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How to have fun when moving?

Whoever thinks of moving don’t probably link it to something interesting or amusing. And we can’t say we blame them since not many people are aware that they can also have fun when moving. All you have to do is design your own moving day the way you think would be the best. In this article, you can read about different ways to make your moving day more fun. So, let’s have some as you’re preparing for a successful relocation.

Time to go

Just because you’re moving out doesn’t mean you can’t have fun

Have fun when moving by staying positive

Now, we know that this is not always a possible option. However, by spreading a negative atmosphere around you and transferring it to other people, you won’t do much. On contrary, it will only make the whole situation a lot worse. Therefore, our first suggestion is to be optimistic and cheerful. You probably have mixed feelings mainly because you’re leaving your old house. But look from a different angle. You are moving to a new one, a place where you can start a new chapter in your life. So always look from a brighter side and keep your spirit up – for yourself and your loved ones.

Make a playlist of your favorite music

music cassettes

Come up with the list of your favorite songs

We are sure you’ve already been in a situation where the time passes by faster and nicer while doing some chores if you are listening to your favorite music. Do it again while packing your clothes and other stuff for a move. That way you will have a much more enjoyable time and everyone around you will have fun when moving. So before your moving day comes, gather your family and come up with a unique playlist. Include everyone’s favorite so that everyone could enjoy equally.

Note: Avoid sad songs and those that don’t lift your spirits but rather make you feel dispirited. But then again, maybe it is a good idea not to include too aggressive ones. Especially if you are packing fragile items. Those need to be handled more gently and carefully.

Keep things organized

To have fun when moving make a good plan

Think about all the steps in advance

Nothing can ruin the fun as disorganization. So, you can’t expect to enjoy anything unless you have a carefully designed plan. This is why it is always recommendable to consult an experienced and trustworthy moving company to help you out with the moving operation. Such a company will carefully analyze the whole situation and come up with a unique strategy to save you precious time and help you move out more efficiently. This will surely be of a great help for all of your family as you will know exactly how to deal with everything.

You will be able to maintain the order and avoid any confusion and disorganization. If your children are also involved in the process, they won’t feel nervous by the whole fuss. We are also sure that this will make everything easier for you as well knowing that your children are doing just fine.

Turn moving into a game

If your children are young, it might be a bit difficult to explain to them the ongoing situation. Planning things ahead can really contribute a lot to avoiding unpleasant situations. So maybe you can think about some interesting games for your kids while you are being busy with moving. This is of course if you don’t have another option such as giving your kids to a day-care or hire a babysitter to take care of them.

Be creative

However, if the situation is such that they need to be all the time next to you, then being creative is a way to help them deal with moving. Therefore, these are some of the things you can include:

Decorative box

Make moving boxes look more fun


  • Come up with some fun songs to keep them entertained
  • Hide some interesting things here and there around the house, and tell them if they manage to pack something in a good way, that they are one step closer to a grand prize!
  • Allow them to decorate the moving boxes the way they like. Give them watercolors, markers, or color pens, stickers…anything you know they like.

Also, make sure to make regular breaks to allow your children to take some rest. This will also be useful to you, too. That way you can have more energy to have fun when moving which is the whole point.

Prepare snacks

No one is happy when he’s hungry. And moving can really be exhausting, especially if there are a lot of things you need to do prior to and during relocation. This is why it is also important to be fed so that you can have an optimal level of energy while the moving lasts. Besides you can use this energy to have a really good time while packing your things and moving out.

What you can do is come up with a moving menu. Just like with your favorite songs, your favorite food will help you feel happier. Once the moving is over, and you reach your new address, don’t forget to have enough food while unpacking boxes and bags.

Fun continues in a new home

Alright, so the big part of moving is over. Now unpacking and settling in is next. Everything we’ve said so far can be also applied to this situation. Don’t stop the music, and don’t forget to make a game out of this for your children, too. Let them unpack their boxes, and help them decorate their new rooms. You will see how much fun they will have doing it and we are sure that will help you feel more at ease, too. Also, order your favorite takeout and simply enjoy your new home.

We hope that these pieces of advice will also help you have fun when moving as it is really important to be happy when doing something. That way you can easier deal with even the hardest tasks.