What to Look for When Hiring NYC Movers

What to Look for When Hiring NYC Movers

Moving isn’t easy and requires a vast amount of your time, money, and energy to complete all the tasks most efficiently. To make things even more complicated, most of us work long hours and have a hard time managing our lifestyles. This is why the most recommended tip on how to relocate stress-free is to hire professional movers. If you are an inexperienced mover, chances are you won`t have enough experience to cover all the aspects of the move. There are too many options in cities like New York, meaning you`ll have a harder time finding a reputable moving company. Of course, there are smaller companies and big corporations. It will take some time to decide what option suits your needs best. However, there is no need to worry as we covered What to Look for When Hiring NYC Movers in the following text below.

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The first step towards finding any kind of reputable local or long distance movers NYC is exploration. So, you need to explore all of your options before having enough resources to make a final decision. Depending on your preferences, we recommend taking some time in your neighborhood. Explore all the local moving companies before moving to the internet. If the aforementioned local companies don`t match your requirements, the next thing you should do is use Google. So, all you need to do is type in moving companies, and the search engine will show you all the nearby movers.

However, this doesn’t mean that hiring the first NYC movers you come across is a good idea. Instead, make a list of all the potential movers. Of course, you can always ask family and friends for recommendations, especially if they have used the company`s services a couple of times. After exploration, we recommend making a list and listing the e-mail and phone numbers of all the companies next to their name.


Finding reliable movers is one of the most important things for moving locally or organizing long-distance relocation. So, the next thing that should be at the top of your priority list if you want to find a reliable company is to perform a background check on a moving company which can be done in several ways. First things first, check out the moving companies reviews in NYC and remember that, among others, Yelp reviews can help you achieve your goal. Of course, make sure you know how to identify fake moving reviews first. It’ll help you identify rogue movers in New York City and have a smooth move.

Even though you might think that there aren’t that many scams out there, especially when talking about moving, in reality, they do happen, and they happen often. You can get more accurate information on different government sites like Moving Scam. Also, make sure to check if the company offers moving insurance and check the mover’s license number to see if they are licensed before signing anything.

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When you’ve made a list and performed a background check on all the desired companies, it`s time to get estimates, just to make sure you have a couple of options since the rates can vary significantly. For example, a smaller company with guaranteed rates is your best bet, while on the other hand, big corporations often have discounts. In addition, it can be very hard to remember all the prices, especially if you have more than a few companies listed. Also, it`s recommended to get all the rates in writing just to make sure you`ll be able to systematize everything correctly.


As we mentioned earlier, the prices can vary significantly, meaning you should avoid hiring the first mover that comes along. So, we`re guessing you`d want to save up as much money as possible. Usually, there are two methods when it comes to pricing, including charging by an hourly rate or guaranteed-rate hiring NYC movers. A guaranteed rate refers to an already set rate, meaning it doesn’t matter whether you`re moving across the country or nearby. There are pros and cons of hiring guaranteed-rate movers NYC, but in short, guaranteed-rate movers work best for a local move, while hourly rates are a great way to save up money if you`re moving to a distant place.


Since leases usually renew on the first day of the month, moving companies are busiest at the beginning and the end of the month. In addition, that`s when the rates are highest. The same goes for weekends, meaning that if you want to avoid spending excessive money on moving, try to move on weekdays. However, there are certain tips and tricks on how to move in the most efficient manner, one of them being moving on Sundays. But that`s not always possible since most buildings don`t allow moving in on Sundays. So, your best bet is to take a day off to perform the move and notify the movers you don`t have spare time to deal with complications. The last thing you`d want to experience is a cancellation, which happens quite often with shady movers. This is why we recommended searching for reliability.

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Finally, it`s time to talk about finding a truly professional moving company which isn`t hard as long as you examine the territory. For instance, we highly recommend counting the moving boxes since the moving company will take your word. If they start checking the moving boxes NYC, make sure that you do your part correctly. So, when looking for a professional company, make sure you`re acting professionally. Also, pack smart, which will make the move way easier for both sides.

So, we hope you enjoyed our article; make sure to stay tuned as we`ll explore more interesting subjects in the future. And remember that there are many shady companies out there. Make sure to explore all available options before making the final decision.

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