How to pack fine china for storage

How to pack fine china for storage

ow that your household move is imminent, you must be wondering how to safely transport your delicate items. Some of them are very expensive, while others have a great sentimental value. According to many people, the kitchen is the most challenging area to pack and move due to numerous tiny and fragile objects. Therefore, taking the time to pack fine china for storage correctly will most certainly result in a smooth moving experience.

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Professional movers will help you pack fine china for storage

As we all know, there’s no such thing as a completely damage-free move. But, once you master the art of careful packing, chances are your fragile goods will reach the final destination intact.

We’ve all been there, we know how it feels to find out that some of our precious items didn’t survive the trip. Considering its delicate nature, no wonder your chinaware is so susceptible to damage during transport.

As it turns out, fine chinaware can be very valuable especially if it’s been in the family for generations or it was a gift from a special person. Either way, taking chances in this situation is absolutely out of question. Hopefully, our professional packing NYC guidelines will help you prepare your delicate items for storage and keep them safe while out of your sight.

Find out what your cabinets hold

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Organize your china by type and size before you start packing

No matter how elegant and stylish, china cabinets usually take up a lot of space. Even if you keep your high-quality porcelain in the boxes out of other people’s reach, you should know that prioritizing is crucial for living in a small apartment.

Declutter and prioritize your fine china

Instead of living in a cramped and claustrophobic apartment, you may embrace some of the efficient space-saving ideas. We all know that clutter can suddenly take over and make your home feel even tinier than it actually is. Small space living requires some ruthless measures no one is fond of – decluttering. Getting rid of all the items you can do without may help you make the most of your small living space. If your china is not something that you use on a daily basis, maybe it’s time to make some special arrangements for your crystal and porcelain items.

Create an inventory list of your fine china before storing

Having developed certain emotional attachment, it can be difficult for you to let go. So, if you don’t feel like giving them away, storing them could be an acceptable alternative. As soon as you empty all cabinets, drawers, and shelves you will be able to make an inventory list of all your kitchen items.

But, let’s face it – objects that are displayed in your designer cabinet or saved only for a special occasion can significantly clutter up your small apartment. Once you realize that keeping them safe away from home is also a viable option, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of the minimalist lifestyle. And the best thing is that after you pack fine china for storage, you’ll be able to access it any time you want. All you have to do is find a convenient storage unit with all the necessary features.

Ultimate guidelines on how to pack fine china for storage

Fine china items are notorious for being easily breakable, so transporting them could be a real challenge. Aside from proven packing skills and efficiency, quality packing supplies will be your best ally down the road. Being more expensive than regular dishes, china items deserve your attention and careful approach. Get hold of the following materials when about to pack fine china for storage:

  • Packing paper
  • Original packaging (if possible)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Packing tape
  • Labels and markers

As we all know, there are free cardboard moving boxes available at the local liquor store, supermarket, restaurant or bookstore. Thankfully, those boxes may come in handy when packing clothes, toys or some light items. But, when it comes to packing and storing fine china, you may want to get quality and durable moving boxes. Ideally, you will have the original packaging that provides the most reliable protection.

A few tips that will make packing easier

bubble wrap, scissors and tape to use to pack fine china for storage
Quality packing supplies are your best ally when packing chinaware for storage

Quality packing supplies are your best ally when packing chinaware for storage. Having prepared necessary supplies, you should ensure a clean and safe surface where you will do all the sorting and packing.

Gather all the items that you will store

If you are preparing to pack different types of chinaware, start by grouping items together and organizing them by size and type. Lay them down on a flat, firm surface such as a dining table.

Protect the items with packing paper

Use several layers of packing paper when wrapping each piece of china. But, be careful with the tape as it shouldn’t come into contact with the breakable items. Make sure to cover every inch of your fine china with packing paper in order to avoid any damage. If there are holes, you should crumple the packing paper (or old newspaper) and fill them with it.

Bubble wrap is essential when packing fine china for storage

Bubble wrap can be convenient for ensuring additional protection. Roll each piece of fine china into the bubble wrap. If an item is really delicate and you think it will get damaged easily during transport or inside the storage unit, you can freely double wrap it into the bubble wrap.

Prepare the moving box for your fine china

Layer the bottom with packing peanuts and use bubble wrap as a cushioning material. Then, carefully place your items inside the moving box. Pay attention that you don`t put items all the way to the top as you want to have some empty space there. After you have placed the items inside, use packing peanuts and bubble wrap to cushion the top of the moving box.

Seal the deal with the high-quality packing tape

Use packing tape to strengthen the bottom of each moving box. Since you are transporting fine china for storage, you want to make sure that your box will not tear apart. So, double tape the moving box at the bottom and at the sides.

After you pack fine china for storage, fill in any empty space inside with the packing paper or newspapers. The content of the box must be stable and completely immobile with no room to move around. Consider using sturdy cardboard dividers between china cups and glasses to prevent them from moving inside the box.

Labeling the moving boxes is vital

best packing tips begin with labeling

Once you seal the boxes make sure to label them according to their content so that your movers and helpers will know how to handle them. And not only this, you will want to know what is inside the moving boxes once you store them in a storage unit. When you get back for them after a few days, weeks, or months, you should know what exactly they contain in order to treat the boxes properly.

With the right mindset and discipline, the task of packing china for storage can be really straight-forward. In case you don’t think that you are up to the task, don’t shy away from hiring experts. Professional movers will keep all elements of the move under control and take care of your precious belongings.

Hire professionals if necessary

As we already mentioned you can always count on professional fine art movers NYC who are properly trained and equipped to take care of expensive and delicate items such as collectibles, china, artwork pieces. With them by your side, potential risks and mishaps will be out of the picture. Knowing that your movers are here to back you up, you will be able to tackle other important moving tasks. There’s no such thing as a simple relocation process, but be sure that the movers can make it easier on you and your family. They also offer several insurance plans that you can choose from, which is fantastic. Here are the two basic options when looking for insurance:

Released value protection

This type of insurance is completely free of charge. In case that some of your items get lost or damaged on their way to storage unit, you will get 0.60 cents per pound. You will agree that this is not much of compensation having in in the real price of your fine china.

People going over a moving company insurance contract
Check all moving company insurance options available before your move

Full value protection

On the other hand, you can use this full-value protection type of insurance. In case of an accident where your items get lost or damaged you would be compensated for the current marketplace value of the item. Although it is not the purchase price, you could still be fairly compensated. There is also an option to get the same item as a replacement, although if your item had a sentimental value to you, it won`t be a good option. Also, the moving company can offer to repair the damaged item.

Inside the storage unit

Once you have properly packed and transported your fine china to the storage unit, you should store the boxes properly. Never place heavier boxes over lighter ones in order not to crush them. Always leave an aisle in the storage unit so that you can easily reach any box that you want. Make sure the labels are clearly seen and you will be able to spot the box that you need very quickly. Good luck!

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