What NOT to pack for your move to NYC

What NOT to pack for your move to NYC

Packing usually takes up most of the relocation process. And, indeed, it is very time-consuming. Which is why we dedicate a lot of time to it on our blog. On our website, you can read tips on packing your kitchen, advice about packing your clothes,  and even which type of moving materials you should use. But, due to our lengthy experience with relocations, we have noticed something rather odd. People usually tend to pack way too many things! Somewhere in the middle of the relocation, they start to regret it. Because this makes the relocation longer and more expensive. So, we have decided to help our future clients and compile a list of what not to pack for your move to NYC.

In addition, at the end of the article, we have listed a couple of suggestions about what you can do with the items you are leaving behind.  Make sure to revise all of your belongings, and put them to good use.  Although relocation can be so stressful, if you follow our tips you can see that you can even save money, do something good and still have a great relocation. If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!

Get rid of your old clothes! You are not wearing it anyway

What not to pack for your move to NYC
They take up space in your clothes, but why should they take up space in your moving truck?

Like any decent human being, you have a bunch of clothes you never actually wear. It is old, or it doesn’t fit, or it was a gift… It has a stain, it has been ripped, it is not in style anymore. There are plenty of reasons. But the end result is the same. Now, while it was just in the back of your closet, it wasn’t such a big deal. Now, you are going to have to take it out, pack, transport, unpack, wash, dry and iron. Seems like an awful lot of trouble for something you aren’t going to wear. This is why this is the first time on your list of what not to pack for your move to NYC.

Make sure to go through all of your clothes and choose what goes on the not-going-to-NYC pile, and later we will tell what use can those clothes be. This will also help you have a cute excuse to do some shopping when you get to NYC. And we know you are looking forward to that!

When it comes to what not to pack for your move to NYC, start with toiletries!

This tip is like a reverse tip for when you are packing for a trip. Instead of putting everything into smaller bottles and carrying with you the advice is completely opposite – do not pack a thing. Even if you are moving a short distance. This goes for almost all items that are in your bathroom and below your kitchen sink. The only items excluded from this list are expensive creams and makeup.

For everything else, it will be cheaper to buy new than to transport all. Not to mention it is going to be way easier because these kinds of items are easily spilled and can be very dangerous. That means that not only you are wasting money you could be putting someone else, like workers from your transport company, in a serious danger. Hit any supermarket on your first day in NYC and you will be good to go!

For your move to New York City, go paperless!

what not to pack for your move to NYC
All this paper is heavy to carry and it has no use for you

Packing books is very easy but transporting it might be a different story. And it’s not just books.. Old bills, notebooks that are filled, textbooks, and phonebooks… It makes no sense to carry this load with you everywhere you go. But it seems like such a drag to go through everything, so most of us never actually do it. But, if you don’t have time to do it right, you will never have time to do it over. This is why, when deciding what not to pack for your move to NYC, you should start from this.

This doesn’t mean that you should get rid of all your books and textbooks. It just means you should prioritize, and get rid of the ones you no longer need, together with all pieces of paper that now carry no importance.

Pay attention if you are getting rid of any documents that have your private info on them, such as hospital bills or bank statements. Shred them properly to avoid any identity thefts.

Here’s what you should do with the unpacked belongings

what not to pack for your move to NYC
There are always plenty of ways to make your relocation more enjoyable.

Now that you have figured out how to make your relocation faster and lighter by getting rid of all the unnecessary belongings, let’s see what you can do with them! Just because they aren’t’ going to New York doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be useful.

  • Throwing away – This is a pretty obvious choice and it only goes for your belonging that really have no other use. But, you could recycle it and help the environment. Find out more about recycling and make your relocation a bit greener!
  • Selling – If you choose this, your relocation to New York will definitely have a much bigger budget! You can use a bunch of different websites or you can organize a good old garage sale. The point is that the items you won’t carry to New York will end up earning you money.
  • Donating – You have made your move to NYC greener, and budget-friendly. Now you can even make it more charitable. Your old books, records, clothes and everything else could be of great use to someone in need. Make sure it gets to them and instead of wasting money transporting it you will do some good.

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