The most expensive household items to move

The most expensive household items to move

Moving to your new home is going to be a great event, and you are going to enjoy it if it is done the right way. That is why you should be sure that you did everything you need to make it as pleasant as possible. Packing and moving everything you own is a hard job but you can make it much easier by hiring NYC moving companies and moving services. They will take care of everything in no time. The thing is that if you have items that need to be moved and are hard to move as well, you are going to have to spend some extra money. Moving companies will always find a solution and move everything for you, but it can be pricey. That is why you should know what are the most expensive household items to move.

a moving truck
Make sure you get a great moving company

What are the most expensive household items to move

When thinking about the moving experience, you might not know what are the most expensive items to move. You should make sure that you did everything right so there is nothing to worry about. If you can, make sure you have professional help and everything will be just fine. The following items need special treatment:

  • Pianos, they will need special equipment
  • Flat-screen TV is really tricky to move, especially if you didn’t save the original packaging
  • Valuable paintings and mirrors
  • Mattresses
  • Rugs are also some of the most expensive household items to move
  • Family heirlooms
  • Aquariums
  • Large couches
  • Safes
  • Sculptures, especially large, oddly shaped and heavy ones
  • Large household appliances

These items are heavy to move for various reasons. Some are large and oddly shaped, some are just too heavy, and some are too risky to move since damaging them can be a disaster. But there is a much bigger chance of damaging them if you try to move them by yourself. That is why you should always hire movers to do it for you, even if it costs more. Paying the movers will cost you less than the value of the items you damaged or broke.

Pianos are some of the most expensive household items to move

Pianos should be undoubtedly handled by professionals. You can get great piano moving services in no time. They typically provide proper wrapping and padding so as to prevent any sort of damage during transition. Also, once the piano reaches your new home, have it tuned by professionals. Plan in advance where exactly it should be placed. Whether you have hired professional movers or you are moving on your own, have a floor plan clearly visible in order to save time and effort.

Flat-screen TV

It is one of the most delicate household items. Ideally, it is packed and transported in its original box and packaging. Alternatively, you can purchase special boxes and use a lot of Styrofoam, bubble wrap and other soft materials to protect your tv during the move. Remember that even the slightest scratch to the screen can damage it permanently.

Valuable Paintings and Mirrors

Valuable paintings or mirrors need extra attention during the packing process. Make an X with the removable tape across the delicate surface. Use padding, mat board, foam, bubble wrap to protect the item. Put it in an appropriately sized moving box. Specialty moving boxes NYC are available at shipping and moving companies. In order to avoid sliding and moving inside the box, stuff it with the newspapers, bubble wrap, padding.

mirror on the wall
Your mirrors need special attention


Mattresses are very complicated to handle due to their size and shape. Some types of mattresses require a special bag or plastic mattress cover that will keep them clean and safe throughout the move. Special bags for moving mattresses are usually offered by moving and shipping companies and those bags also provide proper protection and ventilation. Memory foam mattresses are easier to maneuver, due to the fact that they can be compressed.


Rugs should be clean and ready for the move. The best option would be to have your rugs professionally cleaned before the moving day. Alternatively, a quick vacuum may serve a purpose. Roll it up and secure it with a rope, plastic ties or zip ties. Just make sure to find bags large enough to accommodate your rugs. Plastic or paper wrapping material will keep the rugs protected all along.


They are just too risky since accidents can happen. The worst thing that the movers can do is damage something that is not just valuable but means a lot to you. If you get something like this damaged, it means that you lost something really important and you need to avoid it if you can. The best residential movers NYC has to offer might reject moving items like this. But that almost never happens.

most expensive household items to move- a chest
If you have any family heirlooms, make sure they are well taken care of


The thing about the aquariums is- it is like moving mirrors and valuable paintings, but oddly shaped. They need a huge amount of attention while moving and that is just why it is so expensive to do it. You might want to hire movers that someone recommended for this type of move, or at least go through the testimonials. If you see that they did it already and the customers are satisfied, then you can give them a try. Your aquarium will be safe this way.

Large couches

This is where the size and the weight come in the picture. They are huge and can really be heavy. Just getting them to the moving truck is hard and they spend so much more gas than other items that the movers just have to charge extra. That is why they are some of the most expensive household items to move.


This goes for the large and heavy ones. You are going to need the special equipment to move it since some can be really heavy and impossible to move by hand. Never try to move them by yourself since you can get injured. If you have a small safe but it is still heavy, make sure you know how to lift it properly. This way, you can be sure that you are not going to get injured.


This largely depends on the size and shape of the sculpture. If it is fragile, the moving costs more. If it is heavy, also. That is why you should get the on-site moving estimate. This way you will know how much it is going to cost. They can be some of the most expensive household items to move if they are large and heavy. Odd shapes add to the price.

most expensive household items to move- a sculpture
Sculpture are more expensive to move the bigger and oddly shaped they are

Large home appliances

There are many household appliances that are both large and heavy, like big freezes, refrigerators, and others. They can be really hard to move and that is why you might have to pay for it extra.

Packing the items before the move

There is a reason why things like pianos and valuable art are hard to move. Such demanding items need special care and treatment, which is why moving them causes some additional charges. Whether you are moving on your own or hiring a professional local moving company NYC, do whatever it takes to keep your valuable items safe throughout the move. The most expensive household items to move require special packing material, boxes, and padding so as to avoid possible damage to your belongings during the move. You need to be sure that you can do this on your own. So, make sure you:

  • Have as many helping hands as you can
  • If you are moving them by yourself, make sure they are packed to the perfection so nothing gets damaged
  • Use high-quality moving supplies
  • If you are not sure that you can pack them the right way, get packing services. Professional packers will do it in no time.

If you do this right, there will be nothing to worry about. Taking care of your belongings is something that will take time, so you should be sure that you took care of everything. Keep in mind, getting professional help is the best choice when it comes to moving these special items.

most expensive household items to move- friends
Ask your friends to help you out with the move

Get an on-site moving estimate

You should inform about the moving costs before you start moving in the first place. Having an in-home moving estimate will ensure an accurate moving quote. Moving estimates provided over the phone happen to be less reliable, so have a moving expert visit your home and assess all your belongings. For certain household items moving companies usually charge additionally. They calculate the rates by size and weight, which is why it is absolutely necessary to have an on-site moving estimate. Heavy, oddly shaped and bulky items are more difficult to handle, load and unload and, as a result, they need special packaging.

What should you do to make sure that your budget is not exceeded?

Some of the heaviest household items are pianos, king-size beds, couches, large electronics and kitchen appliances, large pieces of artwork, antiques, huge personal library, garden equipment and lawn furniture, safes, valuable personal items like heirlooms and jewelry and many others. The list goes on and it can go up to a large sum of money. If moving certain items means exceeding your moving budget, try to find an acceptable and reasonable solution. After you get the moving estimate, decide whether every complicated item is really worth moving to a new home. In some cases, similar items are easily replaceable, so it may be a more cost-effective solution just to leave those items out, sell them or give them away. If purchasing a new item is more affordable than moving the old one, do not hesitate to get rid of everything that stands in the way of a smooth, successful move.

Moving some of the most expensive household items to move is not an easy job and that is why it is understandable that it costs extra. You should leave it to the movers if you want to get them undamaged. Spending extra money on moving your huge flat-screen TV is better than heaving to buy a new one because you damaged it. Do not try to move these items by yourself is not a good idea, so don’t try to do that. You can hurt yourself in the process and hospital bills are larger than the moving bills, by far.

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