What to do the night before the move?

What to do the night before the move?

With the moving day approaching around the corner, staying completely focused could be a true challenge.  Although a number of demanding moving tasks must have left you exhausted, still you need to be attentive and keep the moving process on the right track. While the best would be to get some sleep the night before the move, there is something that’s holding you back and who would blame you. Not only are you completely worn out, but also you are constantly under the impression that you are forgetting something.

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This is what you should do the night before the move

Your body might be craving a good night’s sleep, but your mind is still awake trying to process recent events. In addition to that, if you are like other people, you will probably be anticipating what your new life would look like once the dust settles. But, before you get there, your major concern surely is whether the upcoming moving day will go smoothly. You’ve probably heard a few stories about all important aspects of a successful household move. But there are even more of those indicating negative moving experiences and unfortunate circumstances.

Typically, an efficient moving strategy paired with reliable movers’ help is a recipe for a successful moving day. However, accidents do happen and some unforeseen circumstances may affect the course of the move. To keep those troubles at bay, go through your final checklist so as to ensure everything’s been taken care of before the movers arrive. You don’t want to keep them waiting while you are finishing something that you should’ve already done.

Although the last-minute tension and the worst-case scenarios are running through your head, try to resist the urge to push the panic button the night before the move. Hopefully, the following suggestions will ease your worries the night before the move.

Time to go through your final checklist so as to ensure everything’s been taken care of before the movers NYC arrive.

One day before the move – final checklist

A thorough moving checklist guarantees a peaceful sleep without additional headaches. Although you know that you’ve done everything according to your customized moving plan, you can’t escape the feeling that you are missing something. Here’s what to pay attention to one day prior to your move to ensure its positive outcome.

Pack up your remaining belongings

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Pack your essentials box prior to moving day

Assuming that you’ve already packed all major electronics, kitchen appliances, clothes, you can just go through your boxes and make sure each one of them is properly labeled according to the content and destination room. Typically, the overnight kit should be packed last as it contains the essentials you may need while on the road and during the first day in your new home. So, until you unpack and settle into your home completely, make sure to keep the following on hand:

  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Clean towels
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Pet food
  • Medicine
  • Small electronics such as laptop, tablet, mobile phone

Keep this box always handy as it will be the first one to unpack once you reach your new home. Although the moving day is quickly approaching, try to keep your sanity and to stay in a good mood.

To that end, stick to the following checklist as it can minimize a pre-move panic. Here’s how to stay on track with the last-minute moving tasks and duties without losing your mind.

Keeping up with the moving tasks the night before the move

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Tailor a unique moving checklist that will cover each aspect of the move

It’s no secret that a customized moving plan can lead to a trouble-free move and to a positive moving experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most common activities that typically take place the night before the move.

– Get in touch with the moving company and confirm the timetable and that everything’s prepared for the big day. Confirm once again the exact time of their arrival and general terms of the move.

– Finish the packing and label each box properly. Mark fragile items so that your movers will know which boxes to handle with more attention.

– Have some friends help you with the heavy lifting if necessary. A household move is not a one-man job, so gather as many volunteers as you can. If you are performing a self-move, your friends’ help will be very appreciated.

– You are to disassemble large pieces of furniture before your movers arrive, unless you have agreed that they will do that for you. In case they will do all the packing, group the items separately so your movers will know how to handle them. Remember that full-service movers can take care of the most demanding aspects of the move including heavy lifting, packing and hauling delicate and bulky items as well as unpacking.

– Disconnect and unplug the electronics at least 24 hours before the moving day. Defrost the fridge unless you are moving short-distance with some food in it, which is not recommended at all.

– Keep washing machine door open so as to prevent mold.

– Pack an essentials box containing all the items you are going to use on moving day and during the first few days in your new place: medicine, important prescriptions, toys, clothes, toiletries, towels,…

Final moving checklist vol. 2

snacks in a bag
Keep your kids fed and entertained while on the road

– Prepare your bedding box. If you reach your new home late at night, chances are it will be the first one you will be looking for.

– Pack a snack box. Have refreshments, cold and warm drinks (depending on the season) and snacks handy all the time on moving day.

– Make sure your outdoor and garden pieces of furniture are clean and dry, otherwise they may contaminate other items inside the moving truck.

– Submit change of address form while you are still in your current home. Get all the paperwork in order before you leave.

–Have some cash on hand to tip your movers for a job well done. They are working hard to meet your requirements, so if you are satisfied with their performance it’s only normal to reward them accordingly. Choose among moving companies Long Island that one that offers reasonably priced quality services.

– If you are moving with a pet, make sure to make all the necessary arrangements for your animal friend.

Contact some of the top-rated long distance movers NYC to inquire about general terms and conditions.

– Reserve a parking space for the moving truck. Sometimes special parking permits are required. Keep in mind that additional fees will be applied if your movers cannot park close to the entrance.

– Inform your building management about the move and check whether there are some restrictions as to the timing and elevator reservation. You need to get the approval from the property manager that you can use the elevator and perform the move on a specific day and time. Luckily, most high-rises have service elevators that are used for maintenance and moving purposes.

A large moving checklist coming to an end

– Create a floor plan. Mapping out the position of your appliances and furniture in the new house/apartment will ensure your peace of mind during the move.

– If you are moving long-distance consider making hotel reservations in advance. You will need a place to sleep over.

– Have baby supplies handy containing diapers, blankets, food, bottles, clothes,…A household move may affect your little ones in so many different ways, so at least keep their favorite toys easily reachable.

– Dispose of garbage and clean the house properly. Whether you are the owner or a tenant make sure you leave the house tidy and clean. Make it more attractive for future buyers or tenants.

– Pack valuables separately and move them personally. Keep personal electronics, money, documents, jewelry and other valuables with you at all times.

– Do not forget to leave keys behind.

– Say goodbye to your home and neighbors the night before the move. It’s a good idea to plan your next get-together regardless of the distance. After you have prepared everything for moving day, relax and spend some quality time with your friends, neighbors and relatives. After all the moving stress and tension you could use some relaxation and peace of mind at least for a couple of hours before you completely change the scenery.

– Try to get some sleep since very long day is ahead of you. Save your energy if you want to keep up with the moving day requirements. Moving days have proven to be very exhausting and overwhelming. Staying focused and organized will help you keep everything under control. With a professional assistance of your movers you will have your items moved in no time.

How to stay in a good mood the night before the move?

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Choose to stay optimistic during the household relocation

During the period leading up to moving day you are likely to experience a lot of mixed emotions. Excitement about the new surroundings and fear of the unknown will blend in together.

However difficult and emotional it is for you, staying in good spirits will help you fight all the issues that may arise down the road. It you are considering the upcoming move as a disturbing event, maybe it is time to change your perspective. A household move is a new opportunity so start focusing on the positive aspects of it. By leaving all bad things behind, you will get the chance to start afresh and to be a better version of yourself.

As soon as you start anticipating what your new life would look like, you will realize that there is nothing to be sad about. As a matter of fact, you should celebrate your new beginning with your loved ones. So instead of grieving and despairing, think about the housewarming party you will organize after you settle into a new home.

Regardless of the reasons for your decision, a household move is a beneficial event that may bring about many positive changes. Optimistic and positive thoughts may set you up for a successful moving experience, so make sure to approach this move with the right mindset.

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