Packing and moving IT equipment 101

Packing and moving IT equipment 101

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Packing and moving IT equipment is inevitable when going through the office move

An office move usually takes place when the chance for growth and progress presents itself. Whether you are undergoing a small business move or a large scale corporate move, you will probably try to figure out a way to do it with maximum efficiency and minimum business disruption. Transitioning to a new office involves a lot of multi-tasking, decision-making and more importantly – a collaboration between coworkers. As it turns out, packing and moving IT equipment is one of the most important items on your moving checklist.

When it comes to moving, people happen to underestimate packing and the importance of quality supplies and proper handling. Business relocation is the beginning of a new blooming stage for your company, so the last thing you would want is to fall behind schedule due to some rookie but costly mistake.

Thankfully, no matter how complex your upcoming move is, you are not alone. Sure, your employees may give you a helping hand, but the truth is that most people actually rely on office movers NYC and their expertise when packing and moving IT equipment, office furniture, and other items. Hiring the right kind of movers has become an integral part of a successful business move. Since they know what office moves entail, you can be sure that your delicate and expensive equipment will be safeguarded throughout the process.

Since electronics and IT equipment are susceptible to damage, taking chances during your business move should be absolutely out of question. Here’s how you can prepare a through relocation strategy and ensure a safe business transition.

How to prepare your IT equipment for the upcoming move?

Needless to say, your IT systems should be up and running as soon as you move into a new office in order to minimize downtime. Any damage to your IT equipment can cause expensive delays and troubles to your operation.

With fully operational staff and equipment, your business operations won’t suffer. By sticking to the following steps you can surely count on a trouble-free business move as well as minimal disruption.

Involve IT specialists and technicians

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Back up all critical data before disconnecting your devices

Although movers will safely handle and transport your electronics, you should do your part of the job before moving day takes place. Your company’s technicians should disconnect all cables and peripherals to make it easier to pack and transport them safely to your new office.

But more importantly, before your IT devices are all packed up and stored, make sure to back up crucial data. For best results assign this task to a certified and experienced IT team. Make necessary announcements and adjustments before the complete system shut-down. Have your employees take care of their personal data and items.

Inspect your equipment

A corporate move is a unique opportunity for a fresh start. There must be a lot of outdated devices that won’t fit into your new business environment. So, aside from budgeting for professional moving and packing services NYC, plan for some office technology upgrades and innovations.

Dispose of the items you are going to replace and purchase new hardware and tech equipment in case something goes wrong during transport. You can either sell or recycle unnecessary devices before the move and perform a more eco-friendly move. Remember that moving delicate electronics could be very expensive, so cutting costs whenever you can would be a wise thing to do.

Hire IT relocation specialists

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Label all hardware and peripherals properly when packing

Anyone who has ever gone through the office move knows how valuable professional movers’ help can be. Aside from regular moving services, some of them offer more comprehensive packages tailored to satisfy your business needs when moving and packing IT equipment.

Ideally, the moving company of your choosing will be able to disconnect and reconnect your tech devices, so you won’t have to look for external technicians. The moving specialist will pay you a visit, survey your office equipment, identify your main business needs and create an NYC moving quote accordingly. No matter how skilled your movers are, accidents do happen. If you want to hedge against possible risks or prevent irreversible damage to your valuable equipment, then consider getting appropriate moving insurance. If your movers cannot provide the required type of insurance, they should direct you to a trustworthy third-party insurance company.

Prepare your new office

Get your new premises ready before moving day. All staging and renovation works should be completed before your movers arrive. Assuming that you’ve already drawn a floor plan, your movers will be able to unpack and install everything according to the office configuration. Just make sure to label everything properly when packing and moving IT equipment and place it in designated boxes.

Each piece of equipment should be properly marked for easier identification, unpacking, and reinstallation at the new place. That way it would be easier to keep track of your devices and hence avoid unexpected damage or loss. If you need to use storage services in NYC for one reason or another, you may want to store your sensitive devices in a climate-controlled unit. Consult manufacturer’s instructions to figure out ideal storage conditions for your delicate electronics.

DIY approach to packing and moving IT equipment

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Use proper packing supplies for your tech devices

Are you moving the contents of a single office? Chances are you may want to do it on your own terms. In case you consider yourself up to the tasks, the time has come to roll up your sleeves and ensure the safest transition to your new office.

  • Before you disconnect your IT equipment, make sure to back up all important data. Also, take photos of the current configuration.
  • Secure and label all cables and keep them close to the corresponding hardware.
  • Remove batteries from specific electronics and ink or toner cartridges if you are moving printers.
  • Get original packaging as it’s supposed to provide the best protection while in transit.
  • Use a lot of cushioning materials such as bubble and plastic wrap, moving blankets and packing paper. That will keep your devices out of harm’s way.

Now we’ve broken the entire process down into more manageable tasks. You probably realize that each step of packing and moving IT equipment can be completed smoothly and efficiently. With the right strategy in place, of course.

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