better results, play your favorite music as you clean. It could be a perfect opportunity to help your little ones develop a good work ethic and a sense of responsibility.

You may also turn the cleaning task into a game and prepare appropriate rewards for your little ones to boost their motivation. On the other hand, be upfront with the older kids and ask them for help as you shouldn’t go through a busy cleaning day alone. As soon as you finish it you will most definitely experience its rewarding and liberating effects. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, household spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dull seasonal task anymore.

Let’s be honest, spring cleaning is not an activity anyone is looking forward to, but it is not a torture either. Consider it as an event that will keep the family together. You may spend some quality time cleaning and rearranging your home with other family members.

Spring cleaning checklist

pizza as a reward for household spring cleaning

Relax after a hectic cleaning spree

Without a doubt, cleaning and purging won’t seem so daunting and boring if you do it with your loved ones. Afterward, you can reward yourselves with a nice dinner or a movie. Keep in mind that before you embark on such a complex task you should arm yourself with an exhaustive checklist. Give your home a nice refresh and a deep cleaning by following our guidelines.

– Have your children help you. Assign them age-appropriate chores, so that they feel needed and satisfied because they are helping. Help your children develop a sense of responsibility early.

– Listen to your favorite music while you are cleaning up. Your favorite playlist will help you get through this task.

– Stock up on necessary cleaning supplies.

Purge your home. Spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to decide what to do with the items you no longer use or need. Consider selling, donating to charity or recycling old appliances, furniture, tools. Contact your local recycling center and get more information on how to recycle old, unused household belongings. Instead of moving your household items from one corner to another, arrange them and give them a totally new purpose. If you have trouble letting go, consider renting a short-term storage NYC to keep your precious items secure while away from home.

– Get a new perspective on working out: instead of going to the gym, try other workout options like sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floors.

– Some rooms need more attention than others, so:

  • Remove grime and grease from the kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean and rearrange your pantry.
  • Remove bathroom mold.
  • Clean your kitchen appliances inside and out, especially the microwave, oven, and fridge,… In order to clean it completely, defrost the fridge if necessary.

Bonus spring cleaning tips

If you weren’t aware of it before, now you probably do realize that household spring cleaning involves a lot of hard work and meticulous planning. For the purpose of demystifying a much-dreaded process, here are some additional tips you may find helpful down the road.

baking soda used during the household spring cleaning

Stock up on different cleaning supplies when embarking on household spring cleaning

– Clean one room at a time in order to obtain efficient results. Focus on one section until it is spotless.

– Organize your wardrobe. Chances are you will come across some clothing and accessories you no longer need or like. Freshen up your wardrobe and make more room by donating or selling unnecessary items.

– Wash your pillows and duvet and vacuum the mattress carefully.

– Dust lamps, lampshades, and light fixtures, as well as figurines and antiques.

– Disinfect your washing machine.

– Make your steel surface and items shiny again.

– Remove stains and fingerprints from the walls and clean ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

– Clean your bookshelves, dust and rearrange books.

– Wipe down your outdoor furniture and make sure to use it only when it is completely dry.

– Empty each drawer and cabinet, clean them and place clean items back carefully.

– Sort through your photos, CDs, paperwork.

– Sweep the porch and balcony and put a new welcome mat.

– Sweep stairs.

– Clean the windows inside and out thoroughly.

– Vacuum each corner thoroughly and have your carpets professionally cleaned. End this cleaning experience by cleaning and mopping the floors.

– Do not skip your meals and stay hydrated all along. Also, try not to overload yourself with chores. If all of these tasks seem too demanding for you, contact professional cleaning services and have everything sorted out in no time.

Move-out cleaning

The endless list of moving tasks must have left you exhausted and you won’t be glad to learn that you will have to clean the entire place inside and out before you move out. Whether you are a tenant vacating a rental unit or a homeowner looking to sell the property, one thing is for sure – you will have to leave the place spotless.

Cleaning the place you are about to leave is an annoying task, but there’s no way around it. While stocking up on moving boxes New York, researching professional movers, purchasing packing materials and juggling other moving duties, make sure to prepare a solid cleaning checklist and timeline. Although it’s probably the last thing that would cross your mind, it’s time to get down to work and clean the entire place thoroughly.

When you finish, make sure to take photos of the apartment to prove its great overall condition in case of a dispute with your landlord. Based on how well you clean the apartment you will be able to get a full security deposit back. So, roll up your sleeves and leave the property the way you would like to find it if you were about to rent it or purchase it.