Moving van vs moving truck - which is better?

Moving van vs moving truck - which is better?

When facing a household move, there will be a variety of good options to choose from. Moving house goes hand in hand with constant decision-making. Therefore, as soon as you decide to move, a major decision will follow – whether to hire professional movers or perform a self-move. Having estimated the associated moving costs, many people seem to prefer a self-move considering it as a cheaper alternative. And there’s another dilemma in this case – moving van vs. moving truck rental that you’ll have to solve during the initial stage of the moving adventure.

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Renting a moving van vs. moving truck has always been a major dilemma

The decision to take upon yourself all moving tasks should come as a result of thorough and meticulous research. No one can deny that using professional moving services is advantageous, but many people seem to believe that it’s a more expensive option. If you have carefully used a moving cost estimator available on moving companies’ websites, the chances are that now you have a solid grasp of overall moving costs. As it turns out, each scenario has some general pros and cons, so pick one according to your personal financial situation and requirements.

There are multiple factors to consider when moving by yourself, given the fact that you will be the one handling every stage of the move. There’s no such thing as an utterly hassle-free move, so brace yourself for a lot of hard work and multitasking.

Choosing the right moving vehicle

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Pick the right-sized moving vehicle when moving house

The final call about the moving vehicle should be based on the moving distance, moving load, and service cost. Since rental moving trucks may range from 10 to 26 feet, the very first challenge in your DIY adventure would be to pick the right size moving vehicle. Determining if the truck’s cargo capacity will accommodate your moving load is not always a straight-forward task. And this is where the company comes in with a list of relevant questions about the home size and type and amount of your belongings.

Keep in mind that even if you can afford renting a large moving truck, it doesn’t mean that you should move everything you own. A self-move is a perfect opportunity to cut moving costs, so make sure to make the most of it. Transporting unnecessary, old items may result in a cluttered new home, which can generate further frustration. So, before you even start researching truck rental companies engage yourself in some serious decluttering. Let this be your mantra – the fewer items you move, the more money you are going to save. After all, it’s only logical to leave behind everything you can easily do without.

If you are moving a large household, chances are there will be a lot of oddly-shaped and valuable items. Items like paintings, collectibles, and other artwork pieces will be better off with the professional fine art movers NYC. If paying extra money will keep your cherished belongings safe, consider going the extra mile to make it happen. Reliable movers and packers know a lot about the packing supplies they should use as well as the right size of the moving truck.

Moving van vs. moving truck – how to decide?

Renting a moving vehicle seems to be the first of many expenses you are about to incur during your moving adventure. Here we will try to clarify a common moving van vs. moving truck dilemma. Whether you are planning to drive it yourself or have your items transported, there are several types of vehicles designed for different kinds of moves.

Types of moving vans

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Rent a moving van for small load short-distance moves

A moving van is commonly used for accommodating small scale moves. If you are moving locally or relocating small loads within the same state, renting a moving van could be the most cost-effective option. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • A panel van is the smallest moving vehicle ideal for minimalists or college students moving to a dorm room. If you need to relocate several large furniture pieces, then look no further.
  • Parcel vans can accommodate the contents of a medium-size home and withstand up to 3000 pounds.
  • City vans are easy to manage and hence ideal for moving within the same city.

If you, however, decide to rent a moving van in spite of the huge moving load, you will have to make several trips back to your home. Considering the size of your to-do list, this could be a complete waste of time. So, make sure to weigh all available options by familiarizing yourself with the moving truck types.

Moving truck classification

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Use proper moving equipment for more effortless loading and unloading
  • 10 ft moving truck is the smallest and the most economical type of moving trucks and large enough to move a small studio apartment.
  • 14 ft truck is appropriate for moving medium-sized households. Although it’s equipped with a low deck for easier access, it’s always advisable to use a moving dolly.
  • 17 ft moving truck is ideal for transporting contents of large two-bedroom apartments.
  • 20 ft truck can be the right choice when moving a three-bedroom home.
  • 24 ft moving truck provides enough space to move a four-bedroom house.
  • 26 ft truck is the largest truck available to rent. As you may guess, by renting it you can safely move very large households.

As prices may vary from one company to another, try to get several estimates from different service providers. Moving van vs. moving truck is a common question, but no one can give you one generic answer. Each household move has its own set of circumstances, and no two relocations are the same. Which moving vehicle you will choose depends exclusively on the size and nature of your moving load. In case you don’t have enough items to fill up the truck, and you are flexible with the delivery date, you can share the truck space with other customers and save some money along the way.

Planning a move?

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