How to Protect Stairs When Moving

How to Protect Stairs When Moving

Relocating your entire household without damaging any of the items or parts of the property can be considered a major success. From our experience, the stairs often get damaged during the move, because we did not protect them properly. That is why we have designed this useful guide on how to protect stairs when moving, that will make your relocation much easier. One of the ways is to hire professional movers, who know how to avoid all the moving mistakes while carrying heavy furniture, for example. But, of course, with a few simple steps, your stairs will be just like new after the relocation.

Remember to Protect Stairs When Moving

Why is it so important to protect the stairs when moving?

Damaging any part of the house before or after relocation can only give you a headache. If you are moving out of a rented home and damage the stairs, chances are you won`t get the full deposit back. And we all know how much money is necessary to perform a relocation. On the other hand, if you are moving out of your own house, any damage to the stairs will decrease the value of the house. This means that you will have to lower your price when selling it. You can also fix the issue, but that will cost you both time and money. If the stairs got damaged after you moved in, the situation is pretty much the same, you will be at loss for time and money.

Measure the furniture carefully

Measure the Furniture Carefully

Step number one that you should take is to measure the furniture that will be going down the stairs. Of course, you should measure the width of the staircase as well. Most commonly, the damage on the stairs occurs when the furniture is just too wide and the corners damage the surface of the stairs. If you cannot get your furniture down the stairs, or through the front door don`t worry.
There is a so-called hoisting service, that movers offer when this situation happens. They will use special equipment and get your furniture out through the window. There is a solution to every issue, so if you are in doubt, just contact your movers.

Learn the right lifting and carrying techniques

The major reason number two why your stairs can get damaged is improper lifting and carrying techniques. If you don`t know how to properly hold the moving box or larger pieces of furniture there is a huge possibility that you will drop them down the staircase. Not only do you risk damaging your stairs in this way, but you also risk moving injuries and item damage.

Pro-tip: Never fill out the boxes to the very top. If the moving boxes are too heavy, the contents may just tear the box and dropdown. Use small and medium-sized boxes for heavier items such as books, and appliances. And, use large boxes only for light materials such as clothes, linen, blankets, towels, etc.

Cover the stairs with protective material

Protect Stairs When Moving by Covering Them With Protective Materials

Moving on to another big factor that can damage your stairs when moving. On a moving day, there will be a lot of people going back and forth, and up and down the stairs. They will all be bringing in dirt, water, and mud, that will leave stains on the stairs. In order to prevent this, you can use plastic wrap. Buy a whole roll of the plastic wrap and place it on every piece of a staircase. You will not have to tape it as, as the plastic wrap will fit your stairs like a pair of gloves.

Old blankets and sheets will also serve this purpose

If you don`t have the plastic wrap, you can use old blankets and sheets for this purpose, as well. Just make sure to cover every piece of stairs. In this case, you will need high-quality tape to ensure that the blankets won`t move while you step on them.

Cover the stairs railway as well

This part can also suffer damage on a moving day. If you accidentally hit the railway with the moving boxes or furniture, dents and scratches are quite possible. Just cover the railway with any protective material and it will be perfectly safe. Don`t forget to tape the material to the railway, though.

Place a doormat in front of your front doors

In order to prevent everyone from coming to your house with dirty shoes, especially in bad weather, place a doormat in front of your doors. Everyone should get their shoes cleaned first, it won`t take long. This will prevent the spread of dirt, mud, and water. Even when the weather is perfect, you should clean your shoes before going into the house. In this way, you will also protect your wooden floors.

Hire professionals and avoid the damage to your staircase

Movers Carrying Furniture Down the Stairs

As we already mentioned, another safe way to avoid any damage to your staircase or the rest of your property is to hire the pros. An experienced team of people is already used to preventive measures, and they know how to leave everything spotless after the move. They have had years of practice and you can count on them doing a great job. You will also benefit from the insurance that a moving company offers, and honestly, they will save you a ton of time. Remember to check NYC moving companies reviews before you hire them.

Be careful and avoid moving injuries

The moving day is the day when you need to be extra careful. Pay attention to your every step, as this is the best way to prevent any damage whatsoever. If possible, call some of your friends to help you or hire the movers. You should get enough sleep during the days of the relocation, as sleep deprivation leads to amateur mistakes that can be costly. Proper eating habits should not be abandoned, no matter how little time you think you have. With the right organization, you make it just fine. Dumbo NYC wishes you good luck!

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