What is the role LGBT movers NYC play today?

What is the role LGBT movers NYC play today?

New York is not just one of the biggest and most populous cities in the world. It is also one of the most diverse. Right from the very beginning, Ellis Island has stood as a symbol of a new start to a better life for immigrants arriving in New York. And the city has embraced this history too! Anyone is welcome in the Big Apple. The young and the old, the dirt poor and the filthy rich, the white and the black – New York embraces all of its citizens and is home to an exceptionally diverse population. A hugely important part of that diversity is the LGBT population. With thousands of LGBT people moving to New York every year, NYC moving companies are expected to provide the best service suited to them. And Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC does just that – with the help of LGBT movers NYC!

Lior Rachmany - proud CEO of Dumbo Moving and Storage
We have always been in favor of more LGBT movers NYC.

The rainbow in NYC: the LGBT culture of the Big Apple

With the sheer number of people living in New York (more than 8.5 million!), it should come as no surprise that New York’s LGBT community is huge. In fact, New York has by a large margin the most numerous self-identified LGBT community in all of the US – almost 300,000 LGBT people live in NYC alone, 50,000 of whom are transgender. The New York metropolitan area raises that number to almost 600,000. So if you’re moving to NY from another state, you’ll be happy to know that you definitely won’t feel alone here.

LGBT movers NYC at NYC Pride.
NYC hosts one of the biggest Pride parades in America.

It’s not all about numbers either! LGBT history and culture are rich in New York. It is, after all, in New York that the LGBT movement in America gained traction. Although the original Stonewall Inn went out of business shortly after the historic riots, you can still see the building standing at 51–53 Christopher Street. and if you prefer a working inn where you can have a drink or two and maybe get your flirt on, then you’ll have no trouble finding one! There are dozens of LGBT bars and clubs all over New York City, particularly in Manhattan.

How are LGBT movers NYC a part of New York’s LGBT culture?

By choice or design, the LGBT community (particularly in New York) is very open and welcoming. Everyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or any other multitude of identities that fall under these umbrella terms, is a part of the community. And believe it or not, there are many local movers NYC who belong there too! Gay movers NYC are just as much a part of New York’s gay culture as anyone else – volunteering in organizations, marching in Pride parades or just living their gay (excuse the wordplay) lives.

Dumbo Moving - the gay movers NYC knows
Our LGBT-friendly movers NYC are here to come to your relocation aid

Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC & Pride

Gay movers New York are not alone at Pride events! As a company that always has and always will support equality in all its forms, Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC has taken part in New York and Brooklyn Pride over the years to show our local Brooklyn gay movers love and support. In 2016, 2018 and 2019, we enjoyed setting up rainbow-covered stands and handing out free items like condoms and rainbow t-shirts. We hope you’ll also get to join us next time!

Moving for LGBT people: the same but different

Our Brooklyn movers are not new to the LGBT community. LGBT people have always been a part of our business – as employees, partners, and clients. Sadly, however, that is not true for all moving companies in New York. And one cannot forget that not so long ago, being gay was far less acceptable than it is now. Consequently, gay-friendly movers NYC were few and far between. LGBT movers NYC play a major role in changing that.

Close up photo of a rainbow flag.
Take your rainbow flags with you when moving!

The role of LGBT movers NYC for you: top NYC movers that you can feel comfortable around

Moving is stressful and difficult whoever you are. Who you love should not play a part in that. But “should” is the operative word there. Historically speaking, someone finding out (or even just suspecting) that you’re gay could easily end very badly for you. In some parts of the world and even some parts of America, that still holds true to a degree. The movers you hire will have complete access to virtually everything you own. That’s enough to give you some anxiety and embarrassment all on its own! But if you also have to fear that the people who are supposed to help you will treat you differently when they find that rainbow pin you forgot to pack away or take down the rainbow flag you’ve hung up, then moving can get quite uncomfortable.

On the other hand, any LGBT person will tell you: unexpectedly finding out that someone you know is also a part of the community or at least its ally can be an exceptionally positive experience! In that way, LGBT movers NYC can change someone’s whole outlook on their relocation. With LGBT movers NYC, LGBT people will feel more comfortable and more secure. For us, that makes a huge difference.

The role of LGBT movers NYC for the business: breaking down stereotypes and rebuilding better

LGBT friendly movers NYC don’t just affect the people they move but also the people they work with. The moving industry is still very much seen as a men’s business. And despite major strides towards erasing such prejudice, gay men are still very much seen as not belonging in it. So when LGBT movers Manhattan work openly and proudly in this industry, they are chipping away at these baseless barriers that aim to keep them out of this business. Everyone they come in contact with will see that too! Their colleagues may learn to see beyond prejudice. And other moving companies may realize that having LGBT movers on their payroll is a good idea. This is how the world changes!

Rainbow painted on a street.
The road to a better future is rainbow-colored.

Following in the footsteps of New York: Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC is a place for everyone

Here’s the thing: we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Not only will we help you move to America from another country (albeit not through Ellis Island), but we will also accept you into our big happy family no matter who you are. Over the years, we have helped many LGBT people move to New York – that goes without saying. But we have also always been an equal opportunity employer. We do everything we can to make sure our LGBT movers NYC feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. Diversity, openness, and pride are all encouraged at Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC!

Bring your rainbow to New York with the help of LGBT movers NYC!

The LGBT community in New York City is numerous, influential and above all, welcoming. So come and join them! Your personal colors will only add to the beauty that is the New York rainbow. And if you want the best LGBT movers NYC to help you with the transition, you know who to call! Here’s a hint, though: it’s not Ghostbusters.

Dumbo Moving stand during one of the Pride parades in NYC
When in doubt, just call the gay-friendly movers NYC loves and praises.

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