How to Pack Cables for Moving?

How to Pack Cables for Moving?

In the days before the relocation, you might get a feeling that all you do is pack, pack, pack. While this very well might be true, it doesn’t mean that you can’t turn packing into a fun activity. You can always call a couple of friends to finish the job faster and chat all the way. In order to make packing cables for moving easier, we have designed this useful, step-by-step guide. Of course, if you don`t have the time for packing, or learning a new skill, you can always hire professional and reliable movers to assist you.

Pack Cables for Moving

Why is properly packing cables for moving important?

Cables are not something that you want to damage during transport. It is really important that you pack them correctly, as you will avoid damage to their compatible items as well. If the cables get damaged during the transport, you may still plug them in a certain device and damage it easily. Not to mention that you will lose a lot of time trying to figure out which cable goes where, so it would be a waste of time damaging your cables. Finally, damaging cables is not only a waste of time but also a waste of money. So, be careful and follow the right steps for packing cables for moving.

Check out the manufacturer`s guide

Most of the time cables are attached to a certain device. When it comes to kitchen appliances, like a stove, packing a dishwasher, refrigerator, packing a washing machine, etc. the cables are connected to the device itself. So, when packing these appliances, we strongly recommend that you read the manufacturer`s manual before packing the cables. The manuals contain the best possible advice on how to handle cables. If you don`t have the original manual, you can download it online depending on which item you are relocating.

Take photos of the cables before the moving day

Before you start packing your cables for relocation, make sure to take photos of them inside the devices. This will save you a ton of time after the relocation. Although the way the cables are positioned seems pretty logical and straightforward, the reality is quite different. You can also film a video with your phone, as this will make unpacking and re-attaching cables immensely easier afterward. The truth is we are surrounded by so many cables, that it is easy to lose track of where each and every one should go.

Take Photos of Cables Before You Start Packing Them for Moving

Don`t forget to label the cables properly

Yet another thing that will aid you in reassembling the cables, later on, is definitely labeling them. For this purpose, you will need multiple-colored sticky notes. These sticky notes do not have to be large; it is enough that they come in different colors. One sticky note of a certain color should be wrapped around the cable. Next, place a sticky note of the same color where the cable should be plugged in in the device.

Label Packed Cables Sticky Notes, Markers and Colored Paper

Pack the cables which are connected to the devices

As we already mentioned, many cables that you will pack will actually be fixed to a device, especially small and large kitchen appliances. It’s important to know how to prepare appliances for a move. What you should do first before packing the cables, is disconnect the cables from the wall socket. Next, you should fold the cable in an elongated loop, so that they look just like when they were brand new from the store. Use rubber bands to secure that the loop does not unfold during the relocation. Now, you should use packing paper and wrap it around the loop you created. You will make sure that the packing paper does not come off by taping it with duct tape. Another part of the cable that you need to protect is the metal prongs. You can wrap these in bubble wrap, and also tape it with duct tape.

Never leave the packed cables beneath a certain appliance. You can always tape it to the back of the appliance, and make sure that you do not position it so that it can be crushed easily.

Pack the cables that can be detached from the units

Pack Cables in Plastic Ziplock Bags

Of course, not all cables are detached to the unit they belong to. The process of packing detachable cables is pretty similar to the packing of fixed cables. You will unplug the cables safely from the wall socket and the device it is connecting. Once you have done this, you will again create an elongated loop and secure it with the rubber band. Wrap packing paper and bubble wrap, then make sure to protect it with duct tape.

Now that you have finished the basic packing process, you can pack the cables inside the plastic Ziplock bags. These are quite convenient for packing cables. The only thing you should not forget to do here is to label the bags. Write down which cable goes to which device, and you are safe to go. You can place these plastic bags in a single bag, or a moving box. Or you can get the plastic bag with a certain cable into the moving box of the device it will be connected to. Either way, labeling will save you a ton of time, that is for sure.

After the relocation

Once you relocate, you should first try to rest for a while. Unpacking will be waiting for you once you get rested. After you do this, play some music, and start unpacking the cables. Using the labeling system, it will be fairly easy to attach the cables to the compatible devices. What you should do here is to take your time and be patient. Open the photos and the videos on your phone, and go one step at a time. In case it happens that you do not know where each cable should go to, ask some of your friends, or google the right way to attach the cables. Good luck!

Planning a move?

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