Selling a house prior to the move-everything you need to know

Selling a house prior to the move-everything you need to know

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Selling a house quickly is possible with a proper staging plan in place

In the event of putting a house on the market everyone’s hoping for a quick sale. With so much attention being put to moving preparations, chances are that you haven’t had much time to prepare your house for sale. Considering a unique set of circumstances, it all comes down to an efficient organization and preparation when selling a house.

Handling multiple activities at the same time is a common phenomenon during the household move. This especially rings true if you are engaging in an international relocation.

As we all know, transitioning from one home to another can be challenging on so many levels. Finding the right movers, real estate agents, preparing and staging your home for sale, searching for a new place are just a couple of most demanding tasks awaiting for your attention.

If the time has come for you to move abroad to pursue your dreams and to put up a for-sale sign just keep reading our guidelines. Selling a house and moving at the same time may force you to push the process forward, which can easily add up to an increased stress level when moving.

While it’s hard to say goodbye to a place you’re emotionally attached to, moving abroad may bring you face-to-face with new possibilities and amazing opportunities. Letting go of a familiar environment that has become a part of you over the years is never easy. But, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try to anticipate what your new life will look like.

Guidelines to selling a house faster when you have to move

Although overwhelmed with mixed emotions, fears and concerns, try to stay focused on your primary goal – how to create an appealing, marketable place for sale. As you want to pop your home on the market, do your best to catch the eye of your prospective buyers and impress them.

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Arrange your home’s interior and exterior so as to attract your prospective buyers

Hopefully the following considerations will help you learn how to make your home stand out in a competitive real estate market.

-Manage your expectations by investigating the housing market closely. A thorough research of similar offers will allow you to estimate the value of your property and set a reasonable price. Take a look at the big picture, try to gain insight in how the local housing market works.

-Get your property appraised prior to listing it for sale. Let experienced and certified professionals assess your property so as to establish a fair home’s market value.

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Spruce up your property by implementing efficient staging and upkeep plans

In order to improve chances of selling your home at a convenient price make sure to add a fresh and inviting exterior.

We will gladly share some upkeep ideas and basic repair work projects that will leave your potential buyers speechless. Enhancing your home’s curb appeal and engaging in simple upgrades may eventually add up to your home’s value perception. A home’s exterior is just a preview of a general idea of what your home looks like. So, it can be either a deal maker or breaker when selling a house.

Budget-friendly home improvement projects and inexpensive landscaping ideas can go a long way towards selling a house quickly. The good news is that you don’t have to spend tons of money to turn your home into a highly desirable property.

How to maximize your home’s curb appeal

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Whip your property into shape before announcing that you are selling a house

First and foremost, bear in mind that tidiness is one of the most appreciated traits of a property for sale. Your main goal is to show your property at its best, so start de-cluttering as soon as you decide to advertise your home.

A head start on moving preparations will allow you enough time to arrange your clutter. Consider donating or selling everything you haven’t been using for years. As it turns out, a garage sale can be both profitable and practical undertaking. Not only will you be able to get rid of excess clutter, but also you may put some extra cash in your pocket.

Walk around your home and make a checklist of improvement projects and upkeep plans. Before you start showing off your home, here are some of the most powerful pre-sale home staging ideas to keep in mind:

– Tackle your front yard as it’s the first thing prospective buyers will notice when they come by. Keep the sidewalks clean, mow the lawn, prune the bushes, collect dead leaves and branches and plant flowers. Pay special attention to your basement, garage and attic, since those premises are likely to become packed with clutter and dirt over the years.

– De-personalize the entire place and let your prospective buyers envision themselves in it and imagine what their life may look like. Also, for the purpose of leaving enough space for your visitors to move around, consider renting a storage unit where you can place unnecessary items.

– Make the entire property sparkle and eliminate bad smells. Tackle some of the trickiest and most overlooked areas to clean: kitchen trash can, bathroom décor, knobs, oven, patio furniture, handles and switches, underneath appliances, shower curtains, outdoor lights,…

Important fixes to perform before selling a house

Both structural and cosmetic improvements are important when selling a house. By tackling the common problem areas before advertising your property, you may actually add to its value. Chances are that you won’t spot all problematic areas, so have the entire property inspected by professionals if possible.

  • Update the look of your home by repainting it with neutral colors that are likely to appeal to most people.
  • Replace broken tiles and missing fence boards.
  • Update light fixtures, switches and ceiling fans.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door.
  • Patch cracks and holes in walls and replace broken window glass.
  • Repair leaky faucets and old plumbing.
  • Refinish your hardwood floors before selling a house.

Planning a move?

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