Top 8 Essentials to Pack in Your Car on a Cross-country Move

Top 8 Essentials to Pack in Your Car on a Cross-country Move

When you think about packing your car for a cross-country move, you may be under the impression that you are in for a long and boring ride. Luckily, it does not have to be this way, especially if you are moving with your family. While your moving truck is safely packed with all the moving boxes NYC and your items relocated by the best moving companies, the only thing you need to do is pack the right essentials in your car. That is exactly why we have created this useful guide on what should you absolutely pack in order to have the best car trip ever to your new home.

Packing Essentials in Your Car on a Cross-country Move

A spare car key is a must when moving cross-country

Has it ever happened to you that you get locked out of your own car? Well, you must have heard about such situations, at least, and it gave you the chills. Since you definitely do not want to get locked out of your car when relocating, the best thing you can do is to have a spare key. This key should be always within your hand reach. If you place it in your wallet, make sure to take your wallet with you at all times.

First aid kit as well as the car emergency kit

First Aid Kit is One of The Essentials to Pack in Your Car for Moving

Accidents do happen, and while you may be the conscious driver with perfect driving history, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Always have your first aid kit within your car. If you just so much as cut yourself or injure yourself in any other way, you will have a bandage and alcohol pads. And in case your car breaks down, it is really useful to have a spare tire, flashlight, roadside flares, and other essential items. These items are a must when going anywhere by car, including a cross-country move.

You should not forget to bring snacks and drinks for the road as well

Since your move can last for hours, you need to have something that will keep your energy levels high. However, it becomes so easy to fill your car with unhealthy snacks and energy drinks. You should avoid this, and choose some healthy snacks for your trip. Almonds, walnuts, fruit, vegetables, healthy sandwiches are perfect to boost your energy levels in a healthy way. Overeating will also just make you drowsy and anxious, so tend to avoid this, too. If you are moving with kids, bring their favorite food for the road as they will not be comfortable sitting for several hours.

Clean clothes and bathroom supplies

For each family member, you should pack a bag containing extra clothes. In this way, if you get wet, or spill some food on your t-shirt, you will not stress out. Instead, you will have clean clothes to wear. Even if you don`t get dirty, you may get cold, so an extra layer of clothing is a perfect thing to have while you are on the cross-country move.

Don`t forget to bring soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, tissues, and other bathroom supplies you think are necessary. A shampoo, as well as the shower gel, are also a must during such a long car trip.

Several pillows and blankets

Your kids will most likely fall asleep during the trip. And when they do, it will be best if you have pillows and blankets to give them. They will sleep peacefully, while you drive across the country. It is best that every family member has their own pillow and blanket as you really want to avoid any arguments.

Create the perfect playlist for your cross-country move

Listening to Music on Headphones

Many people love to move by car as it gives them the freedom to create an atmosphere they want. You can bring whatever you want, make frequent pauses, and simply relax knowing you don`t have to hurry. In order to feel comfortable during the trip, we strongly advise you to create the perfect playlist to listen to. Although you will have plenty of things on your mind planning the cross-country relocation, you will not regret doing this. Your playlist should contain music that appeals to every passenger in your car. You can also include audiobooks, podcasts, or even movies for the back-seat crew.

An essentials box

A packed essential box is really a time-saver when moving cross-country. It should contain every important thing that you will need. So, pack your medical documents, passport, visa if you need it, phone chargers, keys to your new house, etc. Think everything you may need during the move, including medicines, a piece of paper with all the important numbers written on it. This will come in quite handy if your phone battery died, or you lost your phone. Of course, you should have some cash in it as well, and keep it separately from your wallet, in case you lose it.

Valuable items


Even if you hired reputable movers such as Prospect Heights movers, the most valuable items should always be within your eyesight. It is important to know how to pack your jewelry for moving. Accidents can happen, as we already mentioned, and it is better to be safe. Your jewelry, credit cards, the most sentimental items you have, are safer in your car rather than anywhere else. If you need to stay at some hotel during the night, bring them along with you. Although this may sound a bit paranoid, it is completely justified as you want to relocate all of your items safely.

Remember to stay positive

The thought of a cross-country relocation is enough to keep you awake at night. And while we can understand this completely, remember that all will end well. Soon you will be in your new house, sitting on your favorite sofa, watching your favorite tv show, and relaxing. Think of the relocation as the best thing that has happened to you, and don`t take any problems too seriously. There is a solution to every problem, and you will figure it out when the time comes. Good luck!

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