Moving from NYC to Chicago in 2020

Moving from NYC to Chicago in 2020

Have you decided to make a big step and move The Big Apple to the Windy City? Congratulate yourself before going any further, because making a big decision like moving to another state takes courage and fearless NYC attitude. Chances are that you are wondering what you will encounter in the new city and how you will execute the move. There are many differences between these two cities, but you will get used to it after moving from NYC to Chicago in no time because Chicago has a lot to offer. From the city center’s amazing waterfront to wonderful scenery, and luxury shopping, it has something for each taste. If you are looking for a change of lifestyle, but still need the metropolitan vibe, you are on a good track to find it.

Moving from NYC to Chicago

What to expect when moving from NYC to Chicago

Here are a few things that you will encounter while moving from NYC to Chicago in 2020.

Safety first

Always have in mind that protecting yourself and those around you is the most important thing. Moving during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, but can be done with planning and protective measures. Ask your moving company about precautions they are taking to execute the move.


Nowadays things are changing quickly and borders are opening and closing depending on the current situation. Avoid stress and prepare yourself mentally for any outcome. Your trips and services might get delayed or even canceled. Don’t allow the moving process to become a nerve-racking experience. Stay flexible and communicate with your movers to stay updated.

Living cost

A downside of living in NYC is the extremely high cost of living. The good news is that Chicago is much cheaper. According to NerdWallet median 2-bedroom apartment rent in NY is $5,102 compared to $2,210 in Chicago. You will find it easy to get used to prices because the overall cost of living is much lower.

Public transport

Chances are that you are used to well-established public transport in NYC. You can rest assured that Chicago will meet your expectations as well. Chicago’s Public Transit Authority is the country’s second-largest. It operates eight “L” trains, but you can also choose a bus ride. The difference is that you can also get by in your car. Unlike New Yorkers that depend solely on public transport, many Chicago residents own their own car.


The Boeing International Headquarters
The Boeing International Headquarters

Chicago’s economy is the third greatest economy in the state. Large employers in this area are numerous, as this city is home to more than 400 major corporate headquarters, such as Boeing, McDonald’s, etc. Take this with a grain of salt because no city compares to NYC. However, it still offers great job opportunities in many sectors, such as banking, insurance, commodities trading, while being home to the second-largest printing and publishing industry in the country.


If you love season changing in NY, we have good news for you. Chicago also has four seasons so you can enjoy sunny summers and snowy winters. Heart of the city makes the especially charming area to enjoy different seasons with many parks and lakefront. City also has good control when ice and snowplows happen.


New York offers endless neighborhoods that are suitable for different lifestyles. Chicago will give you the same choice with over 200 neighborhoods. You can choose between quiet Oak Park and Roscoe Village, urban Wicker Park or Logan Square, commercial Magnificent Mile, diverse Hyde Park, etc.


Private Home in a Harbor on Lake Michigan

Whether you like plenty of skyscrapers in the Big Apple, or you want a different view, Chicago will not disappoint you. It does have an impressive skyline, but it also has beautiful scenery thanks to Lake Michigan and its lakefront. One of the highlights of living in Chicago is that you can enjoy a stroll along the water right at the center of the city.


For sure you are used to loads of entertainment living in the city that never sleeps. You don’t have to forget about it, because there’s plenty to do in the Windy City. Chicago has its award-winning theatre establishments, such as Steppenwolf Theatre, Goodman Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and many others. Nightlife is rich as well, with all sorts of entertainment, such as restaurants, bars, breweries, clubs, and comedy shows. Don’t forget plenty of options for outdoor activities with more than 20 miles of coastline.

Tips for moving from NYC to Chicago

Do a home purge

Before you start packing, get rid of unnecessary items. Anything you no longer like should not be on the way to your new home. Downsizing will also save you some cash because moving companies charge by a total load (weight or size).

Pack wisely

Pack Wisely for a Long Distance Move

Once you know how movers determine their price, pack accordingly. If the bill is based on the size, consider using everything as a container, such as suitcases and duffle bags. You can always find free moving supplies. You can choose a consolidated move and stay on a budget, just remember to label your boxes. This will help avoid mixing or misplacing them.

Book early

Ask all the necessary arrangements in advance, including travel tickets and moving services. Your movers will often offer a better deal if you hire them a few months in advance.

Get insurance

It’s a long way from NYC to Chicago and many issues can happen along the way. Make sure to get insurance to know that you are covered in case problems arise and to have a peace of mind.

Documents and services

Signing Documents

Remember that you will need to change your address so consider the time necessary to update your information. If you are getting some services, cancel them in advance to avoid paying an extra month.

Long-distance movers

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