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What NYC Moving Services are you look for? Dumbo Moving offers a variety of different types of moves. We do in state, out of state moves and cross country moves, of course. Dumbo Moving also does multiple house or apartment moves. Which is quite common when couples move in together. We have been in New York for 7 years and seen in all. Our movers are professional and happy to help you with whatever your needs are.

Drop Off Moving Services

You are busy aren’t you? You have to be, otherwise why would you live in New York City. You don’t want to go down to a thrift store to drop off your old furniture. Let us do it for you. Dumbo Moving offers removal and drop off services. Or if you want to give your boyfriend or girlfriend a new couch for Valentine’s Day we are happy to drop it off at their place also.

Professional Moving Services

Besides residential moving services, we also provide plenty of different office moves as well. We can relocate your office in different parts of the building or across town. Whatever NYC moving service you are looking for we got you covered. We also set up art installations and move museum pieces. Nothing is too delicate for Dumbo Moving. We also offer a wide variety of insurance depending on how expensive the merchandise in question is.


Don’t pretend like your NYC apartment has extra storage space. If you have extra stuff let us put it in storage. We have two storage facilities at this time but we are always expanding. We have one 40,000 square foot facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey and a storage facility with 75,000 square feet in North Bergen, New Jersey. Don’t worry when you get tired of NYC and want to move out of state but can’t do the move all at once;we offer a complimentary month of storage for out of states moves.

Painting Tips for Your New, New York Apartment

Unfortunately we don’t offer the option of painting in the various moving services we offer. But we would like to give you some tips anyway because we want the place where you live to be awesome.

Going to paint with the same color at another time? In order to save on rollers. Put your used roller in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Just microwave (not in the plastic bag) the roller for a few seconds, just to loosen up the paint on the roller and get rid of the ice. And the roller should be as good as new.

Reuse your paint tray. Just wrap the paint tray in a plastic bag. When done with painting, just throw out the plastic bag to reveal a clean paint tray.

Easily control how much paint is on your brush with a rubber band. Stretch a rubber band vertically over your open paint can. Wipe off excess paint on your brush by wiping it against the rubber band.

Chances are you can’t spray in your NYC apartment but if you must. Save one of our cardboard boxes from your move. Put the item in the box and spray it in there. This will make the process a lot less messy.

To help out with paint fumes mix a table spoon of vanilla extract in the paint. Stir the vanilla very well into the paint to prevent discoloration.

Paint doesn’t stick to dirt. So make sure your clean your walls first. Use a wet paper towel attached to a mop to help speed up the cleaning process.

No one keeps that many newspapers in the house anymore. Use Plastic wrap to cover objects.

Use petroleum jelly on small spaces you don’t want to cover with paint. Like nails or switches. Cover the area with jelly, paint than wipe off area with a paper towel. The jelly will prevent the paint from sticking.

If you need more painting containers wash out a used coffee container or cut out a plastic gallon jug. With the jug you can the top opening to place your brush in and if use a coffee container you are able to use the rubber band trick we mentioned earlier