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Pros and cons of hiring flat rate movers NYC

flat rate movers NYC wearing yellow clothes and putting items into moving boxes

By hiring flat rate movers NYC you can count on a comprehensive service

If you feel like you are ready for a change and to pursue your dreams somewhere else, the right choice of movers can ease your transition. Once you embark on the moving adventure you may be surprised by a number of options to choose from. As we all know, moving is all about making decisions. But, one of the burning questions is whether to hire flat rate movers NYC or go for hourly rates.

There’s no such thing as a completely stress-free move. As it turns out, a lot can go wrong during the moving process. Thankfully, there are honest professionals who can tailor services to suit your moving needs. Sometimes we don’t realize how much thought should go into planning a move. Choosing residential or office movers NYC should not be taken lightly as you want to ensure a smooth and safe transition of your precious belongings.

If you happen to be asking yourself which moving package to choose, here are some considerations to take into account when making a big decision. It’s no secret that moving can be a rather expensive endeavor, especially if undertaking an interstate move. Knowing your options may help you calculate your moving budget and choose an appropriate type of movers.

Benefits of hiring flat rate movers NYC

Going for the flat rate pricing makes sense if you are performing a long-distance move. The quote will be established prior to moving day after an accurate assessment of your belongings. They will base their estimate on an inventory of items they need to transport. Even if it takes longer than expected to complete the move due to some unforeseen circumstances like a traffic jam, parking or elevator issues, your fee will remain the same.

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Flat rate movers can offer a timely and efficient service

Also, flat-rate pricing is convenient when moving a large household and, as a result, a lot of moving boxes. Knowing that the price won’t change by the end of the move is a huge relief, considering the number of fraudulent moving companies lurking around.

Unless you run a thorough background check on moving companies, chances are you will come across some rogue movers. Unfortunately, they are using unusually low moving estimates to attract naïve customers who eventually end up with some ridiculously high and unexpected charges.

So, do not underestimate the time and efforts needed for researching moving companies properly. Once the move is completed successfully you will thank yourself for taking the time to perform daunting research. Flat rate movers NYC offer not only transparent but also affordable pricing when it comes to moving specialty items. Furthermore, if you are moving to a city that regularly has a lot of traffic, flat-rate pricing is a way to go. Flat rate movers NYC are typically more efficient because they don’t charge by the hour. Therefore, you can expect speedy yet professional service, especially when lugging bulky items up and down flights of stairs.

Possible downsides of hiring a flat rate moving company

Like any other decision, this one also comes with some disadvantages and potential risks.

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Find the most reliable movers to transport your precious belongings

In spite of all favorable factors, you should also count on some inconveniences you may incur down the road. Since your movers are not charging you an hourly rate, they may want to finish their job fast and early. As a result, there might be some inconveniences especially when it comes to moving fragile items. In order to complete the job as soon as possible, they may fail to protect and handle your valuables properly, which may result in a lot of damaged or broken objects.

Also, since their pricing is based on weight, you are likely to pay more for transporting large and heavy items. When calculating a quote, the movers will include the price of fuel, lodging and weight of your belongings.

Moving rates per hour

Hourly moving rates are the alternative to flat rate moving services. Naturally, the overall duration of the move will determine the final cost. When going for an hourly rate, you’re well aware that time becomes a crucial factor. And you can only hope for a trustworthy moving company that won’t take advantage of it in order to charge you more.

Choosing this pricing type makes sense if you are moving locally and planing to pack up your household belongings by yourself. That way, your moving boxes will be ready by the time your movers arrive.

Also, moving a small studio apartment may qualify for an hourly rate since it typically starts at a minimum of three hours. Having said that, it’s pretty clear that rates per hour are ideal for small and short distance moves. However, one of the major downsides is that delays may generate additional charges. As some of them are not predictable, you may end up paying more than you’ve planed. When signing a contract with a moving company of your choosing, make sure they are providing enough manpower to get the job done in a timely manner.

Bonus tip:

Deciding which option suits you best depends on the specifics of your move. Be realistic when evaluating your needs and items you have to move. As we all know, moving some unnecessary items may result in additional moving costs and inconveniences later on. So, take an inventory of your items so as to decide what goes and what stays.

Sometimes you should be ruthless while de-cluttering in order to cut unnecessary moving costs. Not only will you be able to save some cash, but also arrange for a clutter-free fresh start in a new home. Furthermore, your choice of movers will largely determine the outcome of the move, so make sure to do it right. When doing a background check on Manhattan, Brooklyn or Staten Island movers NY you should know exactly which qualities to look for. A recommendation from a friend would be ideal, but after performing your own online research you would be able to tell which company seems to be up to the task.