NYC moving tips - How to pack a bathroom

NYC moving tips - How to pack a bathroom

The bathroom may be the smallest unit of your house, but not the easiest one when it comes to moving. If you decide to perform a self-move, you will soon realize how challenging it is to pack a bathroom. Packing for the upcoming move can be a daunting process, but if you want to do it right, then you should definitely tackle one room at a time. By implementing this proven tactic you will be able to sort even the trickiest of areas in your house.

If you decide to pack a bathroom on your own, stock up on the right kind of packing supplies

When getting ready to move house your time-management and organizational skills will be put to the test. Having solved the initial dilemma of whether to pack everything on your own or hire expert local movers NYC, there will be a whole lot of new doubts. A household move is a constant decision-making process, so you can expect different concerns down the road.

After you pack large areas such as kitchen and bedrooms, you may trick yourself into thinking that packing a bathroom will be a quick and simple task. While trying to get every done in time, you should also keep your bathroom fully functional until the day of the move. Since you will be using your bathroom essentials all along, make sure you come up with a time-efficient strategy for better packing results.

Although each room has its specific charm when it comes to packing, the same sort-purge-pack strategy should be applied. As it turns out, a trouble-free packing process comes down to assessing your true needs and packing accordingly. Always be honest with yourself when deciding what to toss and what to bring with you. Hopefully, you will find the following tips helpful when about to pack a bathroom.

How to sort and pack a bathroom when relocating

different toiletries
Use up or throw away all almost-empty bottles before moving

With so many tiny but breakable items, spill and contamination risks, no wonder so many people dread the prospect of packing a bathroom. Here we will shed some light on the process flow.

The very first thing to know is that an efficient strategy in place could be truly priceless. As soon as your relocation date is confirmed wait no more to put together a room-by-room plan. This indispensable prerequisite can make all the difference between a smooth and a tiresome moving and packing experience.

First off, sort through your belongings in order to optimize the number of the things you are moving with you. You may find it hard to believe that your bathroom hides so many personal care and beauty products.

Moving unnecessary and easily replaceable objects may result in cluttering up your new living space. Do not hesitate to leave behind anything that could be replaced inexpensively at your new home.

Also, if you own a lot of unopened toiletries and beauty products ask yourself if they are worth moving. Pack up and move only what’s truly indispensable to you, since it may cost you more to transport certain items than to buy new ones. When in doubt whether to move certain objects or not, just think about how much time, effort, packing supplies and costs it will take to move them. Give away still usable products to your friends and neighbors or donate them to local charities.

Important environmental considerations

three bottles with pills one should tackle when about to pack a bathroom
Safely dispose of all harmful materials when packing a bathroom

When packing bear in mind that the weight of your possessions affects the overall moving cost estimate. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea actually to throw away all unused products and junk or reuse them for some other purposes during the move. Let this be your mantra when you decide to pack a bathroom.

Once you purge your bathroom supplies, you should decide what to do with expired and dried out products.

Also, you don’t really need expired cosmetics or medicines. If you are not able to read the label of the product, throw it away. Some of the medicines or cosmetic products have a very short expiry date, so there’s no need to keep them. Wait no more to get rid of the products with: past the expiry date, illegible label, lack of label, changed color, consistency or smell.

Safe disposal of your medication doesn’t involve flushing or throwing them away. Always mind your environment while disposing of your expired or unnecessary medicines! They can cause serious environmental damage and by taking them to a local household hazardous waste facility, you can actually take part in an eco-friendly moving initiative.  If you decide to pack a bathroom and all the other premises on your own, you’d better gather some helpers.

Logistical considerations to keep in mind when about to pack a bathroom

Set aside all your daily essentials you may need during the move and the first day in your new home. Group the items together and keep them close so that you can easily reach any of the products you need at any given moment. Also, include first-aid supplies and medicines in your essentials box.

Pack toiletries in smaller moving boxes and donate still usable products that you no longer need.

three towels
Turn your old towels and linens into packing material

Fragile, glass or porcelain accessories need special attention, so pack them carefully. Use a separate box for packing chemicals and cleaning supplies. All liquid products should be secured and moved in a plastic, leak-proof container, so that other possessions cannot be contaminated, even if the bottle leaks. Alternatively, you can just set aside half-empty bottles of cleaning products and use them to clean your old home. Whether you are renting it out or selling, remember that you should leave your home spotless.

If you are like most people, there must be some objects you can’t let go of easily. If you happen to have two open bottles of your favorite shower gel, consider combining them into one container. Ideally, those containers will be securely closed and transported in zip-lock bags that may prevent leaks.

Bathroom items are to be packed in small boxes. Divide them into categories and pack them separately. Glass or porcelain accessories should be cushioned and packed with a lot of bubble wrap. You can use old towels or linens to protect your fragile items. Also, be careful while transporting aerosol cans, because if overheated, they can explode. Soft and not so delicate items such as towels, linens curtains can be packed in a sturdy plastic bag or in a cardboard box.

Getting professional help with the room-by-room packing task

It’s no secret that the household relocation process is composed of important tasks you should tackle on time and try to keep your sanity at the same time. You will be relieved to know that there are trustworthy professionals able to take care of the most challenging aspects of the move. You can count on exceptional efficiency and speed since the experts have the necessary skills to solve any problematic situation that may arise throughout the moving project.

If the whole procedure seems too complicated for you or you lack the required time and patience to get everything done properly, then you shouldn’t shy away from finding professional assistance. Movers will be able to take care of all stages of the relocation process in a safe and time-efficient manner. All you have to do is to set aside a certain amount of money which would cover their services. Feel free to ask your Bronx moving companies for further instructions as well.

A do-it-yourself option may seem much cheaper at first, but sometimes it turns out that money you spend on packing material and supplies is actually the amount that would cover professional packing services.

As a matter of fact, by hiring professional local or interstate movers you can save a lot of time and energy. In the meantime, you can focus on other important issues that require your immediate attention. Thankfully, many moving companies provide a moving cost estimator directly via their website. After you compare several quotes, you’ll get a broader picture of how much their services will cost you. And since safety is what matters the most when relocating, you will probably want to choose what’s best for your belongings and all participants in the process.

Benefits of involving experienced packers

bubble wrap
Protect fragile bathroom objects before you hit the road to a new home

It’s an indisputable fact that professional movers have the necessary know-how as well as specialty equipment to keep your belongings safe. As it turns out, they will use only brand new moving boxes and quality packing materials such as:

In addition to that, knowing that your household possessions are safe on the road is a huge relief. With the right size of moving vehicle and specialty equipment such as dollies, furniture blankets, straps, your moving needs will be completely taken care of. While they do their job, you could gain some extra time and avoid a great deal of stress and tension. Needless to say, your movers will take upon themselves the most laborious tasks so as to minimize the risk of injuries for all participants.

If you have been postponing the packing process for a while and the time has come for you to pack a bathroom, just make sure to do it right. Instead of just throwing your precious belongings in boxes without any plan and order, you could do yourself a favor and hire professional movers NYC. Since it all comes down to making the right decisions, you can rest assured that this one will make all the difference. Professional packing services may prove to be beneficial for your items’ well-being and your personal peace of mind.

When tackling your room-by-room strategy, make sure to pack a bathroom with the same dedication and care as if you were packing any other household area. If your common sense tells you that you should leave this task to someone with more relevant experience, make sure to choose your helpers wisely.

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