How To Pack A Dishwasher When Moving?

How To Pack A Dishwasher When Moving?

When moving, we learn a lot of new things. You will feel like there is a lot that needs to be done, especially if you are also moving your kitchen appliances, such as a dishwasher. But, there is really no need for you to buy the dishwasher twice when you can easily learn how to pack a dishwasher when moving. You will save money, and transport your high-quality dishwasher in an efficient manner. If you do not have enough time to do it yourself, you can always count on the professionals to help you. They know all the right techniques and are pretty efficient. Let us first see how you can do this on your own.

Learn How to Pack a Dishwasher Properly

Get packing supplies

Having the right moving supplies and equipment is already half the work. What you will need in order to pack and safely move the dishwasher is the following:

  • A set of screwdrivers
  • Moving blankets
  • A furniture dolly in the right size – Check the weight limit and the actual weight of your dishwasher
  • Tape
  • A plastic zip bag
  • A permanent marker
Furniture Dolly

How to pack a dishwasher easily?

Not every dishwasher is the same, but it all boils down to a few simple steps. What you need to know is that the process may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. That is why we always advise that you find the manufacturer`s manual and look for proper packing and moving techniques if any. It is better to be safe rather than sorry, as you want to use your dishwasher machine for years to come.

Empty the dishwasher

First things first, you need to completely empty the dishwasher of all the plates, cups, mugs, utensils. It has to be perfectly empty in order to be moved. The reason for this is that if you leave some of the dishes in, chances are they will break during transport. And while you can get another mug, in case of the dishwasher machine damage, all the efforts will go to waste.

Clean the dishwasher properly

The next thing that you want to do is to clean the dishwasher of all the food remains. If anything is left behind, and the dishwasher is not opened for days to come, specific odors may form, and you definitely do not want that. Now, put on a little bit of detergent, or simply some vinegar in the circle of the machine, and roll a new cycle with hot water.

After the cycle has finished, you should leave the doors open so that it can dry on its own. If it is not dry before you pack it for transport, again you can end up with a funny smelling dishwasher, or mold. In case you do not have enough time to let it dry on its own, you can simply use a clean cloth and wipe the water drops.

Turn off the power and water supply and disconnect the unit safely

This step is really important as you will avoid the damage to your dishwasher and also any issues with electricity. In order to safely disconnect your machine, you should turn off the power supply from the circuit breaker by switching off the part that is used for the kitchen. Then you can move on to switching off the water valve that is used for the dishwasher. Now, you are safe to continue. If you are not sure where these power and water supplies are in your home, you can call a handyman to assist you.

Next, you will need to disconnect the drain hose, by removing the hose from the dishwasher. The hose is usually located beneath the kitchen sink. Regarding the power cable that needs to be removed, you should simply unplug it from the wall.

Dislodge the dishwasher from the counter

In most houses, the dishwasher machines are attached to the countertops, in order to prevent them from moving during the washing. This is not an obstacle you cannot surpass, so just grab your screwdriver set, and remove all the screws that are keeping the unit in the current position. Once you are done, make sure to place every single piece of the screws inside the plastic zip bag. If you lose them, you will just be wasting time on buying new ones.

Pack the dishwasher

Carefully pull out your dishwasher out of the counter, and place it on a furniture dolly. This sounds way easier than it actually is. We suggest that you have a friend or two by your side helping you do this. Once the machine is safely placed on the furniture dolly you can protect it. Tape the door firmly so that they do not open during transport. Also, you should tape the hose on the backside of the machine. Wrap the entire machine in bubble wrap, and cover it entirely with the moving blankets. Of course, you can use your old blankets for this purpose.

Load the dishwasher inside the moving truck

With the help of your friends and the furniture dolly, roll the machine to the moving truck. The dishwasher machines are heavy, so do not attempt to lift them on your own. Place the machine at one side of the moving truck, not in the middle, and make sure nothing can fall on it during the relocation.

Hire professionals if you do not want to do this on your own

dumbo moving and storage moving truck on the road

If you do not have enough time, or if you do not have someone to help you, you can call the professional moving company and they will pack your dishwasher for moving. You will be relieved that someone else will do it, and at the same time avoid a moving injury. Plus, you will have insurance in case something happens to your dishwasher machine.

Packing and moving a dishwasher is not easy, but with proper preparation, the right packing equipment, and a few friends, everything can be done with success. Good luck!

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