Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving to, from, and around New York happens on a daily basis. We know that moving is not exactly the most entertaining thing. But it shouldn’t be the excuse to make moving mistakes as this can really put the whole progress backward. So, it’s very important to get serious about this, and we guarantee you that with each new step you’ll be closer to finalizing your move. Moreover, we’ll provide you with a list of the most common moving mistakes to avoid. All you have to do is read carefully and apply these tips the best you can.

Moving mistakes people usually make

A white checklist with a few checked boxes and a white pen
Make sure to always keep in mind your obligations during the move. It’ll help you avoid moving mistakes.

Most of these mistakes you’ll about to see come from the fact that they’re being done by inexperienced people. On the other hand, a little bit is necessary to evade making the wrong decisions and taking the wrong steps. So, in order to reduce stress when moving to New York, we suggest you take these pieces of advice into consideration. Let’s make that moving easier for you:

  1. Prepare in time
  2. Find a reliable moving company
  3. Make an appointment
  4. Compare moving quotes
  5. Know the moving price
  6. Ask the right questions
  7. Pack properly
  8. Label moving boxes
  9. Prepare the pet and avoid making one of the biggest moving mistakes
  10. Forward services
  11. Shop for insurance
  12. Clean after moving out

Don’t fool yourself about the time you have left

That’s right. One of the first moving mistakes to avoid is actually thinking you’ll do it easily and quickly. Even if you’re moving next door, trust us, it’s not going to be that fast as you think. On the other hand, if you’re moving for the first time, we strongly suggest you start preparing on time. Otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed by the tasks you need to do during this process. Planning, planning, and more planning is what you should do. Although you might feel that you’ll never have enough time for everything, if you start making preparations a lot before the moving day, you won’t get caught unprepared.

Hire a moving company you can trust

Two shaking hands over a desk with documents and a laptop suggesting choosing a good moving company avoiding making moving mistakes
Not every company is able to provide you a quality service. That’s why you’ll need to find the one which can.

A lot of things will depend on this decision. While hiring professionals may seem like an easy job, there are a lot of horror stories around, so be careful when choosing a moving company. You’ve probably heard from someone you know how bad experience they had when relocating to a new address and that it was provoked by a bad selection of a moving company. Well, in order to avoid disappointment, another thing on your homework list is to find reliable NYC movers you can truly trust. You’ll do this by going through the references of each company you’ve selected. The reviews you find should give you the overall impression of which company is the one that’ll satisfy your demands when it comes to moving. Besides checking reviews, always ask for proof of their legitimate business, such as USDOT U.S. Department of Transportation) a number that’s easy to check online at the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) website.

Make an appointment

The next step is making an appointment with these companies. However, make sure to come prepared for the meeting. You won’t know which company is the best one for you unless you know what questions to ask about moving. While you’re there, use your right as a customer to make sure if these companies possess all the necessary licenses and if they provide insurance. Also, when you get a copy of the contract, don’t just skim-read it. Carefully examine every item of the contract. If it doesn’t seem promising and doesn’t protect your rights, then don’t sign it. Proceed to the next one.

Compare moving quotes

The next common moving mistake is not comparing moving quotes. While searching for reliable movers ask for at least three different estimates and compare services you’re getting for the price. Comparing estimates is important because it will keep you from accepting the first offer and potentially paying more than you should. To prevent this from happening, go ahead and request quotes after you narrow down your search and come down to three licensed moving companies.

Know the moving costs right away

A calculator, an open pen and a piece of a paper on a desk
Get the exact moving estimate from the moving company.

One more mistake from the most common moving mistakes is to get the estimation of the moving costs. A reputable moving company, however, will always provide you a free moving quote based on which you’ll know whether you can afford the whole service, or you’ll need to make certain changes. However, a cheap moving company will surely give you the best offer and enable you to proceed with the relocation process. There are a couple of ways to get a discount so that you won’t need to give your last dollar for it. So make sure to check all the expenses and see where you can save some money.

Ask the right questions

Another common moving mistake is not asking your moving company the right questions. Different information can help you learn about the moving process and prepare for your relocation, and there’s no other way but to ask. Don’t be shy to reach out to movers and ask them anything you need to understand how they operate and what’s expected from your move.

Packing the right way

One of the ways to save money while relocating is by knowing how to pack the moving boxes. One of the golden rules is not to overburden the cardboard boxes if these are one of the chosen packing supplies. The reason is simple – you risk the tearing of the boxes and some of the items inside might get broken or damaged. And that’s an immediate money loss. You want to stay in the red zone. Therefore, either leave the packing in the hands of the professionals or learn some of the most important tips regarding packing. For instance, you’ll need to obtain the right packing supplies and have them enough so that you wouldn’t have to put more items than necessary.

Label moving boxes

Another very common moving mistake is not labeling your moving boxes. You’re not thinking about unpacking when you’re rushing to have it all ready for moving day, and you end up with a pile of boxes in your new home, having no clue what’s where. Avoid this scenario and label your moving boxes as soon as you pack them – trust professionals when they say it will save you a lot of time and nerves.

Don’t forget about the pets

a cat with a toy dog on the floor
Not taking care of your pets when moving is one of the biggest moving mistakes.

If you own a pet, you’ll need to take care of it as well. Depending on the type of pet, you’ll have to know the best way to relocate your pet and keep it safe during the transfer is. This information can be obtained in several places. You can ask for advice from your vet, and also ask if the pet will need certain medication to make the transport easier for it and to make it calmer. Then, you can turn for help to the Pet Relocation Service center and get the necessary information. Make sure your pet is fed and has had enough water.

Forward services

More often than not, we wait too long to do those time-consuming tasks related to moving home. Some of those boring tasks include forwarding mail and transferring utilities. To avoid lost mail or a new home without internet or electricity, go ahead and start forwarding all of your services a few weeks before moving day.

Get moving coverage

You may think that basic insurance provided by your mover is enough, but you should really put some thought into it – think about whether you have valuable or fragile items before you go for basic coverage. This limited liability covers sixty cents ($.60) per pound per item in case it gets lost or damaged, and that will not do the trick if your valuable thing gets damaged, so shop around for insurance options before you regret not thinking it through.

Don’t leave the mess behind you

Last but not least on our list is this information regarding cleaning the home that, up until recently, belonged to you. This is also one of the most common moving mistakes, and after all, it leaves a bad impression. We know you’ve had a lot of work, but this is simply something that’s a good thing to do. If you don’t have enough time before you leave for the next home, then you might pay someone who would do it for you – you can schedule cleaning services after you move. The point is to leave the apartment the way you want to find it.

Did you take notes? We sure hope so. If you go step by step, there are absolutely minor chances of making these moving mistakes. This will also make your moving process a lot easier. In case you want to relax, have a stress-free relocation, and not worry about common moving mistakes, Dumbo Moving and Storage is at your service. Contact us anytime to get a free moving quote.

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