Moving house while sick

Moving house while sick

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Taking good care of ourselves is something that we usually disregard when facing an imminent household move. Moving house is a complicated process that requires full attention and dedication and it can be exhausting both for your body and your mind. If you are not feeling well and you keep ignoring messages your body is trying to send you, it is likely that your health condition will become even worse.

Getting sick during the moving process is certainly one of the worst-case scenarios, but sickness sometimes happens at the most inappropriate times. When you are planning to move house, you don’t expect to get sick. You can also take some steps to avoid getting sick like having regular and healthy meals and staying hydrated throughout the process. However, with a moving day around the corner, sometimes rescheduling or canceling the move is not an option.

How to handle a household move when you are sick

– Know where your sickness is coming from. Is it a seasonal allergy, physical injury or some serious condition? Depending on the type of your illness, you and your doctor will know which treatment to apply and how to get better as soon as possible.

– Get helpers. Gather volunteers that will help you with the move. A trusted friend or a relative can deal with the moving tasks on your behalf. If your moving budget allows it, hire professional movers.

– Lack of sleep is bad for your health. With all the things going on and activities that need to be completed, sleep is the last thing on your mind. However, usually a good sleep is what your body needs to recover.

– Take the medicine you were prescribed so as to help your body deal with the illness. Taking certain medicine may affect your driving skills, so stay away from the wheel and let someone else drive your car or the moving truck.

– If you have an allergic reaction to dust or germs packing and managing old items and clothes is potentially dangerous for your health. Therefore, have someone else deal with this task. Either professional packers or your friends/family members can complete this successfully without you getting involved.

– Don’t overtax yourself. Allow yourself a couple of breaks during a busy day. There’s no point in pushing yourself if you are going to end up exhausted and sick.

– Don’t panic. Even if you are not capable of completing what you have planned, luckily there are people who can assist you. Do anything you can to get better as soon as possible without freaking out.

– Moving house can be very risky and dangerous endeavor. You should be aware of all possible injuries that can happen throughout the moving process. Lifting and handling items incorrectly can cause serious back injuries. Also, make sure to wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Sturdy sneakers and comfortable clothes enable easier movements and also protect you properly.

– Remember, your health comes first. No matter the circumstances, you will eventually move to your new place. In case you got sick on the moving day, visit the medical facility where your medical records have been transferred. Provided that this was done well in advance, you won’t have any problem scheduling an appointment with your new doctor.

– If you cannot participate in the moving process due to an illness and you cannot postpone the move, hiring professional movers would be a logical thing to do. Professional movers may turn your moving experience into a positive one and help you move your household items in no time. Knowing that you have someone you can rely on during the moving process is a huge relief, especially if you are about to get sick during the move.

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