NYC apartment inspection guidelines

NYC apartment inspection guidelines

You’ve finally found your dream apartment and you are eager to move and settle into your new home as soon as possible. It’s been a difficult quest, but now that you are about to move in, things seem to fall into place. But, before you load up your moving truck and head to your new place, you should know that NYC apartment inspection is a customary step. Renting and buying a property is a huge investment, so you need to make sure that it’s worth your money, time and efforts.

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Running an NYC apartment inspection should be the final step before signing a lease

Unless you perform a thorough apartment walk-through before you move in, you may be financially responsible for any repair that hasn’t been documented beforehand. It’s an important step in the relocating process. A careful apartment inspection may help you keep money in your pocket as you won’t face fees for the damage that you didn’t cause in the first place.

The last thing you want is to move into a new rental only to find out that something’s wrong with it. More importantly, completing an apartment inspection on time will prevent your landlord from accusing you of being responsible for the damage that you haven’t done. Otherwise, your landlord can keep the security deposit when the time comes to move out or even charge you additionally for the repair works.

Take a look at our NYC apartment inspection guidelines that may help you identify damaged items or areas in your new place. Once you decide which apartment to call home, make sure to find reliable long distance movers NYC who will take care of the logistics of the move.

How to arrange for an NYC apartment inspection?

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Try to be on good terms with your landlord

By following the list of the most common issues, hopefully, you will be able to identify all faulty items and problematic areas in the apartment you are about to move in. To start with, make sure your landlord is on board. Perform the apartment walk-through in the presence of your landlord or property manager.

Also, talk to your prospective neighbors in order to get a better insight into the previous issues with the building management. If they are completely honest with you, you’ll be able to get a broad picture of what it is like to live there. Hopefully, they will point out both positive and negative aspects of the property condition and neighborhood. After weighing your first impression and their feedback you will be able to decide if that place suits you. If there are some repairs to be made, give your landlord enough time to complete them before you move in.

Things to pay attention to during the apartment walk-through

Whether you are moving with your family or completely alone, you should make the most out of the monthly rent you are going to pay.

Keep your camera and notepad handy to document all potential issues and problematic spots in the apartment.

Check for obvious aesthetic issues

  • What’s the first thing you notice when you enter the apartment? Whether it’s the floor or walls, make sure to check for cracks, holes and water leaks.
  • Inspect the entire apartment for mold and mildew problems especially in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Make sure blinds and shades are working properly.
  • Check the carpet area for stains, holes, and odors.
  • Are you happy with the overall cleanliness level?
  • Are there any signs of insect and rodent infestation around the plumbing, gaps, closets, and bathtub?
  • Watch out for the cracked tiles that need to be fixed.
  • Make sure all outlets and cables are in working order.

If some of these problems are due to your landlord’s lack of concern, check if he is willing to assist you with the repair works. Bear in mind that your landlord’s negligence may cost you a lot in the long run. In case the two of you are not on the same page, keep on searching. If your first impression is that the general upkeep is poor, chances are your landlord won’t care much about fixing other potential issues.

Perform safety checks during NYC apartment inspection

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Your new home should meet at least basic safety standards
  • Make sure the entrance, parking areas, walkways, elevators have a proper lighting system.
  • Inspect windows locks especially if the apartment is on the ground level.
  • Check the position of the fire escape as external fire escape stairs can lead burglars directly to your apartment.
  • Check if there is a proper fire safety system in place.

Kitchen inspection

  • Turn on every single kitchen appliance so as to check their functionality.
  • Are all the switches and burners in working order?
  • Are there signs of mildew in the cabinets and fridge?
  • Do you notice any signs of animal droppings and insect and pest infestation?
  • Open the fridge doors to check for any signs of loose sealing and make sure there is the right temperature inside.
  • Examine if drawers and cabinets have signs of pest infestation or water damage and if they open and close properly.
  • Are there any unpleasant odors and water leakage in the dishwasher and sink?

Bathroom inspection

  • Check if the plumbing works properly by flushing every toilet.
  • Verify if there are water discoloration signs or odors under the sink.
  • Turn on all faucets and examine water pressure.
  • Test the hot water and make sure there are no shower malfunctions.
  • Make sure there are no cracked tiles or mirrors.

Bedroom check

  • Check the window’s insulation and locks to ensure your peace of mind.
  • Check all furniture pieces for cracks, loose bolts or insects.
  • Flip every light switches on to make sure they are all in good condition.
  • Examine floors and walls for any structural damage.
  • Check for mold and mildew signs in the closets.

After performing NYC apartment inspection and choosing the place that suits your needs and budget, make sure to find quality movers Queens to help you out with the move.

As there is no such thing as a trouble-free move, you may want to minimize potential moving hiccups. Only with the professional and trustworthy movers by your side, you may have a stress-free moving experience.

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