When is the time to involve lawyers in the relocation?

When is the time to involve lawyers in the relocation?

While everyone’s hoping for the best, the truth is that a lot can go wrong when moving house. Those with some previous moving experience probably know how to avoid worst-case relocation scenarios. In spite of your meticulous planning, sometimes things may not work out as expected and you are forced to seek justice through the courts. If your moving company didn’t follow through with the contract and you couldn’t reach a satisfactory agreement maybe the time has come to involve lawyers in the relocation.

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Feel free to involve lawyers in the relocation process if your movers won’t work toward a satisfactory solution

Your choice of movers can make or break the entire moving experience. When you find yourself in a whirlwind of hectic preparations, chances are you won’t have much time to carefully research moving companies or other real estate professionals. While some people rely on their friends’ recommendations, others have no idea about how to approach this daunting task. But the very last thing anyone would want is to fall victim to a fraudulent moving company.

Thankfully, there are many legitimate and honest moving companies that are going the extra mile to meet customers’ requirements and ease the transition. However, there are also a number of dishonest movers who work toward misleading inexperienced clients. Unfortunately, their main goal is to catch inexperienced customers off their guard and to take advantage of them.

Learning how to distinguish between honest and fraudulent service providers could be a tough process. But, you’ll have to master this skill sooner or later, since you are going to deal with different professionals throughout the move. Keep in mind the following guidelines when researching the best moving and storage companies NYC, real estate agents, and brokers and other service providers.

How to recognize and avoid moving scams?

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Make sure to report any suspicious activity during the moving process

In the sea of legitimate moving companies, you may easily come across a fraudulent moving company if you fail to notice some of the most obvious signs. Protecting yourself against moving fraud would be possible only if you pay attention to the following patterns.

  • They refuse to perform an in-home inspection. As a result, they are not able to provide an accurate moving quote NYC. Movers who are offering estimates via phone only are not to be trusted.
  • Law-ball estimates may seem overly attractive, but there’s a pretty high chance that you will end up with additional charges.
  • Only cash payment and very large deposits are required.
  • Fraudulent movers have limited moving insurance options and therefore are unable to offer full value protection.
  • Professional moving companies always have clearly marked vehicles with the company’s logo. Stay away from the companies that don’t meet this basic requirement.

When you spot the red flags in the moving industry, there will be several options for you to file an official complaint. First off, report the fraudulent activity to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Afterwards, they will perform a detailed investigation of the matter. In case you want to take further legal steps, you can also involve lawyers in the relocation to make them rectify the situation.

Reasons why one should involve lawyers in the relocation process

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Taking the case to the small claims court should be your last resort

There’s an established course of action when dealing with rogue movers. But, you should apply the same precautions when researching real estate brokers as well. Although looking for a perfect apartment on your own could make more financial sense, no one can deny that there are multiple benefits of hiring a real estate broker. They can help you navigate the hectic real estate market and spot your dream apartment. But, the consequences of dealing with a dishonest broker could be tough. As it turns out, some of them engage in illegal practices where they advertise false no-fee apartments in order to attract prospective buyers, who are likely to incur additional unsolicited charges.

If there is a major breach of your contract, do not hesitate to involve lawyers in the relocation process. It certainly pays off to be aware of all available legal choices.

If you happen to encounter a fraudulent moving company, here’s a preferable course of action you may want to consider.

  1. Talk to your moving representative requesting a fair solution.
  2. Submit your complaint through several relevant associations such as FMSCA and DOT (Department of Transport) and BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  3. Describe your negative experience in a thorough moving review stating all relevant facts, dates, activities.
  4. Get in touch with the American moving and storage association to start the arbitration procedure.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the results, take the matter further to the small claims court.

As we all know, accidents do happen when moving. But, the only thing that truly matters is whether your movers are willing to compensate you accordingly. If they refuse to keep their side of the bargain, you’ll have no choice but to involve lawyers in the relocation.

Getting an appropriate moving insurance

Choose appropriate insurance coverage based on the nature of your goods and the moving distance

Whether you are moving to another state or just down the street, your primary goal should be to protect your property and goods throughout the process. Bronx moving companies offer several compensation options to their customers. So, here’s what you can choose from when researching insurance coverage options.

Moving companies are legally obliged to pay a minimal amount in case of an accident during the moving process. Should your items suffer harm during transport, you will be compensated according to released value protection. So, unless you don’t purchase more comprehensive insurance coverage, the moving company will assume liability at only 60 cents per pound per article if anything goes wrong on moving day.

Although this type of insurance comes at no extra cost, you should know that in most cases it’s not enough. Lost or damaged items will not be repaired or replaced after you file a claim. On the other hand, full value protection comes at a premium price but also ensures your peace of mind. You can be sure that your movers are liable for the full replacement value of the objects they are handling.

Planning a move?

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