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Simple DIY tasks you can try

Are you in dire need of a few changes in your home? Do you feel like any improvement, no matter how small would make you happy and satisfied? Then simple DIY tasks are just what you need to get out of the same old routine. And it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for DIY tasks because you are moving or because you want to spice up your home. The fact is that the simplest DIY tasks can be done quickly and on just about any type of property. No, you don’t need to call office movers NYC because you want to remove the items you don’t know how to fix. Nor do you need to call a handyman. You can learn how to do almost any DIY task out there – especially the basic ones such as these.

4 simple DIY tasks any man or woman out there can try

Is your first instinct to dial the handyman or the plumber as soon as the need for even the smallest repair presents itself? Then you are like the big majority of people. And you probably belong to a category that as soon as an item becomes worn out, you either throw it away or put it in cheap storage units Brooklyn. That ends today! Today, you learn how to perform small repairs and maintain your new or old household all by yourself.

Tools for performing simple DIY tasks.

The best part? You won’t need any special equipment.

You can paint a ceiling on your own, as well as add a fresh coat of paint to walls

The reasons behind adding a fresh coat of paint can be numerous – the walls could have gotten stained, you could have moved into a new home, or you might just be bored. What matters is that you don’t need to complicate the matters – it’s one of the things you can do by yourself. We won’t go as far as to say that the color of your walls is one of the most important features of your home – but they can certainly change its overall look. So you need to know how to fix that look as soon as you feel like it.

All you need are a long-handled paint roller, decorating clothes, and paint. Cover all of the items in a room with decorating clothes (make sure the floor is covered as well) and start painting. Work your way from the ceiling to the floor. This way, the paint dripping from the paint roller won’t ruin your hard work.

Filling old picture holes won’t take up more than 15 minutes of your day

Imagine rearranging some of your furniture, as well as pictures, and realizing you are left with dozens of picture holes. Or moving into a new home, setting up your kitchen, and noticing the previous owners have left a hole or two. Instead of browsing through the yellow pages in need of a repairman, arm yourself with a wall-filling product, a spatula, sandpaper, and some cloth, and get down to work.

Two pictures on a wall.

Picture holes won’t bother you ever again!

Put a small amount of the wall-filling product onto the spatula and start pressing it into the hole. Once you think the limit has been reached, smooth it over with a spatula. The cloth should be used to clean the tool between the implements, and then sand over the patch to ensure the hole is gone and the surface is smooth. Admit it – it won’t take you more than 15 minutes, which is why it is one of our simple DIY tasks we think you should try!

Replace a light fixture and let there be light

It’s amazing how a simple replacement of a light fixture can bring about a completely new look to any room. If you went out and bought the fixtures you want, you don’t have to wait for the handyman to replace them. You can do it by yourself in just 20 minutes or less. Your first step is turning off the power. This will keep you safe while doing your work which is the most important thing, we can all agree. Then unscrew the existing light fixture and attach the new fixture you bought to the wires. Once you place the new fixture, install the light bulbs. The power should be turned back on only after you have no other work done and the fixture is replaced. As simple as that!

A hanging light.

If you want a simple DIY task that will cause a big change, this is what you’ve been looking for!

Bleeding the radiators is actually one of the most simple DIY tasks around

Has it always seemed to you that bleeding the radiators takes a lot of work and should be done by a professional only? Little did you know that it’s not as difficult as it looks. Don’t worry, we here at Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC will gladly walk you through the process. There are only two things you need: a radiator bleeding key and a towel. 

First, locate the bolt at the top corner of the radiator and unscrew it. If there is any air inside your radiators, you’ll hear it coming out. And if there isn’t any, you’ll see that there is water coming out of the radiator. This is when you’ll use a towel which you will have prepared for catching any spills. Perform this from time to time and you’ll keep your radiators functional for many years!

The power of the simplest DIY tasks is that they can make a huge change

It sounds almost impossible, but it’s real nonetheless. These simple DIY tasks alone will make a big change in your home – be that a new home you are moving to or the old one you want to spruce up. And the best part? It’s like they were created for the fast-paced lifestyle we live these days! They are quick, effective, and simple – what more could a person want?