Short-distance relocation

Short-distance relocation


According to different moving stories and experiences, short-distance moves may be very tricky due to some usually overlooked aspects. People tend to underestimate the importance of thorough planning when they organize short-distance moves. Apparently everything’s doable and with the help of a couple of friends a small load can be moved to another address without major problems. Unfortunately, it’s only in the middle of the moving chaos when most people realize that short-distance moves are usually taken for granted and no matter where you are moving, the process will require a lot of planning ahead.

One would assume that local moves are cheaper and easier than long-distance relocation. However, the following notes may prove them wrong and reveal some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions about the local moves.

Common mistakes during short-distance moves

– Deciding to take on the responsibility to move all household goods without professional movers’ help. Regardless of the distance, moving house is a difficult undertaking for multiple reasons. Hiring professional movers from NYC is highly recommended if you want to experience a stress-free move.

– Failing to take special care of valuable and delicate items. Moving large and oddly-shaped items won’t be that easy, so make sure you have both adequate moving supplies and assistance. Professional movers proved to be the most reliable helpers when it comes to transporting huge items like pianos, king-size beds, pool tables, large flat screen tvs,…

– Relying on unreliable friends, who might not take the job seriously. Imagine your surprise when you realize that your helpers are running late on your moving day.

– Failing to make a moving checklist (which may lead to further inconveniences). Everyone who has moved house at least once in his/her life can confirm that a comprehensive moving checklist will help you keep track of your moving-related tasks.

– Ignoring the importance of quality packing supplies that may provide better protection to your belongings.

– Assuming that you can move everything you own just because you are moving down the street or couple of blocks away. Why would you move items that you don’t need any more or make a couple of trips back to your old home if you can arrange everything by planning in advance?

– Neglecting basic necessities. Whether you are moving to another city or to another block, you should keep in mind that an overnight bag is essential. Searching through the moving boxes and suitcases in order to find a clean towel in the middle of the night seems like too much trouble, doesn’t it?

Although a short-distance move won’t introduce some radical changes in your family’s life, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of preparation. Whether you are moving short or long distance, some basic steps should be followed and common strategies should be applied.

Advantages of moving short-distance

– Packing and transporting non-allowables yourself. You don’t have to leave your plants behind just because your movers are not allowed to transport them in the moving truck. In fact, you can rest assured that they will survive the moving day. Normally, most of the movers have a list of the items they are not allowed to transport in the truck:

  • chemicals
  • fire extinguishers
  • various batteries
  • fuel
  • oil
  • weapon
  • paint
  • pesticides,…

-Pets will feel more comfortable in your car than in any cargo area while being shipped to another state.

– Even if you are facing the last-minute move and you need to hire professional short-distance movers, it won’t burden your budget.

– Being located close to your future home, you have the possibility to make several trips before the moving day and get acquainted with the new surroundings. Also, you will have the chance to perform necessary repair works in advance and arrange your new home to your liking.

– Quick adaptation to the new environment. Moving within the same city means that you will keep up your regular lifestyle without making some major disruptions. You will be able to visit your favorite venues, see your old friends and kids can even stay in the same school.

Planning a move?

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