Moving from NYC to Virginia

Moving from NYC to Virginia

Have you decided to leave the `city that never sleeps` and call the Old Dominion your new home? NYC has an energy that never ceases and it can make you feel rather tired after a while. On the other hand, Virginia is a state that can offer so much on so many levels. That is why it is not strange to learn that more than 350,000 people have decided to move from NYC to Virginia since the year 2010. Whether you are moving because of a new job, your partner, or just want to live near the beach, we are certain that you have made the right decision.

Moving from NYC to Virginia means that you will enjoy the sun and the beaches

Virginia Beach

Especially if you are moving to Virginia Beach. There are 38 miles of coastline there, and the sunsets are breathtaking. Winters in NYC are cold, and now you can finally give away your boots, coats, sweaters, and forget about harsh winds. Instead, you will be able to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in Virginia. Perhaps you never went kayaking, canoeing, hiking, or surfing. Here you will be able to spend your days off in creative and relaxing ways. And outdoor activities are also one of the best ways to meet new people with similar interests as yours.

You or your kids will enjoy excellent higher education in Virginia

The University of Virginia

If you are moving from NYC to Virginia for education, or you have kids that are about to go to college, you are definitely on the right path. There are over 40 top-notch universities in Virginia. For example, if you live in Virginia, your kids will have a discount when attending the University of Virginia. So, if you are having seconds thoughts, you can dismiss them right away as Virginia is the place to be when it comes to higher education.

Virginia is a great place to retire, as well

Virginia has something for everyone, indeed. It is an excellent place where you can retire for a plethora of reasons. First of all, Virginia`s medical care is one of the very best in the country. It has top-notch gerontology and geriatrics centers that you can use. If you want to be active while retired, there are plenty of places to visit. For example, the beautiful Shenandoah National Park will leave you speechless, as well as the fascinating Blue Ridge Mountains.

Tips for making your move to Virginia stress-free

As always, you need to focus on your moving 100 percent in order for it to go well. Take time to carefully plan and organize everything. With the proper organization, you will have enough time to finish all that you need, as well as to have fun and enjoy yourself. Although you are about to change your life drastically, there is no reason why you should stop eating healthy, or stop hanging out with your friends.

Make a to-do list

An Checklist for Your Moving from NYC to Virginia

Creating a moving to-do list is the smartest organization hack there is. This list will help you remain calm, and will provide you guidance when you feel overwhelmed. It will not take you more than an hour to make it, and you can always modify it as it suits you.

Hire a reputable moving company

There are around 400 miles between NYC and Virginia, which means that your relocation will go smoother with a reputable and professional moving company. You need someone you can trust with your belongings, someone with years of experience, and with the ability to resolve issues on spot. Compare several moving companies so that you get the right picture. If a certain moving company offers you a price that is too-good-to-be-true, then it probably is. Rogue movers tend to offer low prices only to get away with all of your belongings. This is why you need to be careful and always ask for recommendations before hiring a certain moving company when moving from NYC to Virginia.

Save money

Saving Money Concept

If you can do something on your own, or with the help of your friends, feel free to do it. You can pack, or disassemble the furniture if you have time in order to save money. You can also find free packing supplies on sites like Craigslist, or by taking them from someone who has recently moved. Also, there is no reason to hire a sitter for your kids, or pets, if you can ask someone close to take them to the park. Furthermore, setting up a budget in advance is a great technique if you stick to that budget. This will help you make decisions based on your financial situation and will not leave you bankrupt after the relocation.


Relocation can turn out to be quite expensive if you move absolutely everything that you own. Think about the items you don`t need. Ask yourself whether the cost of the item is higher or lower than the cost of relocation. For example, furniture and appliances can weigh a lot but can be bought for relatively low prices. Calculate well before the relocation starts and you will be saving yourself both time and money. Additionally, you should get rid of all the clothes you haven`t worn or won`t be wearing in sunny Virginia. You can organize a pre-move garage sale. Get rid of all items that are not functional, or simply useful to you anymore. Leave emotions aside, and ruthlessly decide what goes in the moving boxes NYC and what goes into the trash bag.

Organize a farewell party

Farewell Party Before Your Move from NYC to Virginia

An inevitable part of moving from NYC to Virginia is organizing a farewell party. Although you will have a lot on your mind, having a little bit of fun is definitely not forbidden. Call some of your closest friends and family members and make some memories. Enjoy simply talking and sharing a meal with your dearest ones, and talk about all the great times behind you. This will give you the closure that you definitely need, and it will give you the strength to go on.

Planning a move?

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