Moving from NYC to Seattle − What to Expect?

Moving from NYC to Seattle − What to Expect?

Moving from NY can be a very difficult decision if you think about all the beautiful things that you can see there and all attractions. But if you are tired of all that traffic, high cost of living, fast lifestyle, the crowd (let’s be honest NY is one of the crowded city’s these days), then Seattle can be the best choice for you. What to expect when moving from NYC to Seattle? Keep reading to find a few differences between these two cities.

Are You Moving from NYC to Seattle?

What should you know before moving from NYC to Seattle?

The emerald city Seattle has many rich green forests, where you can enjoy fresh air, amazing food, and great coffee. Despite the fact that Seattle is known as a rainy city, there is a lot of sunny weather, where you can spend your spring and summer days too. Also, you will find a more family-friendly neighborhood and more affordable places for rent. In the present day, education and business opportunities are expanding every day which is giving you more options to search for various jobs.
If these reasons already made some positive thoughts in your head and you are starting to think about how this is an awesome idea, then here are some things that you should know before you pack all your things and start a new journey.

Choose the right neighborhood

Seattle has 18 different districts and depends on how old are you and what is your goal but choosing the right neighborhood is a very important part. Here are some examples:

Capitol Hill

Moving from NYC to Capitol Hill Seattle

This district has quite a vivid nightlife and plenty of entertainment. For these reasons, it is most suitable for young folks or people looking for fun and don’t mind the crowd.

The University District

Placed around the University of Washington this area is bringing a younger crowd. This district is surrounded by a couple of educationally oriented communities, like Greek Row, University Park, etc.

Queen Anne

This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle. For those who want comfort and luxury, this will be an awesome place with a calendar full of activities.

What can you expect after moving from NYC to Seattle?

Crime and violence rate

If you decided to move from NY to Seattle then definitely need to consider the crime and violence rate too. Generally, Seattle is considered a safe city. Neighborhoods with low crime rates, nice looking, and secure parks, are some of the qualities you should think about.

Cost of living in Seattle

Piggy Bank With Money

According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Seattle is less than in New York. For example groceries, clothes, transportation, and rent prices are lower than in New York, but most of your money will go for monthly utilities (Electricity, cooling, water…) because they are more costly than in NY.

Coffee lovers

Seattle is the home of Starbucks

Everybody loves Starbucks. The great news is that Seattle is its home. For coffee lovers, it is a proper paradise, since Seattle residents drink way more of it than any other city in the state. Rest assured that you will find your favorite coffee place quite easy since there are hundreds of them.


NYC has its impressive skyline, while Seattle has a new perspective to offer. Its scenery is truly breathtaking. There are remarkable green initiatives that make parks strikingly beautiful. As a matter of fact, there are over 400 parks in the city alone. It is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. You will find fishing, hiking, swimming, climbing, kayaking, sailing, etc. If you are used to being close to the ocean, Seattle got your back. Enjoy outdoorsy bars and restaurants on the beach, or spend a relaxing day enjoying an ocean view.


After Moving from NYC to Seattle You Will Easily Find a Job

Happy to inform you that the Seattle business is blooming. Seattle is home to many of your potential future employers, such as Starbucks, Amazon, Nordstorm, Expedia, Alaska Airlines, and those are only a few from a quite long list. If you are worried that no other city will meet New York’s number of job opportunities, rest assured there will be plenty in the Emerald City.


It is safe to say that no city will match the level of NYC’s subway. The truth is, there is no great subway in Seattle. As a matter of fact, there is no subway at all. However, they are constantly working on improving public transport, and you might end up getting around without a fuss if you leave early and find a good location to live, or it happens that your job is close to your home. On the bright side, bikes are a huge deal in Seattle, so if that is your cup of tea, you will not even have to deal with public transport.

How to move from NYC to Seattle?

Contact Dumbo for Your Moving from NYC to Seattle

When planning a long distance moving from NYC, it is always the best to skip a DIY project. Rather find a reliable moving company that has enough experience. Many potential issues can happen when moving to a new state, and you definitely want to let professionals handle them. Just imagine driving a rental truck for thousands of miles and crossing borders yourself. Add some rain or heavy traffic to it, and you get the picture. So do a smart thing and invest in a quality moving company.

There are ways to help you stay on a budget, such as downsizing your household and selling some of the things you are not using. You can also book cheap Brooklyn movers in advance and get a discount for early booking. Ask them which time of the week and a month is more affordable, as only a couple of days can make a difference in price. Do the same for your airplane tickets and other arrangements that will cost less when purchased ahead.

If you are looking for a helping hand to move conveniently from NYC to Seattle, local movers – Dumbo Moving and Storage might be your best choice. We have all the necessary tools and knowledge to make your relocation smooth. Contact us today to get moving quotes.

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