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Long-distance college move

long-distance-college-moveMoving to a college that’s miles away from your parents’ home may seem quite exciting and terrifying at the same time. Before your classes even start you will have to pass the first test – pack and move your belongings successfully.

When you are moving long-distance, start moving preparations with the idea that you won’t be back for a while and sort your items accordingly. Decide which items you cannot live without, what can be easily replaced once you reach your campus/dorm/new apartment and what should be donated or thrown away. If you want to perform a green move, consider recycling some of the items instead of throwing them away. In case you want to earn some cash, organize a garage sale and sell all items you no longer need or want.

How to organize a long-distance college move

– Pack only the items you will use for sure in the next couple of months. If you are moving during the fall, make sure to pack only suitable clothes. Divide your clothes seasonally and decide whether you are going to bring with you each pair of boots or shoes you own. Finding out more information about the climate and weather of the area you are moving to will help you decide which clothing pieces to pack.

– Once you decide how to travel to your college home, you will know the exact amount of items you can pack and bring with you. If you are travelling by air, consider reducing the size of the load. On the other hand, travelling by car or van allows you to bring anything you want if that’s in accordance with the college rules and your roommate’s needs (if you have one).

– Find out which items and furniture pieces are already provided at your new home.

– Don’t bother to pack easily replaceable items like toiletries or school supplies. Some items may not be worth the hassle of packing and transporting them. When moving long-distance, far away from your parents’ home you may opt for packing some items that you hold dear, something that would remind you of your family and loved ones and help you fight the homesickness. So, pack a family photo album instead of soaps or shampoos.

– On the other hand, some items are too expensive or too valuable to be replaced and purchased again. Depending on your academic program, you may want to bring special edition of your favorite book or some other book you will be using during the upcoming school year.

– Have some items shipped to the campus before you get there. Get in touch with the residence managers and check whether they will accept shipment before your arrival. Also, pack the items that can be shipped after you move into a dorm. Ask your parents or friends to take care of it.

– Pack an essentials kit and have it handy during your long-distance college move. Your essential kit should contain the items you will need in the next couple of hours or days.

– Try to get along with your roommate. Although you will have enough time to get to know each other, it is important to establish some ground rules in order to avoid possible misunderstandings. Since you are sharing the living space, set some home rules with your roommate. Having a roommate is quite a challenge sometimes and it might take some time to adjust to each other and to a dorm life.

– If you are moving long-distance consider hiring professional movers to assist you with this important undertaking. Contact several moving companies and ask for moving quotes. If the total price suits you, have professionals take care and lead you throughout the moving process.