Personal documents you need to collect before the move

Personal documents you need to collect before the move


Lack of good organization during the moving process can turn lives of everyone involved upside down.

A household move is to be planned step by step. There are so many procedures to follow in order to ensure a smooth, trouble-free move. Most of your belongings are transported in the moving truck, so you cannot reach them any time you want during the move. As a result, you are likely to incur some inconveniences in case you cannot find the items you really need on your way to the new home.
Not each item should be entrusted to your NYC movers. Moreover, there is a list of ”forbidden items ” your movers are not allowed to transport. Some of the items should be kept with you during the move, so make sure you have all important documents on hand all along.

Collecting all important documents is not an easy task, since you have to get all the records together and keep them safe during the moving process by storing them in a fireproof lockbox. Sort the documents carefully according to their purpose – decide what you will need before, during and after the move.

Start preparing all the necessary documents well ahead so as to avoid any inconveniences while settling into a new home and ensure piece of mind.

List of documents to take with you when moving house

Since the procedures of retrieving, issuing and updating some personal documents are slow and sometimes take too much time, it’s not a bad idea to start collecting them as early as possible.
Sort all relevant documents into different folders and mark them properly so that you can easily find anything you need. Keep the lockbox with you all the time during the move and have on hand following documents:

moving estimate and quote (binding or non-binding estimate)
– bill of lading – a contract between the moving company and the customer
– receipts (that might be used for tax deductions when the move is completed)
– inventory list
moving insurance
– ID documents – ID cards, original or copies of birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, passports, visas, driver’s licenses, degree certificates, letters of reference from previous employers, professional licenses, skills qualifications, work permit, health insurance policy, …
– School records will also be needed for enrolling your children in a new school. If your child is applying to a college, certified copy of his/her transcript is required.
– Medical and vet records – have copies of your family’s medical and vaccination records moved with you. Also, if you are moving with a pet, have copies of the veterinary records, especially if you are moving to another country.
– Financial records – bank statements, receipts, account information, credit cards, saving statements, tax documents, loan documents,…Transferring funds to a new financial institution in another country might require some additional documents, so have precise information what it really takes. If you are moving abroad, you may also need to prove you have sufficient funds to stay in that country.
– Manuals, contracts and warranties for recently bought household appliances. If some of the items are dismantled, manuals may be needed when you try to reassemble them. Also, without a warranty you cannot obtain any kind of service in case any of household items get broken.
– If you are moving your vehicle to another state, don’t forget the title to the car. You will need it for registration or ownership transfer.

Also, it is important to notify all relevant service providers, persons and institutions that you are changing address – post office, cable and internet provider, insurance company, bank, school, local authorities, magazines, newspapers, club memberships, electric/water/gas/phone company and other utility companies.

Collecting all important documents before the moving day is just one of the smart moves that will save you time, energy and money throughout the move.

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