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Earth Day 2015 at Union Square

IMG_1875Earth Day is the quintessential day to talk about recycling and renewable energy. And what better way to celebrate the Day then in Union Square. Union Square is a park that has always been a haven for market places that care about the environment and want to provide as much as a low impact product or service as much as possible.

Dumbo Moving set up shop at Union Square, to tell people about the green services we offer, collect recycling, and to give back to the people items that they can use over and over again to reduce waste. We gave out some tote bags that would be great to take to the supermarket with. Also if someone donated some plastic bottles, we gave them a coffee thermos which will keep your hot coffee hot and your cold water cold. This will hopefully help reduce some trash out there.

IMG_1846It was also a great opportunity to tell people about our green environmental bins. Every cardboard moving box that gets used is a moving box that will probably be thrown out. So in order to save some trees we offer environmentally friendly green plastic bins. The bins are reusable and have an incredible durability, we are happy to offer them.