Home features that sell homes

Home features that sell homes

When the time comes to put the house on the market, everyone’s hoping for a good deal. Undoubtedly, sprucing up the property may increase the chances of selling it. By paying attention to the most popular home features that sell homes, you can make your property stand out in the right way.

open house sign on the lawn
Highlight those home features that sell homes quickly when putting the property on the market

Once you embark on the house-hunting process, you will realize that some homes take a few days to sell, while others are on the market for a very long time. Aside from the positive first impression, there are some special traits that can make or break the deal.

As it turns out, homeowners are sometimes unwilling to stage their properties before selling just because they won’t be living there anymore. But, what they don’t know is that even some tiny repair works and remodeling can boost their home’s value. Small upgrades can really go a long way towards getting the premium price for the property. Dealing with a house lingering on the market for too long could be very stressful.

Even if you’ve maintained your home properly over the years, there could be signs of wear and tear. Since first impressions matters, make sure to spruce up the entire property inside and out. Luckily, there are certain factors that can impact the speed of the sale.

How to get your house sold for top dollar?

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A clean and well-maintained property will attract prospective buyers

How long it will take to sell the property depends on several factors. Before you put up a ”For sale” sign in your front yard, try to get to know the local housing market and its general requirements.

But, first and foremost, clean and tidy up the entire property.

Cleanliness is one of the most appealing home features that sell homes quickly. So, get your home in tip-top condition in order to ensure a quick sale. Here are some of the key factors in selling your home in no time:

  • Spruce up the outdoor area by mowing the lawn, removing dead plants, clearing out the clutter, arranging the garden and pathways.
  • Wash the windows and all outdoor items.
  • Store away objects that may get in the way of making a good first impression.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to your garden fences.
  • Improve the curb appeal of your backyard.
  • Check if the outdoor lighting works fine and if it emphasizes the best features of the property.

After you’ve got the exterior of your home ready for showing, make sure your interior will catch a prospective buyer’s eye as well. Having made a list of problematic areas, tackle cleanup tasks first, room by room. By maximizing interior appearance, you could make your home more sellable.

  • Remove all clutter and clean each room so as to make them appear bigger and brighter. Some people decide to rent a storage Brooklyn to keep the excess stuff away.
  • Pay special attention to some of the most commonly neglected areas such as the attic, basement, garage.
  • Repair or replace dripping faucets. Check for possible leaks and cracks.
  • Make sure the cabinets, tabletops, and drawers are spotless and free from unnecessary clutter.
  • Remove stains or repaint your walls.

Simple tasks such as tidying up and decluttering can do wonders for a house that’s about to be listed.

Most desirable home features that sell homes

Aside from partnering up with qualified real estate agents and investing in meaningful advertising techniques, you should choose wisely the best time to sell. Typically, spring and summer are the most popular time of the year for house hunting. Having considered all important factors, make sure to find out more about the most popular home features that sell homes quickly. As it turns out, prospective buyers seem to love the following home decor tricks. Here’s how you can boost your home’s value without engaging in some serious and costly repair works.

Trendy kitchen area

white kitchen cabinets are some of the most popular home features that sell homes quickly
With some trendy kitchen ideas, you may be able to get a good deal on the house

Over the years kitchen kept its role of the hub of the home. Therefore, you should pay special attention to highlighting its strongest features. White-toned kitchen cabinets may make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious in spite of the lack of natural light.

New, trendy countertops combined with stylish ceramic or porcelain tiles seem to appeal to prospective home buyers. Also, consider installing an eat-in kitchen that happens to be a highly-sought feature among families with kids.

Invest in energy-efficiency

In order to sell your property quickly, think trendy, but also efficiently and environmentally-friendly. With a number of home staging TV shows, people may easily figure out which improvements can add value to your property when selling. As it turns out, homes with energy-efficient appliances and windows may appeal to those who want to reduce monthly utility bills.

Hardwood floors

Refinish your hardwood floors to ensure a cleaner look. A couple of simple floor remodeling projects can translate to an increased property price. Prospective buyers usually don’t find wall-to-wall carpets very attractive.

Walk-in closets

Walk-in closet in the master bedroom is not an essential feature, but it could be a very attractive one. Although it’s not a deciding factor, it can actually help you sell your home faster in spite of the competitive real estate market.


two black chairs and the table on the patio
Give your patio a new, attractive look when about to sell a house

A well-kept backyard area ranks high on the wish list of many home buyers. As it turns out, many home sellers make a costly mistake of not arranging the outdoor space properly before showing. Since many home buyers want to turn their patios and yards into extensions of their living and dining rooms, help them envision themselves there. Consider setting up some outdoor furniture to add an inviting touch to the outdoor area.

Laundry room

A separate laundry room, preferably located on the first floor ranks high on the list of most desirable home features that sell homes quickly. With a specific room dedicated to laundry and ironing chores, people will be able to keep their mess away. Since potential buyers consider it as a huge plus, make sure it’s staged and equipped with all necessary appliances and items.

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