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How to pack toys for moving

how-to-pack-move-toysIf you have kids, you will have to deal with plenty of toys when you start preparing for the move. Due to the amount of toys your children have, packing them all can be really challenging undertaking.

Organizing, packing and protecting your children’s toys will ensure a smooth move. Furthermore, knowing that their toys are going with them will make your kids calmer and happier.

Tips for moving children’s toys to a new place

– Sort through your toys and decide what should be transported to your new place. Convincing a child to give up on some toys, even if they are broken, is not an easy task. You will need to come up with a special approach that will help you make them realize that not each toy should be part of the new environment.

Make them understand that letting go of certain items is part of a moving process and the items that are left out will be replaced with the new ones eventually. At the end of the day, cluttering up your new home with useless items is pointless. Furthermore, the more items you move, the more you will pay for packing and moving services and packing supplies.

– Get appropriate packing supplies. Since your children’s toys are of different size and shape, you will need different type of packing supplies as well – small, medium and large moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, marker,…

– Before getting packing supplies you should know exactly what should be taken to your new home. Give away, sell or donate toys in good condition that your children no longer play with.

– Set aside toys that your children like most and keep them handy, especially if you are traveling long-distance to your new home. Your kids may become nervous and upset at some point, so having their favorite toys handy will ensure their peace of mind.

– Use packing paper to line the bottom of the boxes in order to ensure proper protection.

– Sealing bags are suitable for keeping tiny pieces and small toys together while in transit.

– Put large toys in appropriate boxes and fill an empty space with smaller and softer toys and crushed packing paper.

– Delicate and expensive toys require special attention and caution. Use a lot of bubble wrap and make sure your children’s precious toys are stable during the move.

– Consider getting an insurance for extremely expensive toys. If your household insurance doesn’t provide sufficient coverage, take an additional one.

– If your children’s toys are going to be stored for a while, make sure they are properly packed in airtight containers in order to avoid damage caused by mold, mildew, extreme temperatures,…

– Overpacking moving boxes can be risky. Also, toys which are not breakable can be transported in plastic bags.

– An outdoor play sets like swings, teeters,… are more complicated to handle, since they have to be taken apart for easier transportation. Disassembling huge and bulky parts of the set will help you get through the process without major troubles and effort.

– Remove dirt and debris from the outdoor play set. Dirty or wet items are likely to contaminate other belongings in the moving truck and become affected with mildew.

– Take photos while you are dismantling play set so that you can easily reassemble it once you reach your new home. Just reverse the process and bare in mind that familiar environment layout will make your children feel more comfortable at the new place, despite the stress and confusion the relocation caused. Remember, the sooner you make your new place feel like home, the easier it will be for your children to adjust to the new environment.