How to Pack Jewelry for Moving

How to Pack Jewelry for Moving

We usually don`t even realize just how many items do we own until we start packing. This is especially true for our jewelry. Whether we have a few larger pieces, or hundreds of small pieces of jewelry, packing it should be done perfectly. It becomes quite easy to lose an earring or a ring. That is why we have created this guide to help you pack jewelry for moving in a safe and easy way. There are plenty of creative ways in which you can do this, so you should only arm yourself with patience and start packing your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Pack Jewelry for Moving

Make an inventory list first

Before you start packing all the jewelry that you own, it is really important that you make an inventory list. Write down each piece of jewelry, or simply take photos of each individual piece so that you know exactly what you are relocating. Whether you decide to ship your jewelry with the top moving company or to keep it near you, it is possible that some of it get lost or stolen. When you arrive at your new home, take out the inventory list, and go through your collection of jewelry to make sure everything is in its place.

Make an Inventory List Before You Start to Pack Jewelry for Moving

Keep the most valuable items near you

As we already mentioned, you can decide to ship your jewelry with the movers. However, the most valuable items you have should always be by your side. It is possible that the jewelry can get damaged, lost, or stolen and you will end up empty-handed. Some pieces may be worth a lot, and other pieces may have a great sentimental value. Any mover will recommend that you keep such items within your hand reach.

Pack necklaces and bracelets easily

Different pieces of jewelry will demand different packing techniques. Necklaces and bracelets are prone to tangling, and that is why people dread packing them for the relocation. But, of course, you can prevent this easily with the right packing techniques. Here are some of the most popular and creative ways in which you can pack your jewelry for moving.

Plastic bags

Gather your bracelets and necklaces in one place, and get a corresponding number of plastic bags. The plastic bags should be equipped with a Ziplock. Place each necklace or a bracelet inside the plastic bag. You can then gather all the plastic bags and keep it in a larger bag, or in moving boxes, depending on how many items you have.


Straws are a perfect way to prevent your bracelets and necklaces from tangling. You will not have to spend hours detangling the jewelry. Instead, you will be able to wear them immediately. It is quite easy to use straws as a packing aid when you pack jewelry for moving. Simply take your necklace or a bracelet, and thread it through the straw. If the jewelry is shorter than the actual straw, feel free to cut off the excess straw with scissors. In this way, your jewelry will never get tangled and hard to unpack.

Toilet paper rolls are perfect for your necklaces

Another excellent way to pack your necklaces and bracelets is to use toilet paper rolls. This can be done with larger pieces of jewelry. When you are done threading the item through the roll, simply lock it on the other side. There is not a chance that the jewelry will get lost in this way, so feel free to use this method.

When you are done packing your jewelry with straws and rolls, you should roll these in the packing paper sheets. After that, you can place these in the jewelry box, or in a small moving box.

Pack earrings carefully

Earrings are fairly easy to lose during relocation, so be very careful while packing them. The best way to preserve your earrings is to use a sheet of foam or even Styrofoam. Take a larger piece of foam or a smaller one depending on the number of earrings that you own. Now, take each earring and simply pierce it through the foam. When you do this, you will need to secure that the item will not fall out from the foam. Tape the earrings with tape, so that you are completely certain your earrings will still be where you left them before relocation. Also, if you have long earrings with parts that may get tangled during transport, we suggest you tape these as well.

Pack rings for relocation easily

The best way to pack your rings for relocation is to use egg cartons. They will provide a steady surface and a safe environment where your rings cannot get damaged. Place each ring into an individual cell of the egg carton. In order to prevent any movement inside, you can crumble some packing paper sheet, or an old newspaper and place it inside the box.

Pack Rings for Moving

Pill organizers are an excellent way to pack your rings and earrings as well

Pills can make us feel better, but if you have an empty pill organizer you can rest assured that your jewelry will be safe. The pill organizer is a perfect little box with cell dividers that will protect your favorite jewelry. It works best with rings and earrings, as necklaces will likely get tangled in here.

After relocation

We have seen a number of ways in which you can pack your jewelry for moving without losing, damaging, or tangling it. After you finally move into your new home, you will simply be able to take out the plastic bags, straws, rolls, or other packages with jewelry and rearrange it as you wish. Your life will soon get back its balance and you will enjoy your jewelry once again. Of course, you can wear your favorite earrings, rings, or bracelets with you during the relocation. Just make sure to pay attention to it when making breaks. Dumbo NYC wishes you good luck!

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