Moving with a baby

Moving with a baby

moving with a baby

Moving with a baby is a really stressful undertaking for parents. Luckily, babies are not aware of the hectic situation, and as long as parents stick to their routines, they won’t get upset. However, your feelings and general mood will most probably affect the baby. A good organization and proper preparation is a key to a successful and stress-free move. As a result, your baby won’t be affected by your exhaustion and possible frustration when something goes wrong during the move.

This particular life situation requires an appropriate preparation. Hopefully the following tips will be helpful and ensure a smooth move to your new home.

How to prepare for the move with your baby

– Don’t underestimate the importance of a good preparation.

– Arrange childcare on moving day. Hire a babysitter or someone that your baby knows like family member, friend or neighbor to take care of the baby while you are packing and loading your belongings. It is recommended to keep your baby away from the moving chaos. Although they are too young to understand what’s happening around them, a moving confusion can make them nervous.

– If you are moving long-distance plan your route in advance and know where clinics and hospitals are in case your child needs medical care while on the road.

– Mark hotels, restaurants and make regular stops to take a break. Avoid major disruptions of your baby’s schedule. No matter the circumstances, always try to stick to their sleeping and feeding timing. Take frequent breaks and take a walk with your baby every time you can.

– Make sure your baby is in perfect health before you hit the road. Visit a pediatrician who will confirm whether your baby is ready for the trip.

– Have all medical records transferred to your new city and new medical institution.

– Secure your vehicle if you are travelling by car or contact your airline company to find out more information about possible regulations about flying with a baby. Safety should be your top priority when moving, especially if a baby is involved, so make sure to set a baby car seat.

– Pack the baby’s essentials box containing diapers, towels, wet wipes and other baby toiletries, powder, baby food and drinks, clothes, bottles, toys, blankets, first aid kit, stroller,…

– Start preparing well in advance, because the moving day will arrive before you know it.

– Keep the baby entertained while on the road by playing recorded sounds or music that have calming effect.

– Adjust your new home to your baby’s needs. Childproof your new home and make it as safe as possible. A new and unknown living space might be hiding threats for your child, so make sure to identify all potentially dangerous items or parts of the house/apartment and eliminate or mask them.

– Arrange the nursery and get back to your baby’s routine as soon as possible.

– Find a pediatrician in your new town and have baby’s medical records transferred there.

– Get to know your neighbors once you settle in. Creating a positive environment and having a good relationship with your new neighbors will help you adjust to the new city.
If you are planning to move yourself and drive a rental moving truck, you should know that some of them do not have backseats. In that case you should consider having a professional driver drive the moving truck, while you can have a safe travel with your family in your own car.

As a matter of fact, if you are moving with young children it is recommended to hire professionals that will assist you with the move. Let the NYC reputable moving company organize and perform the move, while you can spend more time with your baby.

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