Tips for auctioning off old belongings

Tips for auctioning off old belongings

Whether you’ve run out of space, decided to move to a smaller place or you are just tired of dusting and cleaning old and unwanted items, purging is always a healthy choice. With a handful of online sales platforms for auctioning off old belongings, you can quickly get rid of unnecessary stuff and maximize your profit along the way.

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Donate, give away and recycle before you opt for auctioning off old belongings

You’ve probably heard several times that sorting through a lifetime’s worth of belongings is a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process. As it turns out, moving is a perfect time to inventory all your belongings and reevaluate their importance. If you are about to embark on a big relocation adventure, you won’t need to take everything with you. As it’s both daunting and expensive, purging may present you with some cost-effective moving solutions.

If you are like most people, you are probably holding onto a lot of sentimental clutter like childhood memories, knick-knacks, books, or gifts from your loved ones. Saying goodbye to those items doesn’t have to mean tossing them for good. By giving away and donating, you can breathe new life and purpose into old objects. Although you can find several good reasons to justify keeping all those unnecessary clutter, try to resist the urge to amass what you don’t need.

Moving to a new home is a great chance to start anew in a clutter-free place. So, why wouldn’t you do it with some extra cash in your pocket? A profitable pre-move sale can help you earn some extra money and lighten your moving load.

Selling unnecessary items before the move

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Explore all decluttering strategies before the move

With moving day just around the corner, you should already have a proper decluttering plan in place. As tempting as moving all your possessions may seem, it’s only natural to pare down your belongings before the move to create a healthy and balanced new environment. Always keep in mind that the ultimate success of the move depends on how much time and efforts you are willing to invest during the pre-move stage. If you are not moving in a hurry, you will have enough time for hosting a garage sale or auctioning off old belongings.

Whatever option you choose, you will have a fantastic possibility to earn some extra, much-needed cash that may cover some of the moving expenses. The math is evident in this case – the more items you leave behind, the less expensive the move is going to be. Even if you hire some of the most affordable Bronx moving companies, the move will cost you a lot. Rather than dragging your old furniture to a new place, consider these budget-friendly decluttering options.

How to host a profitable garage sale

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Prepare your high-end objects for sale before the move

Organizing a successful garage sale takes quite some time and commitment. Unless you start with your preparations early on, you won’t be able to cut the clutter profitably.  Here you can find some of the insightful tips for auctioning off old belongings and making the most of your unwanted items. As it turns out, hosting a garage sale is more than just laying a sheet with a bunch of unused and outdated items.

  • Inventory all your items. Once you make a list of your items, chances are you will come across some things you haven’t seen or used for years.
  • Plan a joint sale with your neighbors to have someone to share the workload with. You can also plan some interesting activities and have fun along the way. You can even plan your next get-together and a housewarming party once the move is over.
  • Get a special permit from local authorities if necessary. Make sure you are familiar with the possible fees and taxes involved.
  • Make an irresistible advertising plan. To begin with, inquire about the places where you are allowed to place signs advertising the upcoming event. How will you entice prospective buyers to come by and dive into your old collections?
  • Figure out the most convenient place for auctioning off old belongings. Arguably, the location itself is just as crucial as the assortment of items. Unless you have a spacious and tidy patio, garage or back yard, a central community location is always a promising option.
  • Create a safe and welcoming environment for visitors. Make it more relaxed and informal by playing some nice music in the background and offering some refreshments.
  • Price your items fairly and correctly and be ready for bargaining. Aside from earning some money, the main goal is to get rid of unwanted items and have some fun.

Ultimate guidelines for auctioning off old belongings

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Target the right buyers when advertising your items

Other than organizing a garage sale, you may want to explore other profitable decluttering options. Renting a cheap storage NYC unit could be a viable solution if you have trouble letting go of individual items for good. If you are the proud owner of some rare and expensive objects you can easily do without, then why wouldn’t you try to get the best possible deal on them? Here’s what to pay attention to if planning on auctioning off old belongings.

If your goal is to sell your items quickly without getting involved too much, you should contact an auction company that will take your stuff to their warehouse, list it, and give you a percentage.  Although you will get rid of your belongings in no time, chances are you will wait for months to receive the payment.

On the other hand, DIY online auctions are more profitable for those who have a lot of time and plenty of valuable objects to dispose of. Pick some of the highly trafficked platforms where you can advertise your items. Rare objects such as stamps, coins, old books, vinyl albums, vintage toys seem to be in high demand. All you have to do is catch the eye of the right buyers. Knowledgeable private and commercial collectors will most definitely understand the value of your treasured belongings.

Loading appealing descriptions, photos, and setting the prices may take a while, but it will pay off eventually. Just make sure you are familiar with the general terms and conditions of the platform. Not only will you be able to pare down your belongings, but also to get a reasonable price for them.

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